SFL Communications

September 25, 2020

The SFL has compiled winners from all 10 weeks of CrowdPlay $1,000 giveaways and if you’re not playing CrowdPlay, why not? The league’s top winner – Phil Kos – has raked in $775 in winnings, with two victories, two second-place finishes and one fourth-place finish. Second place has won $725 and third has taken home $450.

This week, use promo code THESFL to get a 10 free points head start (first time users only). For the first time this week, we’ll be introducing our ‘Head Start’ questions – worth 25 points each – which will be actual CrowdPlay questions during Monday night’s game between the Denver Nightwings and the Las Vegas Fury. Listen to broadcasts all weekend long for questions – and answers – to prep for Monday’s game.

CrowdPlay is free to download and the CrowdPlay Game of the Week is free to play. Participants answer questions live about the game and correct answers earn you points. ‘Beat the Crowd’ is played after the 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarters and allows you to win instantly by answering all questions asked correctly in the fastest amount of time. ‘Risk/Reward’ allows you to double winnings and surge up the standings when you get a question right, but a wrong answer could give you a tumble down the leaderboards.

For more information, visit crowdplayapp.com and download the app free from Android and ios stores.