Written by Hunter Norwood, Images by Jonny Law

Edited by Mike Ahl

*Based on an aggregation of our 3 main Elo sheets. 

Hunter Norwood (HN): Another week, another bit of unbiased math calculations. 


Jack Wall is absent this week as he looks into pursuing a career as a priority shipping clerk.


(-)1. Jacksonville Kings  (1585.48)

HN: The Kings grip on the top of these rankings holds for another week with a big winner over their rivals, the #10 Florida Storm. The difference from 1 to 2 has increased ever so slightly but you can read this as an interchangeable position based on your own opinion. For now the math has the Kings at #1 and they look to stay there as they finish out next week with their gauntlet of an opening to Season 15 with the #7 Corsairs.


(-)2. Sioux Falls Sparrows (1583.87)

HN: The Sparrows are also holding onto their #2 spot and are well above the team below them. After a big win in a Season 14 Finals rematch vs the #5 Atlanta Swarm they have firmed up positions across the sheets and are a true force to reckon with. A game against the #17 Predators should be just another game to solidify their spot at or near the top in these and probably other rankings.


(+2)3. Baltimore Vultures (1558.56)

HN: A close win this week for the Vultures over #17 Charleston normally doesn’t see this kind of jump but they were able to take advantage of a loss by the Swarm to get enough of a point gain to rise above them. A game against the #20 Skyhawks will have to be a large win to see Baltimore get any sort of significant Elo gain to gain ground on the Sparrows above.


(+2)4. Denver Nightwings (1549.02)

HN: Denver was almost due for a tumble in Elo after a close call against #19 Portland but Kramer Jackman did his best “kickers matter” impression to secure the victory for the Nightwings. Now, a very close win means little Elo gain for the Nightwings this week but, like the Vultures above them, they capitalize on the Swarm loss to jump a few spots. 


(-2)5. Atlanta Swarm (1546.38)

HN: The defending champs see their first loss on the season against the Sparrows this week in a big way and so they see a significant drop off in their Elo totals. After falling, the teams behind them won and moved up, Atlanta will look to get their own big win over #4 Denver to leapfrog back into a Top 3 spot. 


(+2)6. Louisiana Revolution (1543.56)

HN: We almost saw a classic “Talk sh*t, get hit” in this one but the Pickle Man pulled another one out and Louisiana scrapped a win out in the end. As we’ve seen throughout this Top 11, teams that have won close games have gotten lucky with teams around them losing and allowing them to rise in the rankings. The Revs move on to face #16 Tulsa this week and will hope to see a bigger win and a larger Elo point gain.


(-3)7. Queen City Corsairs (1536.34)

HN: In a game where the Corsairs were expected to use their 4 rings and will themselves to victory they ended up doing anything but. Queen City see the largest fall on these rankings and have a big game against the top team; the Kings(of Elo). 


(-1)8. Mexico City Aztecs (1532.08)

HN: The Aztecs fell apart late to the #22 Gladiators and have fallen to a precarious position of falling out of these rankings with another loss or two like that. Mexico City will be looking to turn their fortunes around against #21 London and possibly climb back up with a Corsairs loss above them.


(+2)9. Vancouver Legion (1527.02)

HN: Vancouver gets a big win over some old friends which gets them off the bottom of the rankings this week. The Legion have solidified their spot by 10 Elo points and are close to a few teams above, so they are in a prime position to climb higher with a win over the team below them, the Florida Storm.


(-)10. Florida Storm (1517.88)

HN: Florida drops a game to their rivals and like them they hold firm for another week. I know that this is where the people will be upset to see a 0-2 Storm team in the top 10 but you have to remember that we are only a season and a half removed from one of the strongest teams in the SFL dominating all that came before them. The history portion of the aggregate is still holding Florida firm but they are also very close to tumbling out so don’t be surprised if you don’t see them here next week if they lose to Vancouver.


(+1)11. Chicago Wildcats (1517.52)

HN: Chicago was just a touch better off than Fort Worth and was able to skim by into the 11th spot on this list. The Wildcats will be happy to see themselves make it in here and make sure everyone else knows one way or another. A game against #22 St. Louis will give them a decent chance of adding to their point totals and solidify their spot in this list next week.


Team(s) that have fallen out: (-4)13. Lone Star Glory


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