Andy Hamilton
Banner Image by Andy Hamilton

Each day that I wake up, I spend a good portion of my day working on SFL Matters, be it one way or another. While also working a full-time job, this can get tricky, and involves usually being able to manage and operate with a high level of focus and multi-tasking. This is how I like to operate as a person, and while it means I get to wear a lot of hats and help the league, I want to preface this Day in the Life by saying that I don’t expect or want anyone to look at this article and think “I’m not doing enough.” A lot of people work hard to make this league what it is, and my way of doing so just means being involved in a lot of assets. It’s what I love to do.

I first got up around 7:45 AM and checked and reset a sim I have been running for this week, testing something for Vancouver I cannot mention [EDITOR: I tried! He won’t say.]. After re-setting the sim, I go back to bed. I officially woke up on FA Signing Day at around 8:30. I spend the first 15 minutes of my day everyday reading Discord-Twitter-Instagram for any content that is popular from the night before. By 9 AM I’ve made coffee and have hopped on a work meeting that happens weekly as well as have checked the sim I had set up around 8, and started a new one. The call lasts from 9-11 AM. I’ve prepared and schedule a FA Opening Graphic on Twitter for 9:30 AM the night before and it posts without me having to lift a finger. I do by hand though send the same graphic on Instagram. At 9:30 AM I sign Vancouver’s first Free Agent, Robert Redford, to the team. I’m ecstatic to have Robert to fill a hole in the backfield. He will fit incredibly well in my offense, and is such a nice guy off the field – a perfect fit for the Legion.

9:45 AM I get a video file for work and begin editing it. I work on this off and on throughout the day in between different league and work tasks. By 10:30 AM I finish graphics for Re-Signings from the night before and submit them to the league to be distributed. From 11 AM – Noon I work solely on the video for work.

At noon, Cameron Irvine is about to go live for the first Free Agent Signing Show. At the time the show starts, Marcus Dunhill hasn’t processed a single contract, and Marcus and I work hard to process and make graphics for tons of Free Agents immediately so Cam can show them on air. After the show, I make and post a graphic for Robert Redford on Vancouver’s twitter, welcoming him to the team. I then work on the video for work for another 30 minutes, and at 2 PM ET I make lunch. While eating, I finalize contracts with 2 more free agents, Nick Finch and Dan Daly. Excited to have them on the team as receiving threats for Tom filling holes left by Heath McDaniel Jr. and Craig Hearn.

At 2:30 I have another work call that lasts for a half hour. After checking the Owners channel, I have another meeting for work via Zoom at 3:30 that lasts for an hour. I edit the video for work following the call until 5 PM. I clock out from work, and the real SFL Work begins.

Marcus has piled me up some contracts to do, I make graphics from 5 PM to 6 PM. At 6 pm I decide to make dinner, in the process of preparing dinner I drop a jar of queso on the floor. It’s the tall one. I am devastated. I mourn for only a moment as alas I have to save the cheese in the jar that hasn’t touched the floor. I clean up the glass and wipe my floor clean and eat the LARGEST bowl of queso as an appetizer for dinner. By 6:45 my dinner is done. At 7 PM I engage 3 more free agents in discussions in an effort to try to fill holes on my team at LB, DL, and OL respectively. I watch some YouTube while discussing. At 8:30 I begin filing through more graphics, this Marcus guy will not quit sending me numbers. At 9 PM the second draft show starts, I enjoy the show and scorn for Free Agents to fill spots on my team. The show ends and at 11 PM I edit my roster file on my 2nd USB to the official one with my new FA’s added, I send them pictures of their players and offer for any player in my locker room to have a picture while I have the computer open. Brett Killian and Rich Pratchard get photos along with Redford, Daly and Finch. At 11:06 PM I send Commissioner Irvine a preview of the revised Social Media Guidelines asking him to look over and approve the changes before they make their way to teams. At 11:39 I am done with pictures. I enjoy talking in my locker room with free agents welcoming them onto the team. I look over my cap situation for Vancouver, and finally at 11:53 I close my computer and head to bed.

Wednesday offers me another day full of editing/contracts/ SFLM posts to make and negotiating on Vancouver’s behalf to try to fill holes of players leaving for various reasons. Just another day in the SFL.