Written by Hunter Norwood, Edited by Mike Ahl

*Based on an aggregation of our 3 main Elo sheets.

Hunter Norwood (HN): One week down and another 11 to go. We have seen some big movers and a few teams tumble as we go into another exciting week of SFL action. As always if you have any questions towards how Elo works you can check out our previous segment on Axis Live or DM me directly. Good luck to all teams this Week!

Jack Wall is absent this week as he looks into pursuing a career as a Meteorological enthusiast.

1. Jacksonville Kings (1564.81 // Preseason #1)

HN: Math is unbiased and the Kings did just enough against Vancouver to hold onto their #1 spot after Week 1. The close win only gave them about 4 points across the board but they have another Top 11 opponent in the Florida Storm this week as they look to continue their reign up top.

2. Sioux Falls Sparrows (1564.67 // Preseason #5)

HN: The Sparrows shoot up the rankings in what some may consider a downfall of Elo; Portland is given league average Elo as an expansion team and then proceeds to be blown out by a team “close” to them in Elo. Sioux Falls gained an average of 35 points across the sheets and jumped out to a healthy lead in at least one sheet. As the season progresses things should start to balance out for everyone but early on here we may see some blowouts be rewarded more than they would later in the season.

3. Atlanta Swarm (1558.76 // Preseason #2)

HN: Wait, so Atlanta wins a close battle against Baltimore but they fall? Yes, due to the game being close the Elo gain was small and the average gain wasn’t enough to hold the Sparrows off from climbing above them. If it makes you feel better they get to play this week and the Swarm can clear this aberration up if they so choose by confirming their dominance.

4. Queen City Corsairs (1550.28 // Preseason #6)

HN: Queen City also had a close win last game but were able to get a nice boost by beating a generally strong Storm team on the road when they were not the favorite to win. Add that all up and you get a team that gains about 20 points on aggregate to vault into the Top 5. With a game on the road vs a new squad in Fort Worth the Corsairs may be able to capitalize on the fight above them to finagle their way into a top 3 position next week before they get a home opener vs the Jacksonville team that currently sits atop this list.

5. Baltimore Vultures (1545.63 // Preseason #3)

HN: A close loss and a small tumble for the Vultures after starting in the top 3 isn’t terrible. Baltimore needs to turn it around this week though as they have 3 teams behind them that are within 6 points and would all love to see a top 5 position to brag about. The main thing to keep an eye on this week is a Baltimore win, but then if that is to happen, what is the win margin as compared to the potential margins below and that’ll tell you if they can hold onto their spot or else they may run into the same issue that Atlanta did this week.

6. Denver Nightwings (1541.75 // Preseason #7)

HN: A big win in Vice Wars was able to keep Denver at the top of this pack of three teams for this week. The Nightwings have a bit of a homecoming game vs Portland this week and could see a similar result as Sioux Falls did in regards to point gain if they can come out with another big win as they did against Vegas. Jizzy V is back and he’s coming for the top!

7. Mexico City Aztecs (1540.98 // Preseason #8)

HN: A good win vs a team they were projected to win against gives Mexico City a decent bump of about 11 points aggregate and a middle spot in this current pack of teams. They have a game vs St. Louis this week they are projected to win on one sheet but the HFC boost makes them an underdog on others. A big win here can see them vault out of this scrum and get into the mix in the top 5. Next week is shaping up to be some interesting rankings potentially.

8. Louisiana Revolution (1539.32 // Preseason #13)

HN: The first of the new teams makes an appearance here as they get a dominating win over some old faces back in St. Louis. They start this week vs a, per Elo, lowly London team so they will need a high margin of victory to receive a good point boost. Bright spot here is they have a decent lead on the team below them so they have some wiggle room as long as they come out the other side with a W.

9. Lone Star Glory (1522.67 // Preseason #12)

HN: The second of the new teams here this week is Lone Star after what looked to be a drubbing of Arizona turned into a close win. If the defense could have held strong through four quarters they may have seen a rather large boost to their point gains. The Glory go on the roadthis week as underdogs vs a strong Legion team but will be hoping to at the very least keep it close and be able to spend another week here in the Top 11.

10. Florida Storm (1518.20 // Preseason #4)

HN: Florida here has the largest fall this week going down 6 spots after a close home loss to the Corsairs. The Storm are heading out to Jacksonville where they will be the underdog and will look to get a win over their rival and turn the biggest fall into potentially the biggest gain.

11. Vancouver Legion (1511.62 // Preseason #10)

HN: Vancouver have their defense as well as Mexico City to thank for being able to hang on to the last position here on the Top 11. As Jacksonville only gained a few points the Legion only lost a few and are about 2.5 points clear of Chicago in twelfth. Vancouver has a very winnable game vs Lone Star at home this week that will give them a solid base to work with and keep them on this list another week, but even with a loss they have many more games to fight back in and I feel they will be in here when we really get into the grit of this season.

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