Jack Brown, Jett Zero, Merrick Itera, Mike Improta, Ray Bentley
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Week 11 was a beautiful bit of stage-setting for what should be a glorious final week in the 14th SFL regular season. First, though, let’s appreciate and recognize:

MAJOR MILESTONES: Back in Week 7, The SFL Beat Team recognized #80 Demond Simien, aka D.R. Sim, (now in his 10th season) as becoming the first wide receiver in SFL history to reach 12,000 yards. Last week against the London Knights, not only did he score two touchdowns and help his team keep their playoff chances alive, he became the ALL-TIME LEADER with the most touchdowns scored by a wide receiver in Simulation Football League history with 90 Total TDs! This was a record held for the last four years by James Cooley (who himself had 88 TDs). Congrats to greatest wide receiver in league history! The DR has officially checked-in!

Another incredible accomplishment also goes out to the Quarterback of the Chicago Wildcats. E.T. King has now recorded over 25,000 total passing yards in his illustrious career! Congrats to the King of Chicago!

Consider the match-ups that still lie ahead. The SFL Game of The Week – Florida Storm at Mexico City Aztecs, Denver Nightwings at Jacksonville Kings, Tulsa Desperados at Charleston Predators, Atlanta Swarm at Las Vegas Fury, St. Louis Gladiators at Carolina Skyhawks…

The table is still missing a few items to become completely set. Except for the Atlanta Swarm, who are a lock for the #1 seed, every team is jockeying for either a better position in the playoff standings or still trying to make it into the top 10! There are five teams in the playoffs at 7-4 (BAL, CHS, JAX, SXF, and QCC). Then there are 6 teams fighting to make the post season with a record of 5-6 (FLA, MXC, TUL, DEN, LVF, & STL). Many have asked about conferences. Forget about conferences…just the best teams in the league battling it out for SFL Supremacy! This is what we have been waiting for – the final week! EVERYTHING IS ON THE LINE!

I guess what we’re trying to say is, you should NEVER…EVER Stop watching the Simulation Football League, no matter what. Consider it unsolicited advice from your friendly neighborhood SFL Power Rankings Team.

It’s the FINAL week of Season 14! For some, the end could not have come sooner. For others, it’s just the beginning! Let’s get to it …



Atlanta Swarm*
10 - 1
Still on top and it feels so good. Atlanta has taken the league by ‘storm’ in Season 14, dominating nearly every team they face. Since their lone Week 4 road loss to Baltimore, the Swarm have been on an absolute tear, winning 7 straight and hoping for their 8th this weekend when they travel to Vegas. This buzzing blue man group fields the 5th and 3rd best offense and defense in the league, respectively. And their triple digit positive net points stat is nothing to sneeze at either. Atlanta’s crushing home win against a visiting Skyhawks unit secured them home field advantage throughout the entire S14 post-season, which is huge. Seeing as the Swarm have gone 6-0 at home this season while outscoring opponents 194-108, there’s a good chance we see them at the big dance at the end of April. Atlanta’s deadly combination of QB Marcus Dunhill’s arm (107.0 QBR), WR Siege Falco’s hands (11 TDs), and current SFL scrimmage yards leader (1,910 yards, 16 TDs) RB BDG Hollewood may just very well be an unstoppable offensive force this post-season. Watch out SFL, we may just be looking at our new Simulation Football Champions. Fun Fact: Speaking of Marcus Dunhill, he currently tops the charts in most relevant statistical categories for a quarterback, namely completion percentage (2nd), yards per attempt (1st), TDs (3rd), interceptions (2nd), and QBR (1st).


Vancouver Legion*
8 - 3
(▲ 2)
Despite losing two straight games, Vancouver stays put in the #2 spot this week. (Who’s paying these beat guys, anyway?) Their dominant offensive play and 97 net points on the season have demonstrated sufficient aptitude, and hence their justification for this ranking. Although just narrowly missing out on a chance for the top seed in the playoffs this season, the Legion can still solidify their stance of the #2 seed and a bye with a win this week on the road in Sioux Falls. Easier said than done, I know. Vancouver needs to get back to basics on defense after allowing an average of 41 points to be scored against them over the last three weeks (two of those games being losses, one of which a 55-point debacle). Here’s the skinny: the Legion has the #1 offense in the SFL based on total yards and points scored per game. And because of that, they will coast into the playoffs with a good shot at making the finals. But if HC Andy Hamilton is unable to shore up the league’s 2nd worst secondary and stop the bleeding, they won’t have a good chance to take down the other offensive juggernaut sin this league, namely Atlanta and Baltimore. There’s still time to course correct here, but the change should start in Sioux Falls.


