From the Commissioner’s desk,

To the entire SFL community, I know there have been many questions, concerns, misinformation and much anxiety surrounding the recent retirings of well-known players as well as the sales of two teams to two new ownership groups. Adding in two new expansion teams and a record-setting rookie class about to hit the field in the minor leagues, there has been a lot of change in the SFL in the last 60 days.

I am writing today to share with the SFL community my feelings over what has taken place and what is to come for the SFL.

The most important thing we must always remember is that this is a community made for positive experiences, enjoyment, triumph in victories, dissapointment and compassion in losses and a place that intends to enrich and enhance lives, especially during the most confusing time we all are ever likely to experience as a human race as we all do our part to fight this virus that is having an impact on all of our lives. We must come together in this time, not be drawn apart.

If you are a member of our community with concerns, you can always bring them to me or tag me in public channels if you would like the community to share in my responses. While I may not be able to respond immediately, I will always share in transparency. This league is my life’s work – ten years, my entire adult life – poured in to this product. No one wants it to succeed and be a beautiful thing than me.

With that being said, the SFL has never been stronger. As of this statement, 156 players are set to participate across eight minor league teams and will likely turn the Rookie Draft this summer into a week long event of celebrations and excitement as we head into our 15th Anniversary Season in July. Expansion voting has concluded and we’re excited to reveal the winners at halftime of the SFL Championship Game on April 26.

Television partner Eleven Sports and For the Fans spoke with me via conference call to share television ratings this season have increased 26% from 35,000 total viewers per broadcast to 47,000 total viewers per broadcast. The SFLm Championship will be broadcasted on television and the league continues to work with our partners to bring unique programming to those around the world.

The excitement surrounding our great sport has never been higher and my only wish is that everyone could – or would – stick around during this incredible time. I understand not only is that not possible in the world we’re living in today, but a growing league is not for everyone. When people feel marginalized or devalued, that is my personal failure. If you have any of those feelings, please contact me directly.

Our league has received phenomenal exposure across the country from news outlets, gaming websites and through social media – including Larry the Cable Guy’s newfound fandom. In case you’ve missed any of the features, you can watch them all with the following links below:

Tulsa (also aired in Oklahoma City)CBS ChicagoSports Gamers OnlineWGN Chicago

I am looking forward to the conclusion of an exciting playoffs and a fantastic off-season as league staff will grow, improve and always be there for you, the player and member of our great community. We pour in work hours for you, to provide you the best product we can and see our great responsibility to entertain and bring excitement to you on and off the field and enjoy every minute of it. Please stay safe, happy and healthy. Humanity will overcome and the SFL will be here to help us along the way for years to come.