SFL Commissioner

August 7, 2020

The Simulation Football League has obtained ratings from For the Fans (Eleven Sports Network data is limited and at a more significant delay with cable/satellite technology, opposed to the enhanced digital technology of For the Fans) for the month of July.

July ratings averaged 1,914 viewers over 16 telecasts – meaning that at any given time, nearly 2,000 people are watching the SFL on FTF whenever the SFL is on the digital platform. In comparison, the SFL averaged 1,917 viewers on the nine Twitch Front Page games from August 25, 2017-January 27, 2019 before the Eleven Sports/For the Fans television deal was struck in August 2019.

London @ Tulsa in Week 1 received the highest average viewers count of 2,410 throughout the game. Charleston @ Baltimore in Week 2 – another Sunday afternoon telecast – generated the second-best average of 2,242 viewers.

“We are delivering on expectations from our Twitch front page days to our television partners on a weekly basis, not even counting all who watch games on the Eleven Sports Network every single week,” said SFL Commissioner Cameron Irvine. “Sunday afternoon’s continue to be our strongest time-slots, but we’re consistent across the board. When your team is on TV, thousands are watching you play giving franchises more and more opportunities to become a household name and a team to root for. We look forward to our continuing partnership with Eleven Sports and For the Fans and to hopefully continue with thrilling finishes and amazing performances worldwide.”

The SFL’s Twitch channel (non-TV) viewership in Week 2 and Week 3 is up 40% compared to last season to an average of 90.4 viewers at any point during games. YouTube channels do not calculate average viewers during broadcasts.