By Ashley Jackson and Matthew Slinn, Images by J.R Lawless

Players of the Week – Week 2

Week 2 was just as interesting and exciting as Week one, perhaps even more so because now coaches have game film to look back on and make adjustments, this week resulting in a boom in offensive production. Those efforts were definitely in effect and it showed big time on the field. Some teams had a rather large margin of victory, while others made a comeback to secure their win. Players worked hard to #makeanimpact for their team and now its time they get the recognition they deserve. I want you all to know that it was extremely difficult coming to a decision on this because there were a lot of players that could have won in a different week. Due to this, I’ve decided to select two ‘Honourable Mentions’ for each category this week. Here are the winners and congratulations to each of you for the impact you made on the field!

Offensive Player of the Week
Mr. Jason ‘Thrilliams‘ Williams, Halfback for the Fort Worth Toros, had a dominating performance this week doing what could potentially be considered unthinkable. In his team’s stunning victory over the Queen City Corsairs, Williams had 28 carries for 108 yards at 3.9 YPC, 3 touchdowns with his longest carry being 23 yards. But wait…there’s more! He also had 12 catches for 104 yards, 8.7 YPC and his longest catch was 14 yards. 200+ yards carries and receptions combined! Can’t deny that was amazing! Fantastic work Jason!
Honourable Mentions
It is very rare to have a performance like Mike Daggs, the Tight End of the Mexico City Aztecs did, during his game against the St. Louis Gladiators. Tight ends rarely get the chance to #makeanimpact on the field and even though the Aztecs lost their game to St. Louis, he definitely deserves this mention. He had 9 catches for 254 yards, 3touchdowns, 28.2 yards per catch and his longest reception was 80 yards. Truly an impressive performance. Congrats Mike!
The Sioux Falls Sparrows are grateful to have Mr Colin Hart as their workhorse back as he had an impressive performance against the current SFL champs, the Atlanta Swarm. Hart had 20 carries for 191 yards, 3 touchdowns and his longest carry was 41yards. Congrats Colin!
Defensive Player of the Week
Our winner of Defensive Player of the Week was able to make positive strides on the field by simply terrorizing the quarterback in his performance and that was Defensive End, Mr Hunter Norwood, for the Jacksonville Kings. Norwood caused sheer havoc for the Florida Storm’s QB Ron Cockran, which affected the game in a major way, Norwood making 7 Total tackles and 5 sacks. Being able to get to the QB is a special thing and doing it 5 times make him a shoe-in for this award. I wonder if ‘Mr. ELO‘ saw this coming. Congrats Hunter!
Honourable Mentions
In a stunning win over the Skyhawks, cornerback, Miss Thomasina Ramen, made a statement in this game! She was energetic and ready to take the field and made sure that people knew her name when she walked off that night. She had 7 tackles, 1 interception for 33 yards and 1 touchdown. Congrats Thomasina!
Ron Hoff, corner for the Chicago Wildcats had a great performance as well! He put in work, finishing the game with 5 tackles 1 interception,1 pass deflection and 2 blocked punts, which made a huge difference in the game to help his team win. Congrats Ron!
Special Teams Player of the Week
Special teams can be so unpredictable with the calls that AI make at various times, but our winner Mr.Gabriel Manning, Wide Receiver of the Tulsa Desperadoes, made sure that wasn’t a factor for him. He had 260 return yards, 1 touchdown and his longest rec was 103 yards. Although Tulsa lost to Chicago, Manning showed why he was worth every penny owner Dion Hawkins spent on him, as he is known as one of the most expensive players in the SFL. Keep up the great work Gabriel!
Honourable Mentions
Carolina Skyhawks receiver, Mr.Shea Carrol put on a noteworthy performance gaining 243 return yards, 1 Touchdown and his longest return was 100 yards. Even though the Skyhawks lost to the Fury in a must-see game, Carrol left his mark on the field and in our hearts. Congrats Shea on a job well done!
Arizona Scorpions kicker, Cliff Allen, received a workout in his game against the Houston Hyenas.  Every time he was called upon, his kicks were right on the money. He had 6 field goals made out of 6 attempts and his longest was 39 yards. Congrats Cliff and keep on kicking!