SFL Communications

March 30, 2020

The Simulation Football has assigned over 100 new players to SFLm, getting set for kickoff Wednesday April 22 and has established processes for the upcoming draft in June.

“Our focuses are on getting as many players their first choice as possible, first thing in SFLm,” said Commissioner Cameron Irvine. “While not everyone will ultimately get to play their top position in the majors, that’s what this whole minor league is about. Proving yourself, competing and getting in position to be drafted into a great situation. I can’t wait to see what these players have to show on and off the field.”

The SFL Rookie Draft is likely to have at least five rounds of selections in June in a week-long event. Players will use banked value prior to April 1 to construct primary builds. Draft-eligible players will be required to submit builds for at least two other positions than the one they play in the SFLm season. For primary offensive players, one of those positions needs to be on defense, ensuring there are enough players at each position in the draft pool. Completing all weekly checkins starting on April 4 through the SFLm Championship Game eligible for the next base contract tier in the draft, applied by the drafting team as Training Camp Bonuses. Base silver is still the max cap value a drafted rookie is eligible for.

The first two rounds of the draft, players will only be able to be drafted at their primary positions played during the minor league season. In later rounds, primary and secondary builds will be eligible.


Mike St. Green QB
Paul Slaughter QB
Connor Weston RB
Joey Rags FB
Eagle Mondavi WR
Carter Heidt WR
Michael Potter WR
TJ Punk TE
Wolf Justice DE
Roland Parrott OLB
Carson Miller ILB
Chris Stach CB
Kamran Shaw CB
Chad Nevels SS
Taco Sicario K


Cameron Curtis QB
Scott Johnson RB
Hugo Reynosa RB
Greg Soto FB
A-Star Miramontes WR
Christopher Ochoa WR
CJ Arthur WR
Alex Daniel TE
Nelson Lozano OLB
Erich Hammer ILB
Jahrad Brodie CB
Hayden Williams FS
Solomon Caine SS
William Richardson K


Ben Stone QB
Kairo Martinez RB
Michael Horrell RB
Beth Horrell WR
Zak Ley WR
Riley Quintero WR
Kooper Hawk TE
Alex Legrove FB
Vernard Patterson DT
David Horrell OLB
BJ Robinson OLB
Bob Funk CB
Geralt Winkler FS
Ralgar Lawe SS
Nico Cappucino K


Tyson Cooper QB
Spencer Gordon QB
Fox Highwind RB
Mark Martin WR
Matt Iorio WR
Charlie Sweets WR
Delaney Nash TE
Butch Mennor T
Buggy Mosley DE
Clay Jones ILB
Gary Marx OLB
Rosca Santigria CB
Thomas Smith FS
Nick Rhodes SS
Sammy Steele K


Jay Cue QB
Bryant Dynasty QB
Luther Gond RB
RE Mills FB
Jae Moss WR
Nathan Barnett WR
Tony Hall WR
Marc Hurwitz TE
John Marshall OL
Chris Porter DE
Kathleen Horrell OLB
Tommy Zanardi ILB
Ben Stackinpaper CB
Eric Gugger FS
Alexander Ramsey SS


Derrick Majors QB
Ezekiel Love RB
Katherine Horrell RB
DJ Hume WR
Mike Twinscrew WR
Paul Dillavou WR
Phil Kos TE
Billy Ray Valentine DE
Danny Stinson OLB
De’Ante Stoneville ILB
DJ Gainer CB
Leo Jefferson CB
Nate Haul FS
Julian Valliere SS
Caleb Thornton K


Jimmy Vasquez QB
Kevin Seay RB
Stephen MacMichaels RB
Chris Cosmiac FB
Benjamin Warner WR
Art Vandelay WR
Jean Valentine WR
Leonard Butler Sr. TE
Nate Garner C
Cam Frosby DE
Austin Heath OLB
Derwin Vallarin ILB
Mo Austin CB
Dakota Johanson FS
Shaud Allen SS


Ace Fenech QB
Dustin Zeck RB
Laura Horrell RB
Doug Britton WR
Abraham Isaac WR
Varadin Zharkov WR
Ricky King TE
Sheppard Valkarian T
Erik Surrett DE
Gary Clem ILB
Devin King OLB
Ryan Owens CB
Zac Holldorf FS
Adam Jones SS
David Siefert K