Jacksonville Kings*
7 - 4
(▲ 3)
After starting the season at 6th on this list and dropping to as low as 10th back in Week 6, the Jacksonville Kings have ‘roared’ back to the 3rd spot on this here rankings list. (over/under for how many times the beat team has used that pun this season? Here’s to looking at you JAX stats team) And really, who ever doubted these guys? When you throw the ball 600 times a season, how can you lose? I digress, but the fact remains that the Kings are once again a Top 5 team in this league and headed for post-season heartbreak glory. Funny how these guys have never won the whole enchilada, am I right? That could very well change this season with steady-as-a-rock Christian Christiansen under center and top talent all over this roster performing to a high degree week in and week out. It doesn’t hurt to have playoff game experience, either (they have made the playoffs 8 out of 9 seasons since the franchise’s inception in Season 5, and making the last 6 straight). With a juicy home match-up against Denver to close out the regular season, anything is possible for the Kings heading into the playoffs. Once thing is for sure, I would not want to have to face these guys in Jacksonville come playoff time.
Charleston Predators*
7 - 4
(▲ 3)
The Predators look like a team ready to make a run. Sunday's 52-7 thrashing over the Pharaohs appears workmanlike on the surface, but a closer examination shows a Charleston team gaining strength on both sides of the ball. Overcoming road losses in Weeks 9 and 10, New Orleans did little to slow down Running Back, Keith Swearingen, who rushed for 298 yards and four touchdowns! The defense was even better. Pharaoh’s QB Xander Gold was held to 155 passing yards, and Reggie Streeter only had 60 yards on the ground. The Predators have allowed 1 touchdown to opposing offenses in 6 games this year, and they get the challenge of trying to stop Deacon Nickens, Sonzo Robinson and Company at home for Week 12. Jack Brown continues to lead the unit with 99 total tackles and Rookie Defensive End Yogi Barr has 6 sacks and 11 tackles for losses on the line. The secondary bolds well with Free Safety Josh Riese’s team Leading 8 interceptions and Strong Safety Jack Hoffman’s 7. Charleston is an all-around solid presence, and this 7-4 team is headed to the playoffs. There are 5 teams bunched together with matching records, so a much-needed victory would help their cause. Tiebreaker scenarios - who cares? The Killer Whales have punched their ticket ... and do you really want to face this versatile team on a windy day in Charleston? So much of the credit for this success belongs to Alan Armatys and Johnny Bravo, who managed to keep this team consistently on the hunt. This team is hungry, and it believes.
Sioux Falls Sparrows*
7 - 4
(▼ 2)
The Sparrows suffered a painful setback on Sunday in Sioux Falls, where they had the opportunity to take control of a top five playoff seeding but were instead dealt a 35-17 loss to the Kings. The Birds fall back to seventh in the standings and are now in a 4-way tie with teams who are 7-4. With a win in Week 12 at Liberty Park along with a bit of luck, they still have a chance to finish fourth or fifth, but if they play like they did against Jacksonville, they might fall even further to the eight-seed. The Sparrow offense was able to run well with Colin Hart and Jaylin Wells combining for 179 yards on the ground, but it was not a good day for the usually reliable, Julian Tyree. Tyree was intercepted four times and that was the key flaw to stopping the flight of the yellow and black. The Sparrow Quarterback only completed 50% of his passes and was held to an anemic 186 yards and 1 touchdown. Their passing offense ranks last in the league averaging only 208 yards per game. Although the Sioux Falls Defense was able to come up with four interceptions, they were, “plucked” by Jacksonville’s QB, Christian Christiansen. The King’s QB threw for 334 yards and 3 TD passes and completed 75% if his attempts going 33 out 44. Despite the set-back, South Dakota's team remains secure, having already clinched a spot in the playoffs, but need a ‘Win’ to end the season with a strong close. The Sparrows play host to a tough Vancouver team who has lost its last two. The Legion will be fighting to stay inside the top-3 of the standings and the defense of the frost will be doing its best to freeze the water in Sioux Falls. Defensively, the Sparrows need to protect their nest and get back to playing like the #6 ranked defense in the league. On Offense, the running combination of Hart and Wells has been a revelation, but Tyree is the key to everything. Currently, he ranks last in the SFL in passing yards and only has 14 passing TDs on the year. He better be ready for the Ice Storm to hit in Week 12.
Baltimore Vultures*
7 - 4
(▼ 4)
Was the final week of the season when the Vultures were supposed be flying back to Baltimore with their wings spread wide and bellies ‘full’ from eating the ‘eyes’ of the Florida Storm? The Week 11 forecast in Florida was wrong, and the only carcasses left were Baltimore’s. The scavenger’s were hunting, but the hunt was one to be desired because the backfield was trying to find T-Roy Gaines for the entire game. This bird was ‘vultured’, only rushing for a dismal average of 1.6 yards per carry on 16 totes, totaling a miserable 25 yards. After compiling 10 total TDs over his last 6 games, this by far, was Gaines’ worst performance of the year as he was also held out of the endzone. QB, Mike Dazzo completed 83% of his passes for 267 yards and 2 Touchdowns, but it wasn’t enough ammunition to overcome the Storm’s powerful defense. The score was tied at the half, 10-10. It was still tied after three, 13-13. In the 4th Quarter, the weather changed…dramatically, and Florida Fullback, J.W. Doyle exploded out of nowhere like lightning being influenced by small objects on the ground. Doyle played his best part as the ‘Human Hurricane’ who the Vultures couldn’t catch. The Fearsome Fullback ripped through the Baltimore ‘D’ for 116 yards and 2 touchdowns, dominated the final quarter of the game, and scorched the Buzzards with a harsh 27-20 defeat. Vultures are amazing birds, but they are often misunderstood. Learning just how unique these birds are can help you better appreciate their place in the SFL. They’re a team who has flown themselves in the post season, and they are still circling for prey. In week 12, they fly home to feast on the rotting corpses of the New Orleans Pharaohs. Will they be able to paralyze the dead, or does it continue to rain in Baltimore?
