Written by Hunter Norwood, Images by Jonny Law

Edited by Mike Ahl

*Based on an aggregation of our 3 main Elo sheets. 

Hunter Norwood (HN): #86 Forever


Jack Wall is absent this week as he looks into being the league’s first star TE/Punter.

(+2)1. Jacksonville Kings  (1580.21)
HN: The Revs may be the provisional top seed when it comes to the playoffs(Check the Twitter) but here we have the Kings on top again. After a close win on the road against the #13 Predators the Kings were able to just skim past Louisiana for the top spot. Next week they head over to the #7 Atlanta Swarm as they hope to even out their away record to 2-2.

(-)2. Louisiana Revolution (1579.15)

HN: Louisiana gets a big win over the #3 Vultures this past week and what do they get? Not a whole lot here. They’re a hair off from the top spot and could shift up if they can capitalize on a potential loss by the #1 Kings or get a better win when they play the #11 Vancouver Legion.

(-2)3. Baltimore Vultures (1576.88)

HN: Baltimore reached the pinnacle last week just to take a tough loss on the road against the #2 Revs and take a tumble down to 3rd this week. Thankfully for them they had a healthy lead up top so they are only a few points away from being back on top. This week they host the #17 Houston Hyenas as they look to do just that.

(+1)4. Denver Nightwings (1568.84)

HN: Denver got themselves a solid win over the #16 Arizona Scorpions this past week and have gotten a step closer to the Top 3. They are sitting atop a four team clump within the 1560s and can just as easily make a run at 3 as they could tumble all the way to 7 when they head out to face the #20 Carolina Skyhawks on the road. 

(+1)5. Sioux Falls Sparrows (1566.74)

HN: Sioux Falls was able to scrape a handful of points off their victory over the #19 Desperados and move up into the top 5 of these rankings after falling from their roost at the top last week. There’s not much to say about the scrum of teams in the middle here except that if they want to keep a good looking rank they have to keep winning because even a close loss can see them be overtaken by a few teams. The Sparrows play the #12 Lone Star Glory this week as the Glory look to poke back into these rankings. 

(+3)6. Mexico City Aztecs(1564.26)

HN: Mexico City had major gains this past week after they defeated the #11 Vancouver Legion on the road. In a game where they were fully the underdog the Aztecs were able to hold the high powered Vancouver offense to 17 and walk out with a victory and move to 4-2 on the season. Mexico City has been bouncing around from 6 to 9 to back to 6 lately and look to steady their rank with a home game against the #21 Portland Fleet who are coming off their first win in franchise history. 

(-)7. Atlanta Swarm (1560.44)

HN: The Swarm beat the #22 London Knights and sit at #7 this week. If you’re surprised i don’t know what to tell ya. The swarm were heavy favorites as I had said last week in this write up and they only won by 10. Although, to be honest, even a point differential of 20+ may not have moved the needle much with how things are going across the pond and in these rankings. Atlanta stays home this week to host the #1 Jacksonville Kings in a game that will definitely move the needle one way or another.

(-4)8. Chicago Wildcats (1545.57)

HN: Chicago fell four spots this week after losing a close game to the #20 Carolina Skyhawks on the road. I would like to say I did not see this coming but I think a lot of people saw this coming. Chicago was able to set themselves up with a strong start to this season and still have 3 home games that could get them to 7 wins and a decent shot at a postseason berth. This week they take on a tough #13 Predators team at home.

(+1)9. Florida Storm (1538.66)

HN: The Storm’s resurgence continues for another week as they took down the #14 Fort Worth Toros at home to flip a 0-3 start to a 3-3 midseason. Florida has gone from in these rankings to fully out and right back in and they look like they are here to stay this time around. They look on to the #15 Las Vegas Fury this week on the road and hope to push further up these rankings.

(+1)10. Queen City Corsairs (1533.85)
HN: Speaking of #9 Las Vegas, the Corsairs beat them by two scores at home this past week and managed to pull themselves off the bottom of these rankings. I told y’all this isn’t your average team. To be fair though, Queen City has been very up and down so far at the midway point of Season 15 and hope to get back into plus .500 territory at they travel to the #19 Tulsa Desperados this week.  

(-3)11. Vancouver Legion (1521.71)

HN: Vancouver fell to the #6 Aztecs this past week in a close loss at home 17-24. I’ll be honest, I want to say something in regards to the loss the Legion and the league as a whole have had to endure, but I’m not too great at that sort of thing. What I am great at are numbers. Add up their Elo by each single digit, take that number and add the digits again. Do the same but subtract the Elo this time. 86 Forever.


Team(s) that have fallen out: N/A


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