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Once again, I need think before I speak, as I lamented the community’s besting our pick’em in their WhoYaGot. Well, we went 8-2 last week, putting us but just one game behind the community’s total record. With three weeks remaining, the race is indeed tightening, but I do not intend to lose it… and that’s a Zero Guarantee! Speaking of, we also have those for you, fresh and new, so enjoy the Week 10 Zero Guarantees!

Vancouver Legion 34
Houston Hyenas 14

Saturday, March 21 | 9:00pm EST [Twitch]
Broadcasters: Colin Northrup | Rick Northrup

When D.R. Sim asked if anyone laughed when Vancouver took two O-Linemen in the Season 14 Draft, he was no doubt recalling his own memory of the event. Unfortunately for him and his Hyenas, it's no longer a laughing matter - and worse yet, they're now matched up against those very same Caudills. The simple fact of the matter is, this isn't going to be a very pretty matchup. Vancouver has more than double the points for (330) than Houston does (156), and more passing touchdowns than the Hyenas do in total. If Houston is going to have any chance at all against the playoff-bound Legion, it'll be in their tied-for-fourth best run defense in the league, which has only allowed 5 rushing touchdowns all season long. We'll see who has the last laugh once Sudo Nakai and the Caudills have their say, however - and we're banking on it being from the folks up North. Vancouver by at least 2 scores.
Arizona Scorpions 23
St. Louis Gladiators 30

Sunday, March 22 | 3:00pm EST [FTF]
Broadcasters: Chris Curtis | Steven Mullenax

As we enter the 10th week of the 14th season of the SFL, many teams are in ‘win now’ mode. With the post-season just three weeks away, teams closer to the bottom of the pack are fighting for their lives; Arizona and St. Louis are two said teams. At 3-6, the Scorpions closed the door on achieving a winning season weeks ago, even with their close victory at home against Carolina last week. Although no team is mathematically eliminated from the playoffs just yet, its hard to imagine a scenario where Arizona makes the post-season, especially if they suffer another loss this week in St. Louis. Speaking of, the Gladiators aren’t faring much better at 4-5, just behind the current 10th seed Mexico City Aztecs. From a 10,000 foot view, St. Louis is a stronger team and in much better position at holding on to a potential playoff spot, especially considering they play at home this week. So the question is, who has more to play for in this contest? And let’s not count out the Scorpions under HC Eddie Gauge; remember, he transformed a struggling Houston defense last year en route to the most unlikely playoff berth perhaps in SFL history. One thing is clear: the loser in this one will probably be watching the playoffs from the couch come April.
Mexico City Aztecs 31
New Orleans Pharaohs 37

Sunday, March 22 | 5:00pm EST [FTF]
Broadcasters: Eric Vinson | Cade Stephens

The second best offense takes on the ninth best offense this Sunday as the Aztecs travel north to New Orleans. After coming off a close but tough loss last week against Baltimore, the Pharaohs are back to the drawing board, working to decode head coach Ramos’ offensive and defensive game plans. With all of their offensive firepower in the passing game, it will still be a difficult ride for Xander Gold and company to keep up with their defensive shortcomings, as Mexico City drops an average of 31 points per game on opponents this season. Fans from both franchises should expect a shootout in this one for a chance to catapult their team into post-season glory. One question for the Aztecs will be: can they tighten up the defense to not also allow 31 points to be dropped on them. It’s hard to believe that MXC in Season 14 is currently holding on to a negative point differential in Week 10, but here we are. And really the biggest question of this blurb: Can either of these teams remain in playoff contention after this week? Come Monday morning, the future will look just a bit sunnier for one of these teams. Any guesses as to who we think its going to be?
Charleston Predators 17
Florida Storm 20

Sunday, March 22 | 7:00pm EST [FTF]
Broadcasters: Stephen Hacker | Dan Mitchell

I've got a great pitch for a particular cable network: there's this Storm, see, and it's surging in Florida, and it happens to pick up a pod of killer whales whom then wreak havoc on the general area. We'll call it.... Predators / Storm. Ok, that was maybe the worst lede I've ever written, but this one is a hard nut to crack, making my mind jump to a variety of other things. Charleston lost a sure-bet game against a revitalized Mexico City last week, while Florida took to the road and convincingly blew past the Tulsa Desperados. Now that Ron Cockren's back at home, expect to see some of the swagger he showed in Oklahoma appear against the Predators. If the Predators can shore up their 2nd best defense in the league, expect this to be a slugfest, but we think that the winds of change are blowing southerly, and past the Carolinas.
Atlanta Swarm 16
Queen City Corsairs 20

Sunday, March 22 | 9:00pm EST [FTF]
Broadcasters: Cameron Irvine | Charles Dougherty

What's the buzz on this game? Atlanta has been riding high atop the Power Rankings for the past few weeks, with no thought of the Curse of First striking at any time. And really, with having clenched a postseason berth (along with the Vancouver Legion), why would they be worried? Well, for one, this week they're nesting in the hull of a pirate ship, who themselves are on the cusp of the postseason, seeking entry yet again. Queen City currently boasts the best defense in the league, and has 30 more net points than the Swarm. Worse yet for Atlanta, these swashbucklers are hungry for a W so they can aim for supremacy in the postseason. This game will be an important one, for both teams, to be sure - but in the end we think the Corsairs will be a little bloodthirstier, and will be swashbuckling their way to a possible 5th championship when all is said and done.
Tulsa Desperados 20
Baltimore Vultures 35

