Written by Hunter Norwood, Images by Jonny Law

Edited by Mike Ahl

*Based on an aggregation of our 3 main Elo sheets. 

Hunter Norwood (HN): After re-tweaking the tweaked formula I’ve settled on something that I feel works better, and here it is below. I don’t have much of an intro this time around but after reading through if you have any unanswered questions feel free DM me.


Jack Wall is absent this week as he looks onto a career as the Evil Dean of a small Community College with an HVAC annex.

(+1)1. Baltimore Vultures  (1589.84)
HN: Baltimore had a small dip last week and lost the #1 spot but here they are back at the top after another good win. If you remember back a few weeks the top 2 spots had a healthy lead on everyone else and now the Vultures have overtaken both of those teams and are in a league of their own at the top. 

(+7)2. Louisiana Revolution (1566.19)

HN: The Revs finally get the recognition of a 4-1 team and shoot up to #2 after obliterating the #20 Portland Fleet on the road. Now, part of this is a road team winning and some sheets giving the Fleet the edge and so with a blowout the Revs gained big points. This was also bound to happen with how topsy turvy the standings have been to this point. Final point in this is Elo obviously doesn’t pick up on the loss of players and will begin to figure that out on its own; starting with a home game against the #1 Baltimore Vultures. 

(+3)3. Jacksonville Kings (1562.50)

HN: The Kings also had a blowout of their own over the #21 Carolina Skyhawks. As you’ll see with their Elo rating they were able to skim past a few teams and slide forward into a top 3 position after two away losses. Next week they face off against an up and down #12 Predators team on the road and with a win could see a similar benefit that the Revs were able to gain this week.

(-)4. Chicago Wildcats (1561.09)

HN: Chicago closes out a close victory over the #7 Atlanta Swarm but it wasn’t enough to move on from the number 4 position. They are as close to #2 as they are to #7 and with the sanctions being levied on the team after this week their top 5 position may be in danger. Next week they head out to #21 Carolina looking to bounce back from a blowout.

(-)5. Denver Nightwings (1560.34)

HN: Another blowout from a team on this list comes in the way of Denver’s 58-10 win over #22 London(huh, #20-22 got blown out, imagine that). Unfortunately for the Nightwings they weren’t able to jump up any spots in the Top 11. Next week they face off vs a strong #15 Arizona team that is looking to get back into this write-up

(-5)6. Sioux Falls Sparrows(1559.00)

HN: Welp, the Sparrows finally got into the top spot and then quickly got blown out by the now #13 Fort Worth Toros. They’re still in the mix of teams here, and it shouldn’t be a huge setback for a strong team such as Sioux Falls, but anything can happen in the SFL and the Sparrows need to bounce back next week at home vs #19 Tulsa. 

(+1)7. Atlanta Swarm (1555.27)

HN: Atlanta loses a close one but I believe was saved to a degree by A) a close loss and B) the formula rework. The close loss made sure they lost less on aggregate than the Legion did but the rework gave more strength to the ⅓ regress which favors the Swarm after their championship last season. Atlanta looks to continue their rise back to glory this week at home vs a bottom feeding #22 London team that they will be heavily favored in. 

(-1)8. Vancouver Legion (1543.11)

HN: Vancouver was unable to get consecutive road wins this past week and has fallen a spot in this week’s rankings because of it. They head back home to face off against the #9 Aztecs next week as they look to push themselves forward in these rankings. 

(-6)9. Mexico City Aztecs (1542.87)

HN: Okay so last week the Revs fell from #6 to #9 but this week is even better as Mexico City falls 6 places to #9. Nice! What’s not nice is Mexico City getting into the Top 5 just to get humbled on the road against the #16 Houston Hyenas to tumble right back down. Look for them to attempt to get back to their winning ways as they cross two borders to face the Legion next week.

(+2)10. Florida Storm (1526.42)
HN: Florida is back after ripping off two wins in a row to join us in the Top 11. It was really only a matter of time for the Storm before they started to turn the corner this season and they picked a good time to start. Watch out as they return home to play the #13 Toros to climb some more.

(-1)11. Queen City Corsairs (1522.34)

HN: Queen City is taking on more water than they can handle and they have fallen to the edge of these rankings. Teams that have ended up here have more often than not fallen out the following week but the Corsairs are no ordinary team. They took a heavy loss to the #18 Gladiators of St. Louis on the road but they will hope to turn it around at home as they face off against a team that used to be here at #11, the current #14 Las Vegas Fury.


Team(s) that have fallen out: (-4) #15 Arizona Scorpions (1497.14)


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