SFL Communications

April 13, 2020

The Simulation Football League in conjunction with the New Orleans Pharaohs announce today the finalization of the New Orleans Pharaohs sale to former St. Louis Gladiators Head Coach/General Manager Gerald Smith. The sale was approved by team ownership earlier this month. Former New Orleans owner and cornerback Aaron Arrington announced his retirement late this week.

“The Pharaohs have enjoyed four seasons of competitive football, including a playoff appearance in their second season in the SFL,” said Commissioner Cameron Irvine. “Arrington has coached for many teams in the league during his time in the SFL and earned the second-most votes during the last wave of expansion. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has hit some harder than others. Arrington’s family and livelihood has personally been effected by the deadly disease and sometimes in life, a shift in priorities becomes a necessity. We wish Aaron and his family safety, health and prosperity and are fortunate the franchise has found more than capable hands smoothly.”

Arrington’s SFL career spans nine seasons – an eventual Hall-of-Famer, no doubt. In his career, Arrington ranks tied-fourth all-time in interceptions with 45 and is 49th in total career tackles, despite playing cornerback with 483. His 89 passes defended also ranks fourth, and most ever for a player to play cornerback the entirety of his career.

After stints in London and St. Louis, Smith is taking the next step in his SFL career. He’s keeping the team in Louisiana, the first time a SFL team has been sold to a buyer in the same state. The Louisiana Revolution, named for Louisiana’s rich history and for the struggles of Smith’s Native American Tribe – United Houma Nation, branding will be released in the coming weeks.

“As a four season veteran of the SFL, I feel honored and privileged to be apart of the ownership group,” Smith said. “It’s been a dream of mine to bring a team to my home town of Houma Louisiana, not to just represent the city but also the state of Louisiana. We will embrace the short but great history of the New Orleans Pharaohs while creating a new brand of football for Louisiana that the entire state can be proud of. We intend to create a strong team not just in name, but in players and staff alike who have the passion and drive to make this team into a championship contender. The Revolution is coming, look out for us!”

The SFL will announce two new teams – bringing the league total to a historical high of 22 – at halftime of the SFL Championship Game on April 26. Gerald Smith and Wally Herman will also join the Halftime Show to discuss their new teams. Charles Dougherty, joint owner of Lone Star, will be on the call of the title game on Eleven Sports and For the Fans.

Houma is located just an hour southwest of New Orleans and less than two hours from Baton Rouge, with news affiliates serving the Parish and many unincorporated areas adjacent to the city of Houma.