A Clearer Picture – Episode 2

A one on one interview with Ivory Ervin

Jacob Clear – Good evening and welcome to Episode 2 of A Clearer Picture. Tonight we have an in-depth, one-on-one interview with the SFL’s most productive receiver. He needs no introduction, how are you this evening Ivory Ervin?

Ervin – I am doing great! I am blessed and highly favoured!

Clear – We know a lot about your player, but not much about you! Tell us, who is behind the league’s top receiver?

Ervin – I was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. I attended the University of Memphis where I played cornerback.  I was a Navy Supply Corps Officer for over 15 years. I have been married for over 14 years and I have two sons. I am a man of deep Christian faith!

Clear – You were a midseason signing in S14 for Baltimore, what was your initial feeling when you heard the news?

Ervin – I was really happy and thankful! I was very disappointed that I did not get drafted and offers as an undrafted rookie were not great at all. Baltimore was the only team that talked to me and gave me the opportunity I was looking for. And for this, I am very grateful and blessed!

Clear – You currently stand as the most expensive receiver at 116.63, but the output is there, sitting second in total receiving yards and receptions. Is there any pressure associated with having such a high value?

Ervin – I really don’t feel the pressure because of the culture of the organization.  The pressure is on all of us to do our part to contribute to the whole in order to win! We have a significant amount of talent and we all understand that it takes a team to win games and be as successful. It’s not about the “team of me”…it’s about the “team of we!”

Clear – Why a receiver? Can you tell us a little more as to how you came to a decision on your position?

Ervin – I have always wanted to play receiver.  My all-time favourite football player was Jerry Rice!  So that was the biggest reason why I wanted to play receiver in the SFL.

Clear – 7-2 on the year now heading into Week 10, what are your main observations from a team perspective?

Ervin – We are a very resilient team who will continue to get better with each game that we play. We have a lot of good veteran leadership on the team and also have some young guys that will very good in the future. Our locker room is strong which is key to our success as a team!

Clear – The retirement of SFL deity Mike Dazzo sees a new face go under centre, how has it been getting used to working with Jack Wigmore?

Ervin – It has been a good journey and Jack is learning the game as fast as possible. His journey has had his share of rough patches and the veterans have really helped him to turn his weaknesses into strengths.  I have been impressed with what he has done and what we will do in the future!

Clear – Last season Baltimore fell short in the playoffs losing to a Kappa Jones inspired Queen City 27-24, does the story play out differently this time around?

Ervin – In football, a win is never guaranteed. But this time around, we have more experience, talent, and cohesion as a team!  We never look back to the past…we are only focused on the future…by taking it one game at a time!

Clear – Thanks for your time Ivory and good luck heading into the final weeks of the regular season.

Ervin – Thank you for the opportunity!  The first part of the season and been great and I am looking forward to the latter half.

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