SFL Communications

May 4, 2020

The Simulation Football League bi-annual owner meetings and with the conclusion of meetings, the SFL announces today a seven-round draft – one round per day, with an expected 154 draftees selected by the end of draft week. Meetings conclude with just three adjustments made to the league rule book, headlined by extra cap being used in the supplemental draft to help support teams who fail to reach cap during the off-season. Two other proposals to help teams reach cap failed.

“This live, seven day, draft event will feature world-class presentation, the presence of television multiple crews, game film from the minor leagues, player interviews and so much more, getting underway just hours after the SFLm Championship concludes,” said Commissioner Cameron Irvine. “By the time we reach kickoff of Season 15, the sheer amount of storylines we will have developed in the league will test the bounds of virtual and reality. We watched and studied the NFL Draft last weekend and are confident in our abilities to put on just as good of a show.”

The salary cap has been set at 1320 for 17 players, not including the Supplemental Draft, which will serve as rounds 5-7 of the Rookie Draft. The full procedure with draft order is outlined below. Which expansion team will receive the No. 1 pick – Fort Worth or Portland – will be determined live on air with random selection during the Albuquerque @ Birmingham game Wednesday May 6 at 3 p.m. ET on YouTube.

Rookie Draft Order (same for each round):
1. or 2. Portland or Fort Worth
1. or 2. Portland or Fort Worth
3. London (2-10) – worst regular season record
4. Houston (4-8) – worst strength of victory among tied teams (5)
5. Carolina (4-8) – worst strength of victory among tied teams (4)
6. Louisiana (4-8) – worst common games record among tied teams (3)
7. Arizona (4-8) – common games loss to Lone Star
8. Lone Star (4-8) – common games win over Arizona
9. Tulsa (5-7) – head-to-head sweep loss vs. Denver, Florida
10. Denver (5-7) – split games against Florida, Tulsa
11. Florida (5-7) – head-to-head sweep win vs. Denver, Tulsa
12. Las Vegas (6-6) – best non-playoff record
13. Mexico City (6-6) – lost in wild card, No. 10 seed
14. St. Louis (6-6) – lost in wild card, No. 9 seed
15. Chicago (7-5) – lost in quarterfinal, worst record
16. Charleston (8-4) – lost in quarterfinal, No. 6 seed
17. Jacksonville (8-4) – lost in quarterfinal, No. 5 seed
18. Baltimore (8-4) – lost in quarterfinal, No. 2 seed
19. Queen City (8-4) – lost in semifinal, No. 7 seed
20. Vancouver (8-4) – lost in semifinal, No. 4 seed
21. Sioux Falls (8-4) – lost in championship
22. Atlanta (10-2) – champion

Rookie Draft Procedure:
Rounds 1-4 will operate like a regular SFL draft, in terms of the draft order and how teams forfeit picks to the next eligible team in the order after their team is full. Only players who played in the minor league are eligible.

Trades will be allowed in all four rounds of the draft – one-for-one trades will not be accepted and trades involving other players or future draft compensation are not allowed.

If all teams have reached 17 players before the fourth round is over, this portion of the draft will end early. If some teams have not filled to 17 players, the draft will continue into further rounds, but will not include pick trading.

The first two rounds of the draft, players can only be selected at their primary position they play in the minor league.

In rounds 3 and 4, and any necessary rounds to complete team builds to 17, players can be selected at their primary builds or secondary builds, which will be submitted to the league in the next few weeks of the minor league season.

A player who had perfect progression during the minor league season is eligible for a Training Camp Bonus.

If a player is at the silver or bronze level in the minor league, that player if eligible for the bonus could sign at base silver. If a player is at the copper level in the minor league, that player if eligible for the bonus could sign at base bronze. Players at base copper with no value could not receive a bonus, but the application of their check-ins would still apply, as it does for all players who receive no such bonus.

Rookies who played or did not play in the minor league can opt in or out of the Supplemental Draft (Rounds 5-7), the final three rounds of the draft. In this portion of the draft, the draft order will be determined by your team’s current cap status, with the team furthest from the cap getting the first selection. If multiple teams have the same cap number, last season’s record will be used to determine the order.

