Written by Hunter Norwood, Images by Jonny Law

Edited by Mike Ahl

*Based on an aggregation of our 3 main Elo sheets. 

Hunter Norwood (HN): AxisLive panel was more or less in unison that Louisiana should’ve been above Baltimore last week. Well it seems everyone was wrong as both teams lost their respective games. Elo gives probabilities of winning and both teams caught the other side of the probability and they drop to reflect. Who’s the new team on top? Take a wild guess.


Jack Wall is absent this week as he layed a huge bet on a three team parlay and lost and now an angry bookie is looking for him!

(+2)1. Denver Nightwings (1633.01)
HN: Denver is the new team up top and barring a collapse this week in the next edition of Vice Wars they will probably remain here once we reach the playoffs. Jizzy V has come back to coaching his team after a down season and sent them right back up to the top. The Nightwings close out their season playing the #13 Fury and then the #19 Desperados.

(-1)2. Baltimore Vultures (1626.19)

HN: Baltimore loses a close one to the Sioux Falls Sparrows and falls a spot this week in the rankings. I’m sure the argument will be that Baltimore is still above Sioux Falls but they were too far ahead for a close loss to get them even or below their Elo so here we are. The Vultures have a very winnable game to bounce back with when the #22 London Knights come to town this week. 

(+1)3. Sioux Falls Sparrows (1618.40)

HN: Sioux Falls get a good statement win late in the season over the Vultures this past week and positions themselves nicely for at least a 3 seed in the playoffs. They have moved up one spot from last week but it was close(like .04 close). Based on their remaining schedule I do not believe they can make it much higher than this aside from a loss above or some crazy blowouts but a top 3 poition is a good place to be heading into the postseason. This week they head out to play the #18 Arizona Scorpions.

(-2)4. Louisiana Revolution (1618.36)

HN: Louisiana seemed on top of the world and destined for the 1 seed in their first season as the Revolution but it was not to be as they fell this week to the #12 Fort Worth Toros. The game was one helluva thriller and it came down to a big final drive by Fort Worth but if the Revs can take anything from it here it is that a cose loss meant small Elo losses. Granted the gap between 4 and 5 is large and they would’ve most likely stayed at 4 regardless of how bad the loss was they are still well within striking distance of the teams above. This week they welcome the #21 Portland Fleet in a game where they are heavily favored. 

(+1)5. Florida Storm (1573.61)

HN: The Storm continue to build momentum as the playoffs are quickly approaching as they dispatched the Jacksonville Kings at home this past week. The win has flipped the rankings from last week and have positioned Florida into the top 5 on these rankings. It is a bit of a climb to attain any further heights than this and with 2 weeks left it will be hard, but the Storm get to make their attempt this week as they go on the road to face off against the #11 Charleston Predators.

(-1)6. Jacksonville Kings (1572.37)

HN: The Kings have fallen to the Storm and have continued to fall down the rankings now out of the the top 5 teams. The game looked like it was going down to the wire and then Florida had a strong 2nd half and began to pull away and never looked back. The Kings have a decent lead on the teams below and will look to begin their climb back up this week as they take on the #12 Fort Worth Toros on the road.

(-)7. Atlanta Swarm (1559.83)

HN: Atlanta wins their 2nd game in a row with a scoreline of 37-20 to get back to .500 on the season but they were not able to move any higher than 7th in these rankings. They have started to get closer to teams above them but will need some other games to go to their benefit and continue winning as they look to get back into the playoffs. This week they play the #16 Chicago Wildcats at home to do just that.

(+2)8. Vancouver Legion (1547.21)

HN: Vancouver got a big win over the #18 Arizona Scorpions this past week en route to a leap off the floor of these rankings into a safer position of 8th. The Legion have stuck around the bottom of the top 11 for most of the season bt they will look to make a late push as they seem to do most seasons and possibly shoot into a respectable final position. This week they play #20 Carolina at home in what should be a good win for them.

(-)9. Mexico City Aztecs (1530.62)

HN: Mexico City was able to come all the way back against a #19 Tulsa team to win by a point this past week. A win is a win but a 1 point win gets you next to nothing in Elo and so they sit at 9 for another week. Mexico City will be hoping to win by more and move up some when they play the #15 Queen City Corsairs at home.

(-2)10. Lone Star Glory (1527.28)
HN: The Glory’s rise to prominence here late in the season was finally halted by a strong defensive performance by way of the #15 Queen City Corsairs 13-10. Lone Star was still able to hang around in the rankings only falling by 2 spots and still holding a healthy lead over the Predators. This week they are home to a true enigma of a team, the #19 Tulsa Desperados.

(-)11. Charleston Predators (1496.97)

HN: Oh Charleston. The streak of teams covering the 13.5 point spread over the #21 Portland Fleet has come to an end and despite this the Predators have managed to cling onto the number 11 spot. Last week they were attempting to hold off the #13 Las Vegas Fury and now this week they attempt to hold off the #12 Toros as they are only .39 Elo off from entering the top 11. This week they host the #5 Florida Storm.


Team(s) that have fallen out: N/A


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