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That’s all she wrote, folks! What a way to cap off a wild Season 14, from it’s inception back in December with the televised Season 14 Draft all the way up to the final seconds of DEN-JAX. Throughout it all, we’ve been keeping a keen eye on outstanding performances on-field (as Player of the Week articles are wont to do). In the coming weeks, however, we hope you will continue to join us as we transition to a look at our picks for Season 14 Honors. We’ll be taking a look at on-field awards next week; off-field and community awards the week after, and will have an article dedicated to our MVP picks after that. Before we get to any of that, though, we did just have Week 12 finish up, and with it, a plethora of players deserving of being named Player of the Week. So who exactly made it? I won’t spoil the surprise, but there’s at least one repeat in there, which only helps their case for end-of-season honors! Let’s get to it, everyone – and congratulations on yet another successful season in the Simulation Football League!

Offensive Player of the Week

KEEP ON HAMMERING. That’s the philosophy coming from the Windy City over the past 2 weeks, as they’ve captured a playoff berth and two Offensive Player of the Week awards – both for receiving superstar Liam Hammer! The Sledge was on point once again this week, with 9 catches for over 240 yards and 3 touchdowns. His longest was a 74-yard reception, pounding ground all the way across Hollywood Boulevard. Chicago hosts the St. Louis Gladiators in the first of our two weekend Wildcard games, and if he keeps it up, Liam could very well be hammering himself together a Season 14 Championship case. Congratulations, Liam!

Honorable Mention

Our Honorable Mention for OPOTW has been a vital part of the league in more ways than just being a player on the field, but it is his on-field performance that definitely helped outshine all the rest this week. He is the “Purple Chair Lover” and “Human Bulldozer” Mr. T-Roy Gaines, running back of the Baltimore Vultures. He effectively helped his team win with 19 carries for 210 yards and 3 touchdowns. and his longest run was 64 yards. His ability to plow through defenders as if they were standing still has always been one of his strong suits, and as they enter the playoffs, Gaines will make his team one of the top contenders for the championship. Congratulations T-Roy!

Defensive Player of the Week

The smoke was all Evan Arthur’s this past week against the Carolina Skyhawks. Arthur helped capture himself Defensive Player of the Week with his 7 total tackles (4 solo, 3 assisted) as well as 2 picks. While at a glance those stats might not seem impressive, keep in mind one of those picks was a red-zone interception returned 92 yards for a touchdown. Arthur’s performance on-field has helped push the Glads into their first-ever postseason seeding; they face the Chicago Wildcats in the first game of the Wildcard round. Offensive and Defensive POTWs meet up – it’s going to be one heck of a game. Congratulations, Evan!

Honorable Mention

Let the games ‘Begin”! Honorable Mention for DPOTW is Mr. Albert Begin, Free Safety of the Queen City Corsairs. In their statement win against the Arizona Scorpions, he was able to help his team dominate having 11 solo tackles and 2 assisted, as well as 1 pass deflection and four – count em, f-o-u-r – interceptions. Impressive performance by a force not to be reckoned with! Playoff teams better watch out because Begin takes the field, all bets are off. Congratulations Albert!

Special Teams Player of the Week

You knew he was going to get a nod eventually with a contract of that size – I’m just surprised it took til the end of the season to have Gabriel Manning win Special Teams POTW! Manning was a shining star in the Knights’ loss against the Chicago Wildcats, fielding 9 kicks for an astounding 310 yards, including a 104 yard long return touchdown. Yet another accolade to add to the growing list for the former Pro-Bowler, Manning’s ability to stymie the best Special Teams plays may eventually cement him as the best returner of all time. For now, however, it’s enough to get him Special Teams Player of the Week. Congratulations Gabriel!

Honorable Mention

Special teams Honorable Mention is the one and only Mr. James Troll, kicker for Queen City Corsairs. His outstanding performance helped his team seal the deal with a great win over Arizona. He made 4 out of 4 field goal attempts, with his longest attempt was 44 yard. Using that diamond leg of his, he is sure to help his team make it deep into the playoffs and possibly beyond! Congratulations James!