Queen City Corsairs*
7 - 4
(▼ 2)
Here's the biggest concern coming out of Queen City for this week. Did Monday night's 26-13 loss to the St. Louis Gladiators expose the ceiling of the Season 14 Corsairs as a good team with a great defense that is destined to lose a low-scoring game in the playoffs because the offense can't hack it? Quarterback, AJ Caswell has been a nice story this season, but his limitations as a passer were laid bare against a St. Louis defense that intercepted him four times and kept him from throwing a touchdown pass until the waning minutes of garbage time when the game was already over. Pro-Bowl Wide Receiver, Stephen Hacker was a non-factor and the running game from Fullback Jett Zero was only able to produce 30 yards on 13 carries. In fact, the highly coveted first round rookie’s running output for the season, has added up to a lackluster 2.9 yards per carry (206 carries for 601 yards). Defensively, QCC sacked Pichler 6 times which was more than acceptable, and Jeff Duffy continues to climb the SFL ladder as one of the best Defensive Ends to ever take the field, but the Queen City Defense was never able to get the rest they needed, and the offense wasn’t able to score. The Gladiators showed just how vulnerable the Corsairs are if you can get ahead and force Caswell to try to beat you. Put in that position on Monday night, the man who steers the ship could not answer the call. Their final game has the 4-7 Arizona Scorpions travelling up to ConPro Field. They look to sharpen their swords and gather a win, or will it be a sinking ship heading into the playoffs?
Chicago Wildcats
6 - 5
(▲ 2)
A reminder never to count out or dismiss the Wildcats. Chicago has had an up and down season. They were coming off a difficult defeat in Denver, but when this team needed to win, they found a way. It was the hometown ‘Cats who showed no fear against a surging #1 ranked rushing offense and the #1 ranked rushing defense of the Seattle Tyrants. Chicago held-off two Seattle scoring opportunities early in the first quarter when Linebacker Buddy Blaze picked-off a pass in the endzone, and on the next Tyrant possession, Safety Ron Hoff came-up with another Interception in the endzone to give the Thunderdome crowd something to ‘roar’ about. The first quarter ended the same way it had started with the score tied 0-0. The second quarter was when the Wildcats exploded, jumping out to a 28-7 lead to end the half. Congratulations to Chicago’s Quarterback, ET King who has now thrown for over 25,00 yards in his career, along with his best passing game of the season, with 392 yards and 5 TD passes. Four of those touchdowns went to the Player of the Game, week 8 signing, Wide Receiver Liam Hammer (7-133-4) who has had an incredible start to his young career. The Chicago Wideout has delivered 20 catches for 6 TDs in just 4 games, (Watch out DR Sim!). The defense has made improvements with rookies, Strong Safety, Ryan Yoseph who has 38 tackles and 4 INTs in 4 games, and Defensive Tackle, Raymond “Bone Crusher” Jones III who had his breakout game of the year, adding 3 sacks. It's a massive victory that gives the Wildcats an ‘inside track’ to securing a Top 10 finish and claim their spot in the post season. It was also a big game for Chicago’s offense who was able to open it up through the air. Their defensive unit held the Tyrants scoreless in the first quarter and got two game-changing plays on the interceptions which altered the course of the evening. Here's a reminder that Head Coach, Shann Varner has had a plan since week 8 when he landed 5 new impact players. Now, the Leader of the Wildcat Pack, known as “Destruction,” has his ‘Cats heading into the top half of the SFL. Their final game of the regular season has them hosting an abolished London Knights team with a record of 2-9. The Chicago Wildcats are getting ready to sharpen their claws with an opportunity (to possibly host a playoff game in the first round) and pounce at the playoffs, and it’s just at the right time.
Mexico City Aztecs
5 - 6
Hosting their old foe, the Florida Storm, at home to earn their post-season position. Mexico City finds themselves in a somewhat un-comfortable position this week; sitting just outside the post-season cut-off. If they win, they’ll be fine – but, if they lose… then their season comes to a close. Now, Ramos has captained his ship through all sorts of regular season storms… but the Storm his squad faces this weekend is a different type of situation altogether from what he’s used to. As the clouds darken in Mexico City in concert with Sunday evenings games approach, lesser teams might shrink under the extra intensity this coming matchup carries with it… but not the Aztecs of Mexico City. Their players are all experienced veterans, not shaken by the flash of lightning or the boom of thunder. With both of these organizations demanding no less than a championship every season, expect Ramos and Mighty to treat this game as the 1st round of the playoffs, because that’s exactly what it is for these two perennial post-season participants – and there is only room for 1 of them to continue past their showdown.
St. Louis Gladiators
5 - 6
(▲ 5)
Cracking the Top 10 for the 1st time – Could this be the season they make it into the post-season?! They travel to Carolina to play the Skyhawks to find out if this is the season of destiny.

