Ashley Jackson, Ray Bentley
Banner Image by Andy Hamilton

Ladies and gentlemen, we have one single remaining week left in the Season Fourteen – and what a ride it’s been! The final seeds for the postseason are once again up in the air, but more certain are our choices for Players of the Week, who blew past the competition to help secure their teams a win, and in some cases, kept the dream alive for at least one more week. With just one week remaining, only three more Player of the Week awards remain to be given out before we divert our energies to the postseason and SFL Honors. Until then, though, we celebrate the heroes on the field for Week 11!

Offensive Player of the Week

I was originally going to try and appropriate the Peter Gabriel song “Sledgehammer” for Liam Hammer’s efficient, quality-over-quanity Offensive Player of the Week nod, but it turns out that is best left to Jack Brown’s more capable hands. Speaking of capable hands, look no further than “Sledge” himself, who took the hammer to Seattle’s defense by way of 19.0 yards per reception and four – count em, four – touchdowns. His performance alone helped ensure the Tyrant’s extinction, putting Chicago over the top. It also won him the Week 11 Offensive Player of the Week award.

Honorable Mention

Being able to blow through your opponent as if they were stationary is a great way to #makeanimpact on offense. That’s exactly what our first Honorable Mention, Mr. Keith Swearingen, running back for the Charleston Predators, did to help his team win in a major way. He put in work with 34 carries for 298 yards and four touchdowns himself. His longest run was 62 yards. Strength. Speed. Power. Swearingen. Congratulations Keith!

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention one of our long time veteran, Hall Of Fame player Mr. D.R. Sims , wide receiver for the Houston Hyenas. In a photo finish win by one point against the London Knights, the Doctor was in with 12 catches for 165 yards and 2 touchdowns. Sim’s longest reception was 26 yards. He also set the All-Time record for having touchdowns, now with 89. D.R. has shown us that the sky is the limit as long as you have drive and passion and that..he does. Congratulations D.R.!!

Defensive Player of the Week

There’s a saying in Vegas, but I’m not allowed to tell you all what it is, because everything that happens there is required by Sin City law to stay there. Fortunately, Max Jackson gave the business to Arizona on the road this week, helping to capture a much-needed win this week with his standout defensive performance. While one of his picks resulted in a touchdown, that was only icing on the cake, as his efforts to stymie the Scorpions held them to a single touchdown all night. Enjoy the win, Max, and enjoy your Player of the Week status!

Honorable Mention

Despite the loss to the Houston Hyenas , the London Knights has a player that was effective enough to get the nod for DPOTW’s Honorable Mention. Defensive Tackle Mr. William Davison had 5 tackles, 1 assisted, and 3 sacks. Congratulations William!

Special Teams Player of the Week

What else remains to be said about the championship-winning kicker from the Denver Nightwings, Kramer Jackman? Well, without his fifteen points he added to Denver’s score against the Vancouver Legion, the Nightwings were looking at a 14-27 loss. Jackman’s monstrous and untiring leg are almost guaranteed points for the Mile High squad, and his heroics are more than enough to capture Special Teams Player of the Week!

Honorable Mention

Our special teams runner up looks great in the clutch, and that is Kicker Kole Varner of the Mexico City Aztecs. He came through with 4/4 field goals and is longest kick was 46 yards!  Keep up the great work! Congratulations Kole!