The Benefits of a Growing League and How We Can Do Our Part.

Written by Mickey De Pinto


August 24, 2020

 We’ve all seen it before. The NFL draft is taking place, and one lucky collegiate athlete after another receives a televised phone call and breaks down in tears, knowing his lifelong dream has finally come true. What makes this moment so special? It isn’t just the dream or the journey that got them there. It’s knowing how lucky they are to be joining such an exclusive league. 

 As members of the SFL, we strive to be key members of one of the league’s franchises, but would it not be even more satisfying if we could feel that same sense of fortune? In a world where people as young as 12 years old can make millions of dollars playing Fortnite on national television, the sky is the limit for the Simulation Football League and its members. 

 Now, how do we get where we want to be? Two words: Effort and growth. In order for something to increase in value, it must be made more exclusive. Filling out the rosters of every SFL team will inevitably do that. New teams will have to be introduced, giving all of the aspiring owners a chance to live out their dream of hosting a football game in their desired city. Once the league has established what they consider to be the max amount of teams, those roster spots immediately become considerably more precious. Members will truly have to earn a shot at the prestigious SFL by possibly spending more time in the minors (which would naturally expand as well). The chatroom activity would blossom and the content teams would be booming with brilliant ideas being thrown out by countless new members hoping to impress the right people. 

 For people, like myself, who are dying for draft night to get here, imagine the intensity and vast array of emotions you would feel, knowing that you could possibly be drafted not because a roster spot was available, but because you had simply put in more work and out performed anyone else trying to fill that position. I long to be a member of the SFL and am definitely not one to pass up an easy route, but I have always found that the things that mean the most in my life have been the product of hard work. I crave the sense of satisfaction knowing  that I was truly the best available player when my time came.

 As I said earlier, we live in a world where gamers can reach celebrity status. We also live in a country that loves the game of football. Why can’t be the league MVP be seen as a virtual hero in the world of e-gaming? Why can’t our games be televised for people to watch all over the nation? With enough growth, I believe it is possible. This is where the effort comes in. Each individual who desires to see this already successful league grow can help in his or her own way. It is no secret that social media is an effective measure. Don’t be afraid to create that bold and decorative profile for your player on Instagram and Twitter. Possibly go the old fashioned route of word of mouth and reach out to the people at work or your peers at school, and see if they’re interested in joining. Seize every opportunity to get the word out there. It will only benefit you as an individual in the long run. 

 With effort comes growth. With exclusiveness comes value. It seems fairly simple, but are we willing to put in the work? The creators of this elaborate program have allowed us to enter into a world where for once in most our lives, we can make the game winning play. It’s time for us to do our part. I challenge everyone, including myself, to promote growth in this league and make it something that cannot be ignored in the world of gaming entertainment. 

Thanks for reading. I look forward to sharing the field and this experience with you!