Finally - after seasons of planning and campaign after campaign ending in failure – the Gladiators of Saint Louis have battled their way through the 14th Season of the SFL and stand on the precipice of post-season glory! Vanquishing yet another foe this past weekend, the Gladiators have put themselves in position to be playing for the SFL crown in a few short weeks. The last task set before them – to travel to the East Coast from their fortress in the Midwest and battle the Skyhawks of Carolina. Cline and Co. seem to be right on the edge of breaking through into the contenders conversation with an offense that has been more consistently lethal and a defense that surprised many passing attacks as the season progressed. A win at Carolina alone wont guarantee their spot – they’ll need the help of Lady Luck as they pay close attention to the other contests this weekend… but the Gladiators have fought and clawed to get here, and that is a victory in and of itself.
Las Vegas Fury
5 - 6
(▲ 2)
It’s a Win and your In scenario for the resurgent Fury against the Top team in the league… can they beat the #1 Team in the league for the 2nd time this season? They host Season 14’s Buzzsaw – The Atlanta Swarm – but when the Fury meets the Swarm, fireworks are sure to be expected.

Once again, the Las Vegas Fury gear up for a Week 12 showdown to determine their post-season fate. If this seems familiar to you, you’re not wrong – the Fury have made a habit out of rising from the ashes to snatch a post-season spot in season’s past, and here they are, at it again. This time, though, they’ve got a helluva mountain to climb in facing the #1 team in the SFL; the Atlanta Swarm. ATL and LV have a history - Las Vegas has never beaten the Swarm since their inception in Season 11 – and both teams feature similar attack strategies on offense and defense. Their match-ups always feature Top 10 plays… but this season, the buzz from Atlanta has been honed into a buzzsaw and they’ve ripped through almost every opponent they’ve faced en route to a 10-1 record. Reminiscent of the Mongol Hordes, Atlanta’s mix of defensive gang tackling and offensive quick strike ability has proven mostly unsolvable, though the Fury have shown a much more aggressive side of themselves on defense in the past few weeks. For the Swarm, it’s a post-season tune up game – a chance to try out some new schemes and get their playbooks cleaned up for the next challenger… but for the Fury – their post-season lives hang in the balance. As the Swarm approaches, Max Jackson’s team will have to play their best game of the season, but they know they have the ability to do so – it wasn’t so long ago that they were facing a similarly fearsome foe who arrived heralded as the best in the league. The Fury rose to the challenge, and they’ll be ready to take their shot on Sunday.
Denver Nightwings
5 - 6
(▼ 1)
Playing for their Playoff lives – keeping the repeat dream alive the hard way – by facing the Jacksonville Kings at Home to kick the door down and announce their return to the post-season.

