SFL Communications

July 16, 2020

The Simulation Football League and Crowdplay has announced the return of the partnership for Season 15’s Kickoff Game between the Baltimore Vultures and the Atlanta Swarm, set for 7:00 pm ET on Eleven Sports and For the Fans, which will feature a $1,000 prize pool that will see at least 50 people walk away with earnings. Crowdplay first partnered with the SFL for the SFLm Championship last month, to much fanfare and positive feedback.

“The response from our community was overwhelmingly positive, not just because of the winnings potential, but mostly because it was just so fun to play,” said Commissioner Cameron Irvine. “Pleased with the results, Crowdplay is coming back for more SFL action and we hope the partnership will continue to evolve. Crowdplay shares in our vision of interactive entertainment for the viewer at home and we’ll continue to revolutionize how people watch and are consumed by sports.”

Top prize will take home $150 Friday night. Participants can play for free through the Crowdplay app, downloadable through Apple and Android stores. For every referral, you can receive 10 points and once the game opens prior to kickoff, you can select pregame questions against the spread, over/under, pick who is going to win the game and more. The SFL will update the leaderboard on television after each quarter.

CrowdPlay is revolutionizing the way fans enjoy and interact with games they’re attending and provides a unique and exclusive forum for sponsors, teams and sports venues and is free to play for everyone. You earn points by answering questions and remaining inside the app longer. Questions will be sent out as the game progresses. All are sent during stoppages in play. You will receive a notification when a new question is sent out. Every question has a different time limit. Keep your notifications on to make certain you never miss a question. You can easily link your PayPal account to cash out.

For more information, visit https://www.crowdplayapp.com/. Currently, CrowdPlay is only available to download in the United States.