SFL Communications

June 17, 2020

The Simulation Football League will have five days of draft next week that will provide unprecedented access and immersion, including five-person panels in every round and live feeds from participants all over the world. Starting Sunday, over 100 rookies will be drafted onto teams through the draft that will turn living rooms into war rooms and unforgettable moments as players hear their name called on national television. Players, General Managers and fans will be a part of the broadcast for the first time, through improved online technologies that can accommodate this large of an undertaking.

“We are revolutionizing the way fans engage and consume media,” said Commissioner Cameron Irvine. “Our live look-ins to players and owners will provide further access to viewers into the depths of the SFL and just how many people are involved in it. I cannot wait for the presentation of this draft and all it will be able to offer – our biggest innovation to date.”

Mike Daggs will host rounds 1 & 2 Sunday and Monday night. Round 1’s panel will include Chris Curtis, Mike Improta, Eddie Gauge and rookie Benji Mattson, who will be able to provide perspective on teammates, the minor league experience and what he is feeling throughout the night about his player’s future and others. Round 2’s panel will include Liam Crowter, Robert Garrett Jr., Gerald Giudicessi and Tim Hackett.

Michael Truilo will hosts rounds 3-5. Round 3-4 (Tuesday) panel includes Andy Hamilton, Eddie Gauge, Robert Garrett Jr. and Tim Hackett while the supplemental draft will kick off Friday night with Truilo, Colin Northrup, Hamilton, Stephen Hacker and Mattson.

Round 6-7, Saturday, will be hosted by Stephen Hacker, with panelists Northrup, Crowter and Giudicessi.

One rookie drafted has a chance to win a spot on Saturday’s panel! Contact Irvine to express your interest. Look here for the updated draft order.