Jeremy Vega has done a fantastic job of righting the ship this season, as Denver experienced an uncharacteristic free fall in the 1st half of this season. They seemed out-of-sorts, at times, as if something was just off in the Nightwings gameplans… but they’ve been aggressive in making the changes necessary to bring them back into title contention and they sit mostly in charge of their own fates at this point. After all of the adjustments, they’ve almost pulled it off - but the Kings of Jacksonville have something tangible to play for this week, too – and they’re not concerned with “repeats” or “comeback stories”… they’re concerned only with the Crown, and a win against Denver ensures a Top 6 seeding and home-field advantage for at least the start of their own playoff path. Don’t let the records fool you – this game will feature 2 of the Top 10 coaches in the SFL, and each one will have their squads ready to go for what will end up being the most important game of the year for both of them.
Florida Storm
5 - 6
(▼ 1)
The Storm have a Billy Fuccillo matchup this week down in Mexico City (look it up). As you may have read in the corresponding Zero Guarantees article, both the Aztecs AND the Storm have their playoff berth streaks on the line this Saturday. Both sitting at 5-6, the loser will be effectively eliminated from playoff contention; and if you’re the Florida Storm, that would be a first in the team’s 6-season history. Essentially, with a loss on the road this week, it would be a franchise low for Owner/HC “Mighty” Max Paul after having claimed three straight titles from Season 10 through Season 12. Those are some fairly large big shoes to fill and some high expectations for Storm fans across the country. Also, being the current holders of the Unofficial Season 14 Championship title, a loss this week would strip Florida of that title as well. So to reiterate, HUUUGEEE game for the Storm this week. The good news is that the defense has been holding strong all season. The bad news is that the offense HASN’T and has cost them numerous games. Let’s see if the Florida brass let league veteran QB Ron Cockren sling the football around in Mexico. That may be their only chance of keeping this game close. And if they can’t get the job done, the SFL scribes can rejoice in the number of “How the Mighty Have Fallen” puns they will be able to justify in subsequent articles. Brace yourselves!
Tulsa Desperadoes
5 - 6
(▼ 6)
You win some, you lose some - but what a terrible time for the Desperados to drop one, at home, to the previously-defeated Mexico City Aztecs. Now both teams are tied with 5-6 records and the Desperados will need a bit of luck to push into the playoffs. Deacon Nickens was, once again, a monster through the air, with 205 passing yards on 21 completions... but also 3 interceptions and 36 attempts. Sonzo Robinson was, technically, the most efficient running back on the field all night, with an average of 4.6 yards per carry... but didn't cross Hollywood Boulevard once. If the Desperados want to stamp their postseason ticket, they'll need to get Sonzo going in the red zone, and they'll need to better protect Deacon Nickens and give him time to make more accurate throws. With their last match-up on the road against the league's best defense in the Charleston Predators, that's a quite the ask for this Tulsa team. Any given Sunday, though. They did beat Mexico City on the road - and in the SFL, anything is possible. Saddle up and aim true, Desperados.
Houston Hyenas
4 - 7
(▲ 3)
If that game isn't the definition of "nail-biter" I'm not sure what is, as I have approximately none of my nails left. With the London Knights leading 7-17 at home going into the 4th, things looked grim for the Houston outfit. Never say never, though - especially when you've got former Offensive Rookie of the Year Kentez Johnson and Hall of Fame receiver D.R. Sim. As mentioned above, their chemistry hit its stride in those final 11 minutes, not only putting the Hyenas over the top for the game but also making Sim the most productive wide receiver of all time in the Simulation Football League, with 90 total touchdown receptions. Unfortunately for Houston, they have been mathematically eliminated from the postseason; but that could be a blessing in disguise, as next week they travel to Seattle in the lone game of Week 12 that will not factor into final postseason seeding. Without the burden of expectation on either team, this could well be one of the most exciting games of the season - and with Kentez and Sim gelling so smoothly, we fully expect him to add to his already historic touchdown total, or Ray Bentley will eat his shoe!

