SFL Communications

May 25, 2020

The Simulation Football League today reveals it’s All-Star Game format for Season 14: What if the SFL had conferences? The 20 teams from last season were separated into two, 10-team conferences – East and West – and players were selected purely on performance by Commissioner Cameron Irvine. Coaches selected for the game verified rosters and had the opportunity to champion for players who did not make the initial cut.

The West will be coached by Arizona’s Eddie Gauge and Portland’s Jacob Bouvette while the East staff includes London’s Liam Crowter and Ottawa Cavalry Head Coach Jimmy Galvez, honored by the league for Ottawa’s impressive start in the minor league. Uniforms were designed by zelly, a user part of King Javo’s Discord server.

“The All-Star Game rosters and format are always a couple of difficult decisions in the off-season,” said Commissioner Cameron Irvine. “No matter what format the game takes, people will always feel deserving and slighted on either side. Every season we change the format. Some in the community feel like it had become too much of a popularity contest. It’s a lot harder to have that contest when the numbers and team performance speak for themselves. The community also clamors for conferences, but for scheduling purposes conferences don’t make sense in-season for us right now. The All-Star Game helps bring those wants to life as well, even if just for a game and coastal bragging rights. We have a lot of talent in the league and I look forward to seeing all these players in action.”

The All-Star Game will air on Eleven Sports and For the Fans Sunday May 31 at 5 pm ET. The game has been awarded to The Hive in Atlanta, for their Season 14 Championship victory and the East team will be the designated home team for the event. Only players still active in the SFL are included in the game.

Tuesday, the league is also expected to announce the revised dates for SFL Honors and the Schedule Release Show, whether the events will be on television depends on when they will take place. The league will make these schedule update announcements in #leaguealerts through Discord.

SFL All-Star Game Rosters

QB – JAX – Christian Christiansen (No. 1 in passing yards, No. 1 in TDs)
QB – ATL – Marcus Dunhill (No. 1 in yards per attempt, No. 1 in QBR)
RB – ATL – BDG Hollewood (No. 1 all-purpose yards)
RB – BAL – T-Roy Gaines (No. 1 all-purpose touchdowns)
FB – FLA – JW Doyle (No. 2 rushing yards, No. 1 rushing TDs for FB)
WR – QCC – Stephen Hacker (No. 1 receiving yards, No. 2 receiving touchdowns)
WR – JAX – Ken Gossett (No. 1 receptions, No. 2 receiving yards, No. 7 receiving TDs)
WR – FLA – Stephen Bush (No. 3 receiving yards)
WR – ATL – Siege Falco (No. 5 receiving yards, No. 3 receiving TDs)
WR – CAR – Harish Prasad (3 KR TDs, T-most in the league w/ highest average)
TE – FLA – EJ Mincin (No. 1 receiving TDs amongst TE)
TE – CHI – Shann Varner (No. 5 receiving yards, receiving TDs)
DE – QCC – Jeff Duffy (No. 1 in sacks, TFL)
DE – FLA – Alex Dominguez (No. 2 in sacks, No. 7 in TFL)
DT – LON – William Davidson (No. 3 in sacks, No. 2 in TFL)
DT – ATL – Joshua Williams (No. 6 in sacks, TFL)
DT – JAX – Hunter Norwood (No. 3 in TFL)
LB – ATL – Aquantis Shyne (No. 3 in total tackles)
LB – CHI – Clint Hendershot (No. 4 in total tackles, 22 combined TFL and PD)
LB – QCC – Avry King (No. 3 in pass deflections, 23 combined TFL and PD)
LB – NOP – Levant Irvine (No. 6 total tackles)
LB – CAR – Forrest Stark (21 combined TFL and PD, top TFL)
CB – JAX – Michael Sprous (No. 1 in pass deflections)
CB – CAR – Zane Doty (No. 1 in INT)
CB – CHS – Kaladin Holley (No. 1 in tackles amongst CBs, played on top pass defense)
SS – NOP – Tank Bennett (No. 1 in SFL in total tackles)
SS – QCC – Kappa Jones (played on No. 2 pass defense, more INT yds than anyone, 1 TD, 16 combined TFL-PD)
FS – CHS – Josh Riese (No. 5 in INT, No. 2 in defensive TDs)
FS – BAL – Giovanni Bolt (No. 2 punt return average, punt return TD)
K – CHI – Anthony CeCe (29/29, most made without miss)
P – FLA – Marcus Agrippa

QB – STL – Jonny Pichler (No. 1 in fewest interceptions, No. 2 QBR)
QB – VAN – Tom Pepper (No. 5 in passing yards, No. 3 YPA, No. 3 TD)
RB – SXF – Colin Hart (No. 1 rushing yards)
RB – VAN – Sudo Nakai (No. 1 yards per carry, No. 1 rushing TDs)
FB – MXC – Phoenix Jones (No. 1 yards per attempt for FB, tied for all-purpose TDs)
WR – VAN – Brett Killian (No. 1 receiving TDs)
WR – MEX – K.L. Barrett (No. 6 in receiving TDs)
WR – HOU – D.R. Sim (No. 10 in receiving yards)
WR – ARI – James Hands (No. 13 in receptions, No. 11 in receiving yards)
WR – SXF – Gunner Lewis (No. 5 in yards per reception, one of five WRs to average 1.0 TD per game or higher)
TE – MXC – Mike Daggs (No. 1 receiving yards, No. 4 receiving TDs amongst TE)
TE – STL – Cody Scott (No. 2 receiving yards, TDs amongst TE)
DE – TUL – Berto DeMoura (No. 5 in sacks, No. 8 in TFL, 3rd in tackles amongst DE)
DE – VAN – Kvein Brackett (No. 4 in tackles, TFL amongst DE)
DT – VAN – Lee Adama (No. 4 in sacks, No. 5 in TFL)
DT – STL – Shane Masters (No. 4 in TFL)
DT – LVF – Rhett Sawyer (No. 9 in TFL)
LB – TUL – D.J. Majesty (No. 2 in total tackles)
LB – ARI – B.J. Loveless (No. 4 in total tackles)
LB – SEA – Slinn Shady (No. 6 in tackles amongst LBs, 20 combined TFL and PD)
LB – HOU – Rodney Panani (20 combined TFL and PD plus a TD, 2 INT and 2 FF)
LB – VAN – Brian Craven (21 combined TFL and PD plus 2 INT, 3 FF)
CB – ARI – Mana Kanaka (No. 4 in interceptions)
CB – HOU – Everett Garrison (No. 8 in INT)
CB – STL – Evan Arthur (No. 1 defensive TDs)
CB – STL – Drew Really (No. 3 defensive TDs)
SS – LVF – Max Jackson (No. 2 in INT, No. 2 in forced fumbles, defensive TD)
SS – SXF – AJ Levye (No. 4 punt return average, punt return TD)
FS – VAN – Marc Lopez (No. 8 in pass deflections, 3 KR TD)
FS – DEN – Josh Vasquez (No. 3 in INT)
K – DEN – Kramer Jackman (26/26, long of 54 following 7 for 7 performance)