SFL Communications

May 4, 2020

The Simulation Football League’s re-signing period will begin Tuesday May 5, launching the SFL league as a whole into the off-season. The league also announced Sunday the hiring of three new staff members: Thomas Ramen as the Assistant Director of Roster Management, Rachelle Colston as the Assistant Director of Player Personnel and Marc Hurwitz as the Director of Compliance.

Ramen will directly assist Director of Roster Management Jermaine Smith with back-end player creation and adjustments, Colston will directly assist Director of Player Personnel Marcus Dunhill with front-facing player ratings and progression rules and regulations while Hurwitz will report directly to the Commissioner, primarily with community health and engagement. All will be a part of an enhanced effort handling the over 20,000 manual points of entry that make a league of the SFL’s size possible. Since August 2019, the SFL has grown from roughly 300 discord members to 2,000, an increase of nearly 700% as TV viewership has soared to an average of 47,000 per broadcast.

“I have full confidence in our next leaders and support staff that they will make a positive impact on the SFL as a whole,” said Commissioner Cameron Irvine. “Every off-season, we evaluate our weaknesses and address them. The SFL always improves in time. Colston makes history as the first female to be hired to a support staff position and no one deserves it more than her. The work she’s done in Carolina, on the stats team and around the league flies under the radar no longer. Ramen’s knowledge of our back-end systems will be a tremendous asset to Smith and help provide much-needed support with rosters increasing for the third consecutive season.

Coming off a tremendous season, we’re poised for a fantastic off-season and a phenomenal Season 15.”

Ramen has played quarterback in Las Vegas for the last four seasons and gives the league another west-coast staff presence to counter Smith’s east-coast headquarters.

“I am excited and thrilled to be given this opportunity, I am committed to helping the Simulation Football League continue to deliver the high level of simulation football that it’s players expect and deserve,” Ramen said. “The fact that the league has filled a position like this shows the emphasis that the league has placed on accuracy and that will be my primary goal.”

Colston has played free safety in Carolina for the last two seasons and also serves as the team’s General Manager. She takes over for the departing Ryan Karpinski who is in the process of moving to a new job and a new state.

“I joined the league two seasons ago thinking that I just wanted to be a player; however, that did not last very long,” Colston said. “The SFL community is amazing. I am so excited to join the SFL league staff and to work with the new DPP. I just want to do my part in helping this extraordinary league become the best it can be.”

Hurwitz is a rookie, tapped for his fresh perspectives on the SFL as one of the many members of the Season 15 draft class. This role has been created to ensure all league members maintain a level of professionalism and decorum while engaging in league activities.

“My purpose is to keep the league’s best interests in mind and fostering a welcoming environment for all SFL members,” Hurwitz said. “All SFL members deserve the right to participate in this online community without the concern of inappropriate behavior from other members. Being new also affords me the opportunity to have all SFL members start with a clean slate. I understand that there may be a few long term issues between certain members, and I hope those can be left in the past. I guess it would be best said that the less anyone hears from me, the better they are. That said, please feel free to contact me to discuss concerns you have regarding violations of the Code of Conduct.”

Off-Season Calendar

Tuesday May 5 – Start of re-signing period
Wednesday May 6 – SFLm Week 3
Tuesday May 12 – Start of free agency
Wednesday May 13 – SFLm Week 4
Sunday May 17 – SFL Honors, Pro Bowl Rosters Announced
Wednesday May 20 – SFLm Week 5
Saturday May 23 – SFL Pro Bowl
Wednesday May 27 – SFLm Week 6
Friday May 29 – SFL Season 15 Schedule Release

Wednesday June 3 – SFLm Week 7 *Commissioner Irvine’s Birthday, COVID-19 relief support week
Wednesday June 10 – SFLm Week 8
Monday June 15 – SFLm Semifinals
Saturday June 20 – SFLm Championship (date subject to change due to TV rights)
Sunday June 21-Saturday June 27 – Rookie Draft week (dates subject to change due to TV rights)
Tuesday June 30 – Rosters lock

Sunday July 5 – Season Preview Show (date subject to change due to TV rights)
Tuesday July 14 – Rosters ready for league play, playbooks due
Saturday July 18 – SFL Season 15 Opening Weekend