May 24, 2020

SFL Communications

The Simulation Football League owners approved a proposal originally drawn up by Commissioner Cameron Irvine, then later revised with team input, that allows for more flexibility for players who are taken in the fifth round and beyond of the SFL’s Rookie Draft process this off-season.

Owners approved the proposal 19-2. Commissioner Irvine met with a group of over 50 rookies as well late last week to discuss the proposal to gauge reception of the possibility.

“In review of the process for incoming players, a lot of the opportunity at value and/or positioning is hard to come by, with rosters so full,” Irvine said. “Players understand that not everyone will get to achieve everything they want with their player right away, due to demand. It’s a grind and properly simulates the hard work that it takes to become a great professional player, outside a few fluke opportunities where everything falls right into place. The SFL always strives to improve when it can and this is an improvement to the players who will not really a part of team salary caps this season as the league transitions with a larger, new staff and rosters to 20 players per team.”

The revised rule set for players taken in the Supplemental Draft:

  • Players selected in the supplemental draft at positions they did not play in the minor league, will be able to continue banking value to those players while playing and progressing their current SFL player. A successful progression of their SFL player secures the week’s banked value.
  • At the end of the SFL’s progression period, the user would be eligible to sign with any team either at their SFL position or their SFLm primary position.
  • Any user who gets released during the season would only be able to sign the following season to the position selected as in the SFL, or retire the player and start the process over.
  • Once they make a decision, they will be locked in to that position for their career and can fall under the traditional player position change rules.
  • Players who are not actively playing in SFLm should opt out if they prefer to play a specific position. If taken in the supplemental draft, they would not be able to be drafted again. All other rookies will automatically be opted in to the Supplemental Draft.

The SFL’s draft process this season will include seven rounds and will start next month after the conclusion of the SFLm postseason.

  • Three full rounds and one partial fourth round of players to get teams to 17 players. Draft is ordered by last season’s finish.
  • Three full rounds to expand roster sizes to 20. Only teams with remaining cap space that have offered max value to every player on the team will be able to apply banked value to drafted players. Draft is ordered by cap space remaining.