In the supplemental draft, all eligible players will be selected at base copper (or higher if the team has not yet reached cap) and can be selected at any position. This eliminates non-contract signings in Season 15 and beyond, with official roster sizes being capped at 20 players. Instead, new players will be allocated to minor league teams, where they will continue to progress their player in the SFLm off-season, albeit at a slower rate, through the banking check-in system.

SFLm locker rooms will be more full than major league teams as minor league teams will be built out beyond 20 players with adjusted substitution sliders allowing for all players to see the field in future seasons, while getting to be a part of the locker room experience with their peers who are all continuing to build value. The league will address the possibility of SFLm expansion at a later date.

Owner Meeting results:
[New Rule] Supplemental Draft Picks will be signed using one of the following options: A – Base Copper Value. B – Left over cap space from signing the original 17 players on the team may be used to sign Supplemental Draft Picks above Base Copper Value. 51% vote needed. option B received 72.7%.
[Rule Change] QBs can use the Play Fake animation has a Low Value animation. 67% vote needed. 77.3% received.
[New Rule] Future rules enforcing archetypes or changes to existing archetypes on positions must allow current players at that position to be able to change their height, weight, and animations to fit the preferred enforced archetype, even if it is outside of the established position or archetype change limitations. Attribute ratings will follow the position change rules of ratings below the minimum being raised and ratings above the maximum being lowered. Any ratings already in the range will not be changed unless lowered for cap space. This is a one time change that can only happen in the offseason of the rule’s passing. 51% vote needed. 86.4% received.
[Rule Change] There were three ways players were effected by the Season 14 running back archetypes rule changes: 1) players could no longer go back to a previous archetype and would otherwise have been able to. — 2) players were stripped of their current archetype in Season 13, locked into a specific one. — 3) players were prevented from obtaining a specific archetype in the off-season of Season 14.

The following would be the implementation to rectify those issues (specific implementation by player is listed in the forum): 1 and 2) players who could no longer go back to a previous archetype that would otherwise be able to or a player who was stripped of their current archetype (Season 13) can return to that archetype, with the previous archetype build used as a baseline. The player’s current attribute ratings can be applied to that baseline, within the minimum and maximum allotment. — 3) players who were prevented from obtaining an archetype, when they otherwise would have been able to obtain said archetype, will be able to obtain that archetype using the players current build, adjusting as needed to fit the minimums and maximums of the selected archetype.

Player height would be adjusted the minimum requirement, up or down, needed to fulfill transition plans back to archetypes or transition plans to certain archetypes halted by the Season 14 rule change. 67% vote needed. 81.8% received.

REJECTED PROPOSALS[Rule Change] Owners will no longer be able to have players in the SFL. 67% vote needed. 4.5% received.
[Rule Change] OL can change position to TE. 67% vote needed. 40.9% received
[Rule Change] Increase max Catch rating for LB from 30 to 35. 67% vote needed. 63.9% received.
[Rule Change] WR animation will be allowed to be added to CBs and Safeties. 67% vote needed. 36.4% received.
[Rule Change] Owner Players will not be able to be brought out of retirement if they are replaced mid-season or do not start a season signed to a team. 67% vote needed. 45.5% vote received. [Rule Change] Away Teams will receive 5 additional Coach Points. A mandatory re-vote will take place next season if this proposal passes. 67% vote needed. 18.2% received.
[Rule Change] Animations will be pooled into tiers of A, B, and C. Each tier will have it’s own restriction as to how many of those animations can be added to a player. 67% vote needed. 18.2% received.
[Rule Change] RBs can use the Possession Receiver animation as a Low Value animation. 67% vote needed. 59.1% received.
[Rule Change] The Competition Committee shall only vote whether an action falls in or outside the published ruleset. Issues sent to the Competition Committee will only be decided by a “Yes” or “No” vote. Any decision which requires further clarification or rule that requires more specific definition shall be made at the discretion of the Commissioner, or if the Commissioner so determines, by a vote from ownership. 67% vote needed. 63.9% received.