SFL Communications

April 3, 2020

The inaugural SFLm season will kick off Wednesday April 22 – in just 19 days time – and the schedule for the first season is complete. The 32-game regular season will kick off in Boise with Commissioner Cameron Irvine on the call of the historic opening game between the San Jose Flight and the Boise MudDogs.

Action kicks off at 3 p.m. ET, starting the first of eight Wednesday quadrupleheaders on the calendar.

“We’re really excited to bring more SFL football to our community and subscribers,” Irvine said. “We look to expand our broadcast crews, create non-traditional commentary formats and do a little rookie scouting along the way. Most importantly, SFLm will entertain and give unprecedented depth to our operation and player experience.”

Boise is headlined by Fox Highwind at running back, the top-rated player in SFLm looking to make a splash in the league next season. The MudDogs are coached by Robert Garrett Jr. San Jose is backed by Devin King – the top-rated linebacker in the class, with a coaching staff led by Brian Craven.

Other Week 1 matchups include:

Ottawa Cavalry @ Birmingham Fuel (4/22 5 p.m. ET) – Michael (RB), Beth (WR) and David Horrell (OLB) represent three of six Horrell’s in the minor league and play for the Fuel, welcoming quarterback Jimmy Vasquez and Ottawa to the south.

Madison Lynx @ Annapolis Navigators (4/22 7 p.m. ET) – The league’s top quarterback, Derrick Majors, begins his minor league season on the road at the Navigators, led by wide receiver CJ Arthur.

Lincoln @ Albuquerque (4/22 9 p.m. ET) – TE TJ Punk and his slime green uniform will be glowing as the Atoms host QB Jay Cue and the Rattlesnakes.

All SFLm games are scheduled for the SFL’s YouTube channel, outside of Week 7, which will be on the SFL’s Twitch Channel. Every Week 1 matchup will feature a Week 8 rematch, allowing teams the chance to right the wrongs from opening week. The league is negotiating possible television appearances for SFLm, but nothing has been finalized. Four teams will make the playoffs and the Championship Game will be broadcast the weekend prior to the start of the SFL Rookie Draft.

Non-traditional broadcasts:

During afternoon games, the SFL is planning plenty of alternative broadcast styles for mid-season contests. Here’s a sneak peak into formats for later in the season –

  • Both head coaches will be mic’d up the entire game, calling out what’s happening to their team’s in real time.
  • Some of the most veteran team owners will give rookies a history lesson and compare SFLm stars to players and performances of old.
  • The league’s top coaches will breakdown film in real time as the game stops for replay study, showcasing the art of play-calling in the SFL.
  • On-camera reactions from players and coaches on each team will bring a new level of immersion to broadcasts.
  • First-time broadcasters will get their chances to shine ahead of the league’s 15th Anniversary Season and possible future television opportunities.
  • SFL owners will stop by to talk about their off-seasons, what they’re looking for in the draft and what or who they’re most excited about in the new rookie class!
  • Birthday celebration with Commissioner Irvine (Week 7, June 3) all day long! Irvine turns 29 and wants bit gifts! 100 percent of proceeds will go to Nurses House, who has partnered with the American Nurses Foundation to help nurses nationwide affected by COVID-19. Through July 31, 2020, Nurses House will be accepting applications from RNs, LPNs and LVNs who are unable to work due to a COVID-19 infection, caring for a family member with COVID-19, or are under employer mandated quarantine.

Full schedule (game times TBD):

Week 1 (4/22)

Lincoln @ Albuquerque

Madison @ Annapolis

Ottawa @ Birmingham

San Jose @ Boise

Week 2 (4/29)

Albuquerque @ Annapolis

Birmingham @ Boise

Lincoln @ Madison

Ottawa @ San Jose

Week 3 (5/6)

Annapolis @ Lincoln

Birmingham @ Albuquerque

Boise @ Ottawa

San Jose @ Madison

Week 4 (5/13)

Albuquerque @ San Jose

Boise @ Lincoln

Madison @ Birmingham

Ottawa @ Annapolis

Week 5 (5/20)

Albuquerque @ Madison

Annapolis @ Boise

Birmingham @ San Jose

Lincoln @ Ottawa

Week 6 (5/27)

Annapolis @ Birmingham

Madison @ Boise

Ottawa @ Albuquerque

San Jose @ Lincoln

Week 7 (6/3)

Boise @ Albuquerque

Lincoln @ Birmingham

Madison @ Ottawa

San Jose @ Annapolis

Week 8 (6/10)

Albuquerque @ Lincoln

Annapolis @ Madison

Birmingham @ Ottawa

Boise @ San Jose