By Ashley Jackson

Images by Jonny Law

As the last player enters the luxury SFL charter buses and sits down after a long day of play, we take time to reflect on our performances. There were some undeniably outstanding things that happened this week. The blow outs and comebacks were real and very telling as to who should be apart of the playoff picture. With only two games left in our regular season, its time to show why teams deserve to be there, just like our top performances of this week do. Players did not make these decisions easy, so much so, that we had to name 3 people in each category. As this week closes to an end, here are our picks for Week 10.

Offensive Player of the Week

The Eternal Frost, Vancouver Legion, went to the desert to face the Arizona and the brought a blizzard with them, freezing the Scorpions 49-21. They had a dominating performance most of the game and it was largely because of our OPOTW, Mr. Tom Pepper, quarterback for the Legion. In his remarkable performance, he had 16 completions of 26 attempts, 419 passing yards and 3 touchdowns. The most uncanny thing was that he threw no interceptions, which makes a difference in any game and he also managed to hit a 71 yard bomb as his longest completion. Vancouver is in a better position in the playoff standing and if Pepper continues to “Grind” that like that, they could be heading to the championship game. Congratulations Tom for your fantastic performance!

Honourable Mentions

Runner up for OPOTW is running back Mr. Colin Hart of the Sioux Falls Sparrows for helping his team upset the Baltimore Vultures at home. In a stunning 20-17 victory, Hart had  23 carries for 193 yards and 1 crucial touchdown. He also had 5 rec for 21 reception yards as well. He has won countless player of the game accolades throughout the season and rightfully so. Hart shows he has “Heart” every time he hits the field. Congrats Colin on a job well done!

Another honorable mention goes out to running back, Mr. Robert Redford, also from the Vancouver Legion. His top rated performance can’t go unmentioned as he had 26 carries for 199 yards and averaged 7 yards per carry. Redford’s longest run was 71 yards but he also had 4 game changing touchdowns that helped seal the win over the Arizona Scorpions. Congrats Robert!!

Defensive Player of the Week

The Florida Storm battled the Jacksonville Kings at home and the Storm washed out the Kings, 38-20. In an instant classic of past championship games, these two team brought excitement and wonder and adding to that was our Defensive Player Of The Week, Mr. Evan Carroll, cornerback for Florida.  Carroll had 4 tackles, 1 assist and 1 pass deflection. The momentum killer for the Kings was his interception that was ran back for a touchdown for 84 yards. People must not forget the Storm are 3 time champions for a reason. Exceptional job from an exceptional player. Congratulations Evan!

Honourable Mentions

Runner up for Defensive Player of the Week is non other than Mr. Jonathan Taylor-Skonseng, free safety of the Forth Worth Toros. The Toros had a killer performance to down the #2 ranked team in the SFL, the Louisiana Revolution, 31-28, and a lot was riding on defense. Skonseng had 10 tackles and 1 pass deflection. He also changed the game with 1 forced fumble and 1 interception for 5 yards which had a huge effect. A lot of people said the Toros would lose, but they proved them wrong. Congrats Jonathon!

Our last honorable mention goes out to Moose Papineau, free safety for the Atlanta Swarm. Papineau had a great game having 9 tackles, 2 assists and 2 interceptions. He also had 130 yards and a touchdown and went 101 long! Congrats Moose!

Special Teams Player of the Week

The St Louis Gladiators were thought to be a bit underrated but they did not show that in their latest win over the London Knights 13 to 15. In this great defensive battle, not many touchdowns were scored. Our Special Teams Player of the Week carried her team to victory using legs only, and that is Ms. Amy Schillizi, kicker for the St Louis Gladiators. This was truly an All-Star performance as she put her team on her back and booted them to victory. Schillizi had five field goals made out of five attempts, with her longest field goal being 52 yards. St Louis is doing their best to prove the doubters wrong and with this game they truly did. Congratulations Amy for winning this game for your team!

Honourable Mentions

Runner up for STPOTW has Houston Hyenas star, strong safety, Mr.Cai Cash, written all over it! He helped his team win over the Carolina Skyhawks 44 to 37. Cash shows why he gets paid with 2 punt returns for 84 yards and 1 touchdown and went 78 on his longest. He also had 169 reception yards went 29 long. The Hyenas laugh their way to victory and Cash was one of the reasons why. Congratulations Cai!

Lastly, this honorable mention goes to Portland Fleet kicker, David John. In a surprising win over the Charleston Predators, 22-13, John had 2 field goals made out of 2 attempts and his longest kick was 47 yards. The “Nay Sayers” motivated them to win this game in a big way. Congrats David!