SFL Communications

June 16, 2020

The Simulation Football League has hired Annapolis Navigators rookie Jeff Gagne to head it’s new Digital Content department, which will combine the beat team and the audio/video creators into one, cohesive unit of collaboration and creation.

“Our community has exploded with enthusiasm this off-season of which is unprecedented,” said Commissioner Cameron Irvine. “It is more important than ever to embrace the content people create around the league, show them support and provide a place all their hard work can be recognized by the community. Whether it’s content for your player, your team or the league as a whole – we appreciate your passion and enthusiasm.”

Gagne, 33, works in academics in New Hampshire and is a part of the largest rookie class in league history – over 200 draft eligible players. He established the Sim Draft Database this off-season (among other works) that took draft coverage to a whole new level.

“My goal with this position is to give the content creators of this league an organized and structured venue in which to share their work going forward,” Gagne said. “This community has so many creators making high quality content about the league that I want to help it been seen. I have no aspirations to attempt to replace Ray, only to push forward the work he had begun.”

Ray Bentley and Matthew Slinn held this position prior, but it only included beat writing. The Multimedia team had one past director, Gus Schultz, but went dormant after Season 13 as the focus shifted necessarily to television production and execution. With this merger of departments, the league will be creating three different alert channels in Discord and a community playlist on our YouTube content, where all video content in these areas will be made available to channel subscribers through the playlist.

Content alert channels on Discord, for written works, podcasts, audio recordings and video:

Player Content – content creators produce about their player
Team Content – content creators produce about their team, players on their team or the team they play for
League Content – content creators that produce content about players and teams they do not play for

All content and news releases produced by the league will be posted in leaguealerts. Updated broadcast schedules will continue to be posted in broadcastalerts, along with notifications about when the league goes live with official content.

If you have interest as a content creator or ideas for content you think the league would like to see, please contact Jeff Gagne – @jeffberg92 on Discord – as we develop this new vision over the coming weeks.