Written by Hunter Norwood

Edited by Mike Ahl

*Based on an aggregation of our 3 main Elo sheets. 

Hunter Norwood (HN): Stop the AI hate and start praising the coaching. Gameplans and scouting are the lifeblood of the SFL. The ball may not always bounce your way but there’s always a way to help stop the bleeding or make sure it never starts. 


Jack Wall is absent this week as he is auditioning to be the new Ernie on Sesame Street alongside Joe Flacco as Bert.

(+3)1. Baltimore Vultures (1619.72)
HN: The Vultures get the better win here over the #6 Mexico City Aztecs and vault up to the top of the rankings this week. Baltimore has been here before and tries their hand again at trying to stay up top as they take on #17 St. Louis. 

(-1)2. Jacksonville Kings (1615.35)

HN: The streak up top ends for the Kings, but they stay close in this top tier of teams, only off by about 4 points. Jacksonville has continued to win after blowing out a tumbling #11 Chicago Wildcats 41-9 and they look ahead this week to get the statement win at home over the #3 Louisiana Revolution.

(-1)3. Louisiana Revolution (1606.98)

HN: Louisiana continues winning but doesn’t get back up to the top just yet. They have a chance to get a good statement win on the road against the #2 Kings and potentially jump back to the top of the mountain by capitalizing on a weak game that Baltimore has against #17 St. Louis.

(-1)4. Denver Nightwings (1599.88)

HN: Denver gets a close win over the #12 Predators and as such they fall a little bit down to 4. They have stayed in the thick of it by being within 20 points of the top and have a decent game at home against the #13 Queen City Corsairs to attempt to make a pass at the top. 

(-)5. Sioux Falls Sparrows (1598.16)

HN: Sioux Falls sits at five again for another week after they beat an up and down #13 Corsairs. They have sat close to the teams above and have a very healthy lead on the #6 Aztecs. No matter what happens this week you can be assured they they will hold onto the 5 spot but with a win over the #9 Vancouver Legion could see them start to move up these rankings again.

(-)6. Mexico City Aztecs (1539.45)

HN: Mexico City took a heavy loss last week to the #1 Baltimore Vultures but were miraculously able to hold firm at #6 this week. The stay in the rankings here was helped in part by a small victory by the team directly below and losses further down. The Aztecs are hoping to bounce back this week as they head to Texas to play the #10 Lone Star Glory.

(+1)7. Florida Storm (1532.43)

HN: The Storm continue to March on towards a playoff berth after a uncharacteristic start to their season. This past week they were able to squeak past a #18 Tulsa team, 12-6, but it was enough to push them one step higher as they close in on the Top 5 in these rankings. This week they travel to a sinking #20 Portland Fleet team as one team looks to strengthen their playoff bid and another looks to keep playoffs a possibility.

(-1)8. Atlanta Swarm (1523.56)

HN: The Swarm dropped a close game to a team that was once in and around these rankings; the #15 Arizona Scorpions. Atlanta has shown greatness at times but in these later stages of the season they are on the outside looking in. Look for Atlanta to bounce back as they travel to an always tough #18 Tulsa team this week.

(+4)9. Vancouver Legion (1521.47)

HN: The Legion are back in the Top 11 this week after falling to #13 last week with a loss. This past week they were able to beat up on the the reeling #20 Portland Fleet and receive the second biggest jump in these rankings. This week they have a doozy of a game to try and stay here when they travel to the #5 Sioux Falls Sparrows.

(+5)10. Lone Star Glory (1520.61)
HN: The Glory are back after a seven week hiatus and saw the biggest jump in the Top 11 at the expense of their in-state rival, the now #14 Fort Worth Toros. The highest the Glory have been is #9 and they will hope to eclipse that this week as they welcome the #6 Mexico City Aztecs to town.

(-2)11. Chicago Wildcats (1512.72)

HN: Chicago has been as high as #4 on this list but has continuously tumbled week to week and now find themselves on the cusp of falling out. After a blowout loss to the #2 Kings the Wildcats continue their road trip to the other side of the country as they face the #16 Las Vegas Fury.


Team(s) that have fallen out: (-1)#12 Charleston Predators (1502.61), (-4)#14 Fort Worth Toros (1488.76)


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