By Ashley Jackson

Images by Jonny Law

SFL Players of the Week – Week 9
As the last kernel of popcorn is consumed and fans heads for the exits, another chapter of SFL magic closes and what a week it was. There are so many teams out there trying to rise to the occasion and prove why they belong in the playoffs. This week was defined by stunning wins in spectacular style and the players truly shined. With the playoffs right around the corner, it is time for players to show what they are really made of and how they can make an impact. Let’s see who’s playbooks were more divine with our top performances for Week 9.
Offensive Player Of The Week

The Louisiana Revolution went to Jacksonville to face the Kings in one of the most epic and entertaining games of the season. The Revs found themselves against the ropes for the first half of the game, 24-10, until our Offensive Player Of The Week dug deep and found the magic that he needed to turn things around. He is quarterback, Mr.Johnny Pichler of the Louisiana Revolution. Along with fantastic contributions from his Offensive Line, he help lead his team to victory in truly one of the greatest comebacks this season, eventually winning, 48-34. Pichler made 29 completions out of 36 attempts, 347 yards passing , 6 passing touchdowns and he made no mistakes. His longest pass was 52 yards and his completion percentage 80.56 and his quarterback rating at 146.4. His confidence spoke volumes in this game and if he keeps performing like this, they should be a shoe in for a top playoff spot and place in the championship game. Congratulations Johnny!

Honourable Mention 
Runner up for Offensive Player Of The Week is running back, Mr. Troy Gaines of the Baltimore Vultures. In his all-star veteran performance against the St. Louis Gladiators, he made it hard for their defense to stop him. Gaines had 19 carries  for 165 yards and 8.7 yards per carry . He also had 4 TD and 76 rec yards. Bal QB Jack Wigmore must feel so comfortable knowing that having Gaines to give the ball to is like having All State Insurance. The ball is always in good hands. Congratulations T-Roy!
Defensive Player Of The Week
In a tale of the two halves performance, our Defensive Player Of The Week definitely had a direct effect on the game. The community was split on who would actually when this game because both teams have really good defenses. The Arizona Scorpions took on the Carolina Skyhawks and the Skyhawks defended their home field in a major way winning 33-14.  Besides the offense putting on a great show, it was the diligence and ball hawk capabilities of strong safety, Mrs. Rachelle Colston that helped lead her team to victory. Colston had 7 tackles. But where she truly shined was her ability to get 3 interceptions off the quarterback by herself!  She showed great intuition as she read Jackson’s eyes like a book. She was not giving away her shot at being on top and she was everywhere she threw the ball.. That’s how you #makeanimpact. Congratulations Rachelle!
Honourable Mention
Runner up for Defensive Player Of The Week is strong safety, Mr. Max Jackson of the Las Vegas Fury. The Chicago Wildcats put up a good fight but the Fury had a seemingly better game plan and they won 40-20.  Spending his progression points in the right areas helped this veteran defender to make great plays that were necessary to help his team win. Jackson had 9 tackles, 1 Pass Deflection, 2 interceptions and 45 yards capping hings off with 1 touch down. This High Roller showed why he deserved this acknowledgement with his top flight performance. Congratulations Max!
Special Teams Player of the Week
In an unfortunate loss to the Louisiana Revolution, the Jacksonville Kings put a good fight until the second half of the ball game. They started out on the road to victory in the first half of the firing on all cylinders but they fizzled out by the second half. That didn’t stop our Special Teams Player Of The Week didn’t let that stop him from making plays. Despite their loss, Kings’ wide receiver, Mr.Mike St.Green had a outstanding special teams performance. The chef and rookie class member was cooking up something special every time he received the kick. Green had 9 returns for 282 yards and 1 fiery touch down and his longest reception was 98 yards. MSG is always a great thing to spice up any recipe and when used with the right ingredients, great outcomes happen. Congratulations Mike!
Honourable Mention
Runner up for Special Teams Player Of The Week goes to kicker, Mr.Otis Boudreaux of the Las Vegas Fury. Kickers matter and Boudreaux helped prove that theory with his wonderful performance this week. This rookie kicker put up 12 points as he made 4 field goals out of the 5 he attempted. His longest kick was eyebrow raising 50 yards straight down the middle. They say when you are in Vegas, to always bet on black but in this case, you should always bet on Boudreaux. Congratulations on a job well done Otis!