Written by Hunter Norwood, Images by Jonny Law

Edited by Mike Ahl

*Based on an aggregation of our 3 main Elo sheets. 

Hunter Norwood (HN): Does anyone even read the intro?


Jack Wall is absent this week as he didn’t want to read the intro either.

(-)1. Baltimore Vultures (1641.17)
HN: Baltimore holds onto the top spot after a 31-7 walloping of the #18 St. Louis Gladiators this week, and continues to build towards a playoff spot and hopefully not another first round exit, as they play the #4 Sioux Falls Sparrows this week.

(+1)2. Louisiana Revolution (1634.74)

HN: Louisiana secures a big road win over the #5 Jacksonville Kings and pulls themselves up to the #2 spot and holds a healthy lead over the teams below them. The Revolution have secured a playoff spot with the win and this week play the #16 Fort Worth Toros as they look ahead to a top two seed.

(+1)3. Denver Nightwings (1608.29)

HN: Despite the 8-1 record after a solid win over the #15 Queen City Corsairs the Nightwings still only move up to #3 this week. Their schedule is easy enough to win out and go into the playoffs at 11-1 and probably move into the top 2. Hell they could get in if the #1 Vultures lose this week to the #4 Sparrows.

(+1)4. Sioux Falls Sparrows (1603.43)

HN: The Sparrows have continued winning and moving up these rankings after beating the now #10 Vancouver Legion. Sioux Falls sits where they currently are in the standings and are only 1 of 2 teams to end that way so far which, in my opinion, is what we want to see in Power Rankings. This week the Sparrows have a big seeding game against the #1 Baltimore Vultures.

(-3)5. Jacksonville Kings (1587.59)

HN: The Kings fell this past week to the #2 Revs and have almost fallen out of the top 5 and will have a chance to stay in or truly fall out this week when they play the #6 Florida Storm on the road.  The Kings are also the 2nd team that lands where they are in the current rankings.

(+1)6. Florida Storm (1558.39)

HN: The Storm have started their next winning streak by blanking the Portland Fleet 31-0. In a game where Elo expects you to win or in some cases that it will be a close game and then you blow a team out you gain big points. Florida heads back home this week to play the #5 Kings in the Crowdplay/Florida Bowl

(+1)7. Atlanta Swarm (1548.78)

HN: Atlanta have got back to their winning way after beating the #19 Tulsa Desperados and continue to fight for another day in these rankings and the playoff push. Atlanta plays this week at home against a #12 Las Vegas team that has been recently surging back into the cusp of these rankings. 

(+2)8. Lone Star Glory (1535.05)

HN: Lone Star Glory have gotten themselves a signature win over the #9 Mexico City Aztecs and have vaulted over them into 8th in these rankings and are now the highest they have ever been in the Top 11 this season. The Glory are looking ahead to the faltering #15 Corsairs this week as they hope to push to new heights in the weeks to come.

(-3)9. Mexico City Aztecs (1525.01)

HN: I don’t know how many times Mexico City has one this now. Every week they seem to bounce from 6 to 9 and back to 6 then back to 9. The Aztecs are over .500 and with 3 games left could bounce around and end at 7-5 and get into the postseason but making a deep run means they need to figure out all facets of their team and put it all together when it matters

(-1)10. Vancouver Legion (1516.20)
HN: Vancouver drops a close game against the #4 Sparrows and falls slightly but stays in the top 11. They travel this week to the #17 Arizona Scorpions(who are in the playoffs as things stand now) and need a win to keep their position safe. 

(+1)11. Charleston Predators (1511.17)

HN: The Predators beat the #16 Toros this past week in a close win but it was enough to gain some positive points and capitalize on another Chicago loss to pop back into the top 11. This week they travel to the #21 Portland Fleet and hope for a big win to stay in and hold off the #12 Fury from getting back in.


Team(s) that have fallen out: (-2)#13 Chicago Wildcats (1497.17) 


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