SFL Communications

June 20, 2020

The Simulation Football League and SFL owners approved of a motion to help provide support to teams whose third selections fell into the second round of the draft, since secondary positions previously could not be taken until the third round.

72.7% approved a change (67% vote needed) to the procedure, which will now allow teams to take secondary picks with their third selection – even if that selection is in the second round – but teams must select a primary with at least one third or fourth round selection, unless teams do not have a selection after their third pick. There were two specific proposals that made the ballot and this proposal – Proposal A – passed with a majority vote, 56%.

“Figuring out what is the best procedure for teams, players and league initiatives in this draft has been particularly challenging,” said SFL Commissioner Cameron Irvine. “We’ve now seen the second adjustment to this draft since the conclusion of owner meetings, which is uncommon and not the preferred method to handle these situations – all of our leaders including myself must do a better job of forward-thinking. However, the league is always willing to work with parties who are in significant majority on an issue to correct missteps along the way. This should have been handled long before this day, but sometimes what is right comes later than it should. We heard teams, worked with teams and the teams used their rights to vote to spark change.”

Proposal B, which failed to pass, would have seen the second round end early, allowing teams to move back to the third round if they wanted to take a secondary position player in the third round, allowing teams behind them in the second round order to pick ahead of them, if selecting a player at their primary position. Both proposals received enough support in discussions prior to vote that both deserved ballot consideration.

The SFL Rookie Draft – a seven-round, all week of exciting moments to come – begins Sunday June 21 at 7 pm ET on Eleven Sports and For the Fans and continues Monday (Round 2), Tuesday (Rounds 3 & 4), Friday (Round 5) and Saturday (Rounds 6 & 7).

SFL Final Draft Order

First Round
1. Fort Worth
2. Portland
3. London
4. Houston
5. Louisiana
6. Lone Star
7. Tulsa
8. Denver
9. Florida
10. Las Vegas
11. Mexico City
12. St. Louis
13. Charleston
14. Jacksonville
15. Baltimore
16. Queen City
17. Vancouver
18. Atlanta
19. Fort Worth
20. Portland
21. London
22. Houston

Second Round
23. Louisiana
24. Lone Star
25. Tulsa
26. Denver
27. Florida
28. Las Vegas
29. Mexico City
30. St. Louis
31. Jacksonville
32. Vancouver
33. Atlanta
34. Fort Worth*
35. Portland*
36. London*
37. Houston*
38. Louisiana*
39. Lone Star*
40. Tulsa*
41. Denver*
42. Las Vegas*
43. St. Louis*
44. Jacksonville*

Third Round
45. Atlanta
46. Fort Worth
47. Portland
48. London
49. Houston
50. Louisiana
51. Las Vegas
52. St. Louis
53. Jacksonville
54. Atlanta
55. Fort Worth
56. Portland
57. London
58. Louisiana
59. St. Louis
60. Fort Worth
61. Portland
62. St. Louis
63. Fort Worth
64. Portland
65. St. Louis
66. Fort Worth

Fourth Round

67. Portland
68. St. Louis
69. Portland
70. Portland

  • * Can take a secondary position in the second round, but must take a primary position sometime before the conclusion of the fourth round, unless their final pick in the first four rounds is in picks 34-44.