Monday, March 23 | 7:30pm EST [FTF]
Broadcasters: Mike Daggs | Matt Willson

Ahh, Tulsa at Baltimore; a match-up between two franchises trending in opposite directions in Season 14. After a promising first six weeks of football, the Desperados have dropped their last two out of three with arguably their toughest game of the season upon us in Week 10. Although they currently boast a winning record, with upcoming road games in Baltimore and Charleston, don’t expect that to be the case by the end of the season. With the lowest SOV of any team in playoff contention, the Desperados are going to have to make a big statement over the next three weeks to provide their fanbase with a little more comfort as they try to make a repeat appearance in the post-season. The Vultures, on the other hand, are well... the Vultures. Dazzo and the gang consistently make it look easy week in and week out, and I don’t expect THIS week to be much different. The only thing we are really still paying attention to is where Baltimore will decide to roost in the playoff seeding come April. Following this contest, I predict it will be another notch higher. But hey, you never know; Deacon Nickens has been known to stun teams on final desperation heaves in the past.
Chicago Wildcats 16
Denver Nightwings 17

Monday, March 23 | 9:30pm EST [FTF]
Broadcasters: Andy Hamilton | Ryan Caudill

Tough game to call this week. The Championship Nightwings (who are desperately holding onto that title for a few more week) play host to the visiting Wildcats this Monday night which promises to be a back and forth affair of good ol’ power football. Dueling back Ash Odom of CHI and Jarrod McChesney of DEN will square off in what hopes to be a great game in the Mile High City. Technically, with their 3-wins the Nightwings are still alive in the playoff race with a win this week and a little help. Checking the Week 10 Schedule, it seems most of the ‘In The Hunt’ teams have tough road matchups, which bodes well for Denver’s slim chances at post-season admittance. I believe run efficiency is key here for Denver, being able to control the clock and pick up yardage and short first downs will dramatically boost their chances. The Good news for Chicago is that with their regular season play to this point, they are in the driver’s seat of their own destiny as long has they can win two of their next three games. That’s not asking too much, is it? Then again, we saw how Week 1 turned out… The biggest element to the outcome of this game will be the setting; Denver has played extremely well at home so far this season, and I fully expect that success to continue this week. Wings by one.
Sioux Falls Sparrows 35
Seattle Tyrants 30

Tuesday, March 24 | 7:30pm EST [FTF]
Broadcasters: Michael Trulio | Eddie Gauge

Each team has a mirrored record coming into this Week 10 match-up, with Sioux Falls sporting a 6-3 to Seattle's 3-6. Truth be told, I think we're in for a much better game than just those numbers. Zack Sandlin is, once again, rushing like an absolute SNACK this season, boasting 215 more yards than the Legion's world-ending Sudo Nakai - and therein lies the game itself. Seattle has the best rushing defense in the league right now, while Sioux Falls is ranked fifth. On the downside, Seattle has the worst pass defense in the league, allowing 22 touchdowns through the air for the season. If Sioux Falls can get Julian Tyree going instead of Colin Hart, they'll be sitting ontop of quite the nest of W's for the season. Otherwise, expect the Tyrants to be roaring back, as they approach breaking even for the season. Still, we've gotta choose - so the Sparrows take this one home.
Las Vegas Fury 28
Carolina Skyhawks 27

Tuesday, March 24 | 9:30pm EST [YouTube]
Broadcasters: Jeff Melinyshyn | Gerald Giudicessi

The Fury are in the middle-of-the-road pack of teams all sporting a 4-5 record, along with Mexico City and St. Louis. The Skyhawks, on the other hand, are riiiiight below them with a 3-6 record; this week they have a very real chance to even up those each to 4-6. Harish Prasad has been a stud this season for Carolina's offense, cracking the top ten in yardage, but that could all change against the Las Vegas Fury's top-5 pass defense. Carolina isn't slouching defensively either, though; with a plus-five turnover differential, this could end up being a barnstormer of a game between Tom Ramen and Sully Richardson Jr. When the final whistle is blown, however, the numbers just lean in the direction of Las Vegas... and I do mean lean! So we're picking 'em to win by one. Sorry, Carolina - perhaps next week, the smoke will be yours.
London Knights 17
Jacksonville Kings 27

Tuesday, March 24 | 9:35pm EST [Twitch]
Broadcasters: Rich Pratchard | Wade Phillips

Last gasp here this week for the London Knights; saddled with seven losses headed into the final quarter of the season, the prognosis is grim. The five loss streak since Week 5 isn’t painting a hopeful picture, either. The reality of it is the Knights are tied with Houston for worst record in the SFL, and have the most points allowed and 2nd worst net points of any other team. London is on life support despite the valiant comeback efforts of FA acquisition QB Angus MaClaine and co. Unfortunately for the English outfit, the defensive unit is by far the worst in the league. It would seem that the Kings will be set to feast in their own kingdom come Tuesday night. For Jacksonville, this contest is all about furthering their lead in the playoff race and not stumbling at the most crucial point in the season. Frank Goodin’s team has played, and played well in the first three frames, and I fully expect the perennial post-season frequents to finish Season 14 strong, as well as for Christian Christiansen’s powers to be on full display this week as the Purple and Gold attack the Knight’s secondary all game. For the Red and Gold’s sake, I hope they game plan for the air raid offense. Miracles do happen! ....Sometimes….

Season 14 Zero Guarantees Record: 51-39