SFL Communications

February 5, 2020

The Simulation Football League is proud to announce that the first step to filling the new minor league, SFLm – and further growing the SFL – begins today, effective immediately, under the new subscription model for players.

345 new users have joined the SFL’s Discord community since the league’s 14th season began just 18 days ago.

Upon subscribing, all players in the SFL will receive a Discord role that coincides with that subscription, identifying players’ eligibility with league and team staff. Rookies will get to select their player position, based on the type of subscription and when it was purchased. The more pro-ready a rookie is to #makeanimpact in the SFL, the better chance that player gets to live out his or her true dream at their most-desired spot on the field.

For the first time, rookies will be able to apply their banked progression through the rookie check-in system prior to signing a major league contract, taking banked progression prior to the SFLm season and applying it to their player before he or she hits the field (using the Copper progression system) to make lasting impressions on SFL clubs. This will allow players to differentiate themselves from their competition and help provide a pool of unique player builds for teams to scout based on their needs.

All progression banked during the SFLm season leading into the draft will then be applied by the team when an official contract is awarded to the player after being selected in the draft or as an undrafted free agent.


A rookie in the SFL is eligible for all three subscription purchases. A detail of each is as follows:


Under the Prospect subscription, players will be eligible to start banking progression, will automatically receive a spot in SFLm for the inaugural season in April, will be the first rookie class to actually compile meaningful film for their draft night. Players will be able to select their position, name, number, skin tone, height and, weight and can bank progression for their player up to the base bronze value for their position.


Under the Rookie subscription, rookies get everything the prospects get, in addition to a few critical differences. With this subscription, rookies can get their stats tracked in SFLm, providing further details for interested SFL clubs and their player’s career. It will also designate the player to be officially eligible for the SFL Rookie Draft. The player’s banked progression can be applied all the way up to base silver value for their position.


Under the Pro subscription, players get everything the rookies get, PLUS only rookies with a Pro subscription are eligible to replace contracted players in the SFL when spots open up during the regular season, regardless of how many check-ins the subscriber has. Under the Pro subscription, players get equipment added and are able to progress weekly once they sign a SFL star contract. Pro subscribers will have their players featured on television during SFL games on the Eleven Sports Network and For the Fans, showcasing your player’s talents in front of an average of 35,000 fans per game!
Pro subscribers also move to the top of the list when selecting what position they’d like their player to play on the field to start their career. The faster you purchase a Pro subscription, the quicker you start #MakingAnImpact on your one-of-a-kind SFL journey!


Type ‘upgrade’ in the #sflsubscriptions Discord channel at the top of the channel listing

– From there, click the UPGRADE (username) in the bot response, which will take you to payment processing. All major credit cards are accepted for subscriptions.

– Once you have paid for your subscription, the role that coincides with that subscription will be added automatically to your Discord account in the SFL server.

*Upon each renewal, subscribers are subject to current market rate. Paying for months in advance locks the current market rate for the period of the subscription until the next renewal.*

For the first 100 subscribers, the Prospect subscription can be purchased at $1.50 per month, the Rookie subscription can be purchased at $2.00 per month and the Pro subscription can be purchased at $3.00 per month.

To play in the SFL, starting in Season 15, every veteran player will need the Pro plan.

The new subscription model does not affect Season 14 progression; however, purchasing a Pro plan can take the place of any progression not yet purchased through the old means of transactions. Bits and Paypal payments will be accepted for current SFL players through Week 12 of Season 14, and rookies can sign professional contracts in-season without a subscription through 2/21/20. After that date, all replacement signings will require a player with a Pro subscription. Interactive points purchases will no longer be accepted as payments for progression, nor for any other SFL service. PayPal is not accepted to pay for any participation in future seasons.

If players took advantage of the opportunity to buy multiple seasons of progression through the league’s Interactive points site prior to this release, all past purchases will be grandfathered in and honored – including the discounts associated with those advanced purchases as thanks for your loyalty, dedication and belief in the SFL product and your player’s long-term goals in the league.

The SFL and Simulation Football LLC has partnered with Stripe, a tech company that helps provide infrastructure to online entertainment, to handle all transactions directly through our Discord server. Our business EIN and complete details are required to use Stripe’s services, and the SFL has been approved to handle these transactions. Stripe works with all the major global enterprises like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Spotify and Kickstarter to help start, run and scale online companies.


Q: What are the advantages of paying for multiple months at a time?

A: By paying for three, six or 12 months at a time (max time frames vary by sub), you are able to lock in your rate for a longer period of time. As the league grows, we want you to be rewarded for being here first before the next generation of players finds us and attempts to grab your spot!

Q: Can I upgrade my subscription at any time?

A: Yes! If you do, make sure you cancel your previous subscription after you upgrade. If your player is without subscription, you won’t be able to bank progression or be able to sign / play in SFL competition. To cancel your subscription, type “downgrade” followed by the name of the subscription role in the #sflsubscriptions channel in the SFL Discord server. (ex. downgrade SFLm Prospect 1 month)

Q: Why can’t I pay with bits or by Paypal in future seasons?

A: The technology for automating roles based on subscriptions is very new and more payment options will be added in the future – we’re just getting started! With over 1,300 accounts to manage in our server, the SFL needed to consolidate and automate payments made by users to not only improve the communication between player and league, but also from league to team. Teams often were waiting long periods while the league manually verified each and every payment in all of the multiple forms that previously existed – with this new feature, #MakingAnImpact has been streamlined into a much easier system for ALL parties involved.

Q: What new features does the league plan to add in the coming years with this subscription model?

A: Providing players access to free Championship gear – like rings, t-shirts and other merchandise, as well as prize pools + photo galleries, player cards and more will be offered in a premium service to come for those looking for an even more detailed and more rewarding experience. Opportunities to guest on Commissioner’s podcasts, SFL roundtables and more opportunities to share your story and bask in the SFL glory are coming soon.

Q: If I’m an SFL veteran, how can I participate in the minor leagues?

A: To participate, you will need to retire your player after his or her last game in the SFL and ensure you have an active subscription to take part in the minor leagues. If you are currently not on a team, you can create your rookie and start the process at any time.

SFLm Looking for Head Coaches

With SFLm ramping up with the launch in April, the SFL League Office is looking for interested parties to fill Head Coach positions for the 8 SFLm Teams. If you are interested in applying for a position, please click the link below and fill out the application. Any and all SFL players and coaches are eligible for a Head Coach position.

SFLm Head Coach Application