Article by Ashley Jackson and Graphics by Jonny Law.

Cream of the crop always rises to the top and this week was filled with teams proving just that. There are some individuals that are proving that with proper guidance from coaches and progression selections, you can #makeanimpact and help your team to victory. Without these players making key plays, the outcome of the games may have been different. These hardworking players were noteworthy and great! So without further adieu, here are the picks for Week 8.
Offensive Player of the Week
The offense typically sets the tone in any game and if your offense is clicking on all cylinders, then more than likely you will win. The Louisiana Revolution offense was definitely in the driver’s seat in their game against the Houston Hyenas. In this close battle to start, our offensive player of the week truly turned on the afterburners and shined. He is Mr. Reggie Streeter, running back of the Louisiana Revolution. Streeter made an impact in this game having 37 carries for 382 yards and 5 touchdowns. He also had 10.3 yd per carry and he went 63 long. Even though there are a few more games left in the season, he will definitely be mentioned in the offensive player of the year conversation and even hall of fame contention because of games like this. Congratulations Reggie!
Runner up for OPOTW
In the Vancouver Legion’s dominating performance over the Portland Fleet, 31 to 10, running back, Mr. Robert Redford also contributed to his team’s win in a major way. Redford had 38 carries for 296 yards and 4 touchdowns. He also had 7.8 yards per carry and went 82 long! Fantastic performance and congratulations Robert.
Defensive Player of the Week
The best defenses stifle their opponents by making major plays that will disrupt any plans they had, by any means necessary. In this case, our defensive player of the week simply read the quarterback’s eyes very well thus affecting the game in a major way. He is Mr.Anthony Wyo, Free Safety of the Arizona Scorpions. In this David vs Goliath battle, the current reigning championship team, The Atlanta Swarm were stung by Wyo every time the ball came his way. Besides his 2 tackles, he had 5 stunning interceptions in one game that many works all year for. He is a vital member of the Scorpions secondary and any QB should be cautious when the ball enters his zone. Congratulations on tying the record for most interceptions in one game and for making a difference, Anthony!
Runner up for POTW
Another person that made a difference on the field defensively was Mr. Taquan Hale, Defensive End of Jacksonville Kings. In their dominating win over the Chicago Wildcats, 41-9, Hale had 6 tackles, 6 tackles for loss, and most importantly, 4 and a half sacks directly affecting the QBs performance. Congratulations on a job well done Taquan!
Special Teams Player of the Week
One cannot forget to mention how special teams can impact a game On Any Given Sunday…. Or Saturday…Or Monday! These players tend to have a special quality about them that can help put their team over the top when it matters the most.
The Denver Nightwings definitely had one of those stellar performances over the Charleston Predators in a nail biting win 26-23. In a mind-blowing performance, Yoga Master and Kicker, Mr. Kramer Jackman save the day for the Nightwings as he made the last-second field goal to steal the win. Jackman had 4 field goals made out of 4 attempts and an eye-catching 55-yard field goal that was his longest kick. His kicks are automatic, memorable, and are definitely award winners for sure. Congratulations Kramer.
Runner up for STPOTW
There was another epic battle in Texas as the Fort Worth Toros took on the Long Star Glory and the Glory won. 36-21
Kicker, Wally Herman for the Lone Star Glory, help put the icing on the cake making 3 field goals out of 3 attempts and his longest kick was 51 yards! Kicking a 50 plus yard field goals allowed Herman to ride off into the sunset with the win. Keep up up the great work and congratulations Wally!!