SFL Communications

June 5, 2020

The Simulation Football League has revised the draft order, with a shortened fourth round due to player spots available. The signing freeze is set for June 14. That will lock in the draft order one week ahead of Round 1, Sunday June 21 at 7 p.m. ET. All SFL veterans must be signed to a team by 11:59 p.m. CT on Saturday June 13 (Director of Player Personnel must have approved the contract by this time, for the signing to be in, in time) to be on opening day rosters. If a veteran player does not sign by this date, the next opportunity to sign will be after Week 1.

The following outlines the draft trade process:

  • No 1-for-1 trades will be accepted
  • The value of a pick traded decreases the further back in the draft you go (i.e. trading a 1st and a 2nd round pick in exchange for a 3rd round pick will not be accepted)
  • With a set draft order available on June 15, teams can begin submitting trade hypotheticals or legitimate trade proposals with other teams to league staff in order to understand what would or could be approved on draft night. Trades will not be official until draft night and on draft night both teams must confirm the trade is still a go in that DM or a new DM conversation with the parties involved, the Commissioner, the Director of Player Personnel and the Deputy Commissioner.
  • Teams can have multiple trading partners
  • If a team does not need a draft pick prior to the signing freeze on June 14, then the pick will be reallocated, as they have already in the revised draft order, per previous league draft rules. If a team receives an extra pick they don’t need during the draft, the team will be allowed to retain that pick in order to trade it away up until that team signs its 17th player, in which the pick will be reallocated to the back of the draft.
  • If a team does not make a selection, that team’s pick is reallocated to the back of the draft
  • Teams cannot make trades with teams once those teams have 17 players. Once a team has 17 players, they are removed from the draft process for the first four rounds
  • There are no trades in the supplemental draft. The draft order of the supplemental rounds 5-7 will be determined based on salary cap after Round 4.

Rookie Draft schedule:

Round 1 – Sunday June 21, 7 p.m. ET, Eleven Sports/For the Fans

Round 2 – Monday June 22, time TBD, YouTube

Round 3 & 4 – Tuesday June 23, time TBD, YouTube

Round 5 – Friday June 26, time TBD, YouTube

Round 6 & 7 – Saturday June 27, time TBD, YouTube

SFL Rookie Draft order, as of June 14, 9:26 p.m. CT:

First Round
1. Fort Worth
2. Portland
3. London
4. Houston
5. Louisiana
6. Lone Star
7. Tulsa
8. Denver
9. Florida
10. Las Vegas
11. Mexico City
12. St. Louis
13. Charleston
14. Jacksonville
15. Baltimore
16. Queen City
17. Vancouver
18. Atlanta
19. Fort Worth
20. Portland
21. London
22. Houston

Second Round
23. Louisiana
24. Lone Star
25. Tulsa
26. Denver
27. Florida
28. Las Vegas
29. Mexico City
30. St. Louis
31. Jacksonville
32. Vancouver
33. Atlanta
34. Fort Worth
35. Portland
36. London
37. Houston
38. Louisiana
39. Lone Star
40. Tulsa
41. Denver
42. Las Vegas
43. St. Louis
44. Jacksonville

Third Round
45. Atlanta
46. Fort Worth
47. Portland
48. London
49. Houston
50. Louisiana
51. Las Vegas
52. St. Louis
53. Jacksonville
54. Atlanta
55. Fort Worth
56. Portland
57. London
58. Louisiana
59. St. Louis
60. Fort Worth
61. Portland
62. St. Louis
63. Fort Worth
64. Portland
65. St. Louis
66. Fort Worth

Fourth Round

67. Portland
68. St. Louis
69. Portland
70. Portland