By Ashley Jackson (A.J. Stryker)

Community Ambassador, Ahley Jackson, is an extremely busy woman around the SFL. Read this interestingg insight to find out more about her day to day life. You may not be surprised, it’s extremely busy!

This is “A Day in the Life” of your Community Ambassador, Ashley Jackson,  A.K.A, AJ Stryker.

I wear many helmets in the league. I am quarterback and General Manager of the Arizona Scorpions, involved with the Beat Writing team, Social Media, and stats teams, and I may even try my hand at broadcasting this season if possible. I am also a podcaster for the SFL as well.

I do enjoy the different things that I do around the league as it keeps me busy and involved; but for right now, take a walk with me as we explore what being a GM and podcaster entails for our community.

My day usually starts off with a kiss and hug from my children, sending me off on a great path. I make breakfast for my family and we sit and eat at the table and discuss plans for the day.

Once I put my GM helmet on, I start off by logging into Discord and checking all office channels for daily tasks. I check in with my Front Office staff members to ensure that all tasks are being met for the day or the week. Eddie Gauge gives me instructions on what we need to focus on, then we get to it. I also check in on our locker room to make sure that the team is doing okay, and then I start my day proper.

Mana Kanaka has been a wonderful asset in his new role as Co-General Manager. He has helped so much this offseason when replacing the vital pieces that we lost through free agency and retirement. When I find myself having questions about General GM stuff, player builds or salary cap inquiries, I ask for guidance from Eddie Gauge, BJ Loveless and Tiberius Bovine, and they are always there to help me understand as this is my first time taking on the full GM role.

Then I check the Rookie Big Board, SFLsubscription pages and rookie check-in page to track all of our prospects and possible free agents that we can add to our team. I DM the ones that are of Interest, and set up a small office room so we can conversate and gauge interest.

After that is done, I work on projects like clearing the progression sheets and rechecking historical stats for our entire team. After that,, I check the locker rooms and general chat for interesting conversations and track player activity.

Next, I switch over to the podcast helmet. My first task is to find a quiet place to record with little to no interruptions. My second task as a podcaster is to gather all of the information that I will need for my recap. That usually means game stats, Player of the Game and I also search for hot topics on our website and in Discord to talk about, adding content to the podcast.

Then I check my DMs for people that want to have an interview. Sometimes, there are one or two people and other times there are five or six people that want to speak to me. I schedule them and then on that day I set up my PC and my blue yeti mic for recording. I sometimes record from Discord, but if I find that it is in need of maintenance, I will call the interviewee and record that way. For the members of the community that live in different countries, I have to record a bit differently. I send them the questions and they record their answers, then they send them back to me. I then record the questions and play their answers during the recording so it sounds like they are on the phone with me.

After the interview is done, I record my portion of the podcast. Then I add background music, arranged segments and rename them. Once that is done, I choose a title and write a description and finally, publish .

After that, I swing by chat to say ‘Hi’ when I can and then I get offline for a while, hang out with my family, make dinner , and spend quality time with the people I love. Finally, I rest up for another day in our great community…unless I can’t sleep, then I find myself in chat or working on projects.