[EDITOR: You guys, I'm not eating my shoes, for the last time]
Arizona Scorpions
4 - 7
Now we arrive to the other end of the Desert Duel of Death. The Scorpions came in equally desperate for the victory over the Las Vegas Fury, but it was most certainly not to be. Arizona threw 5 interceptions on the day, with one taken the other way for a pick 6. Interceptions have always been an issue for the Scorpions, with quarterback Ashley Jackson sitting firmly in the Top 5 of interceptions in the league at 29. However even with that the Scorpions out-gained Vegas by a few yards. At the end of the day, the Scorps fell 23-7 and now find themselves in a predicament. They need a win to even have hope in the playoffs; even then, they need a boatload of puzzle pieces to fall just in to place. They sit with NOLA with a whole laundry list of requirements to get in. But - step one, win. The place? Queen City. It won't be easy, but then again, who ever said it would be?
Seattle Tyrants
3 - 8
(▲ 2)
The Tyrants played a valiant game against the Chicago Wildcats this past weekend, matching yard-for-yard through the air E.T. King, and pulling almost double yardage from Zack Sandlin than the Wildcats got out of Ash Odom. What exactly happened, then? While offensively the Tyrants were clicking, defensively they just couldn't find an answer for Liam "The Sledge" Hammer, who clocked 4 receiving touchdowns past the Seattle secondary. Now with a 3-8 record, Seattle is one half of the only game this weekend that has absolutely zero playoff implications. That's.. a bittersweet sentence to write about the former Championship Game contenders, who were officially eliminated from postseason contention with their slip to 7 losses. With nothing on the line, the Tyrants can play their final game of Season 14 free of burden against the similarly-aligned Houston Hyenas. May the best team win.
New Orleans Pharaohs
4 - 7
(▼ 5)
Oh NOLA oh NOLA. After beating the Preds in their crib by a score of 20-17, you'd think that the Pharaohs would be able to once again play Charleston close - even if it was in South Carolina. Instead, if I were a teacher and NOLA was my student, I'd have to hand this game back to them upside down to avoid humiliation. Unfortunately for them this game was on national TV and NOLA got beaten down to the tune of 52-7 at the fort. That's right - 52 to 7, with that 7 coming in the dying minutes of the game once CHS had their backups in. NOLA was outgained on the day by Charleston's run game alone, with the defense allowing Keith Swearingen 300 yards on the day in one of the more lopsided beat-downs in SFL history. So now the question turns for NOLA: where do we go from here? There isn't any real meaningful time to turn around what was exploited by the Preds to dump 42 points on them in just one half. But all hope isn't lost for the leaders of Egypt. They still have a shot at making it in to the big dance. Although the chances are extremely slim, and it's all predicated on if they beat Seattle, who is just trying to limp out of the season relatively unharmed. Chances are they win, but now that I've jinxed them, you never know.
Carolina Skyhawks
4 - 7
(▼ 2)
The Skyhawks feel like a team on the brink of success, and perhaps by this time next season we'll be asking where they'll be seeded instead of which prime draft selection they'll get. To be fair to Carolina, they ran headfirst into the #1 seeded brick wall known as the Atlanta Swarm this previous week, and while they were able to put 24 points on the board, Atlanta had their number from the get-go, with more than enough on the scoreboard by the half to take the W. The Skyhawks have been eliminated from postseason contention with 7 losses, but that doesn't mean that they still can't influence the playoff picture themselves in their final game this week. They return to their roost to take on the hopeful St. Louis Gladiators; a win would most certainly eliminate the Gateway City from a spot in the top ten. Will Carolina come out on top over the #1 draft pick and spoil the Gladiators' best-ever season? The smoke, as it were, has yet to clear. Who wants it more?
London Knights
2 - 9
The London Knights, despite a strong showing against the Houston Hyenas, lost in the fourth quarter by a single point, after having led for three previous quarters. Jason Williams was a bright spot for London, averaging 5.8 yards per carry and even breaking away for a 36 yard long dash, but it was his backup that was able to break the plane in the second quarter. Gabriel Manning only had two receptions all night, but one of them was the other touchdown for the Knights. JT Delaney was also on-point in both of his field goal attempts, putting 6 on the board for London as well. While the game ended in a heartbreaking loss, there are plenty of silver linings to take heart in, whether it be the 3 more minutes of possession, or their 5 sacks against Kentez Johnson. London travels across the pond for the final week of Season 14 to take on the Chicago Wildcats; a win there could very well spoil the Windy City's hopes for playoff contention. With nothing but glory for Queen and Country left to play for, the Knights have a very real chance to do that.