SFL Communications

June 23, 2020

The Simulation Football League has officially processed the release of running back Ray Bentley and the position change of Phoenix Jones from fullback to running back. Mexico City has also been awarded the 52nd pick after an oversight by all parties involved should have awarded the Aztecs the 43rd pick in last night’s draft. Bentley informed the Aztecs earlier this month that he will be sitting out the season.

“The Mexico City Aztecs have officially announced the release of RB Ray Bentley,” said Co-Owner Ramos Lynn. “We hope Ray Bentley joins the Aztecs family again one day but as an organization we need to move on. FB Phoenix Jones will be moved to RB for Season 15. We have all confidence in Jones to continue with the tradition of great RBs in our franchise and help us win games. #AztecEmpire”

Section 6, Article 3 of the SFL rulebook states:

  • An Inactive User Player is defined as a user that has not progressed their player in any 2 weeks of the Regular Season.  Inactive status cannot be applied to users until after Week 2 of the Regular Season unless extenuating circumstances are brought up to the League Office for a ruling to be made.  Players cannot be released after Week 8 of the Regular Season.

The abrupt exit of Bentley from the server qualified as an extenuating circumstance – typical procedure is for the player to play in Week 1 if they’ve signed a contract and left the server prior to Week 1 – but the position change request for Jones (position changes are only processed in the off-season when new contracts are submitted) prompted the official release and vacancy on the roster to be expedited.

“We all will welcome Ray Bentley back to this community when he returns,” said Commissioner Cameron Irvine. “But for now, Mexico City has firmed up plans to move on under current player position change rules after given all the options. The league required the official restructured Jones contract be submitted prior to being granted a selection. The Aztecs and the SFL agree that steps could have been taken over the past couple of weeks to ensure Mexico City had the necessary picks to complete their roster, but picking in the current draft order, rather than with the first selection in round 3 or the last selection in round 4 was the compromise called for in this situation.”

The third and fourth rounds of the draft will air tonight on YouTube starting at 7 pm ET. The draft order as it stands:

Third Round
45. Atlanta
46. Fort Worth
47. Portland
48. London
49. Houston
50. Louisiana
51. Las Vegas
52. Mexico City
53. St. Louis
54. Jacksonville
55. Atlanta
56. Fort Worth
57. Portland
58. London
59. Louisiana
60. St. Louis
61. Fort Worth
62. Portland
63. St. Louis
64. Fort Worth
65. Portland
66. St. Louis

Fourth Round

67. Fort Worth
68. Portland
69. St. Louis
70. Portland
71. Portland