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With Week 3 in the books, we find ourselves yet again figuring out our outstanding Players of the Week. Discussions were fierce this week as to how and why we recognize the players that we do. In addition to this, several offensive players definitely #MadeAnImpact this week. So much of one, in fact, that we find ourselves doing something we normally wouldn’t do, but couldn’t resist. Thanks to an almost four-way tie for Offensive Player of the Week, we have three honorable mentions instead of just one. On Defense and Special Teams, things have remained much the same as they have been, but thanks to the wild ride that the first quarter of Season 14 has been, that too could very well change in the future. Having said that – enough about how, and onto who!

Offensive Player of the Week

Mr. Sudo Nakai, running back for the Vancouver Legion, made a powerful impact on the field to help his team win, giving a master-class in rushing that helped put an already wild game away for the Great White North. an that was Mr.Sudo Naki ,Running back of the Vancouver Legion. His fantastic performance against theĀ  London Knights silenced critics over the weekend with 14 carries for 221 yards, including 3 touchdowns. While London previously held the last 2 running backs to an average of 5.5 yards per carry, Sudo was averaging a mind-boggling 15.8 yards per carry. Future HOFer? I’d say so. Kudos for Sudo!

Honorable Mentions

Seren Storm, wide receiver of the London Knights, Brett Killian, wide receiver for the Vancouver Legion, and Hunter Jones, wide receiver for the Jacksonville Kings are this week’s triplicate of Honorable Mentions. Even though the Knights lost to Vancouver, Seren Storm’s performance cannot go unnoticed, as he tallied 7 catches for 222 yards and three touchdowns. Mr. Jones of Jacksonville might not have put up the yardage, but with 24 points under his belt in one game in 8 catches, he certainly gets a nod as well. And we can’t forget Brett Killian, another potent weapon in the Vancouver offense. He broke a team record with his 86-yard reception, one of his 8 total catches for 227 yards and three touchdowns himself.

Defensive Player of the Week

Defensive Tackle Joshua Williams lived up to his team’s moniker as he Swarmed to the ball all game long. Against Mexico City, Williams had 7 tackles, 6 of which were for a loss. 4.5 of those tackles for loss were sacks! The veteran, in his fourth season, is on pace to have a great year. With a quarter of the season behind us, Williams has 12 tackles, which ties his total from his rookie season. He also has 7 sacks, which puts him on pace for 28 sacks on the year. His 7 sacks are just over half of his total of 13 from last season. Williams’ 11 tackles for loss is just 2 shy of his highest total of 13, which he’s done twice (Seasons 12 and 13). The scary thing is – there’s still 9 games to go!

Honorable Mention

Florida Storm Free Safety Ryan Tobin gets the Honorable Mention nod this week. With 9 tackles and 3 interceptions, he showed that he’ll play hard, even in a losing effort. He did everything he could and even got the second pick-6 of his career, his first since he was a rookie way back in Season 10.

Special Teams Player of the Week

I don’t think we’ve yet once featured Queen City in these articles here. This week, instead of Offense or Defense, they’re trying out a new POTW award with James Troll’s perfect foot kicking 12 points their way (coincidentally, the margin of victory against Tulsa!). It didn’t help that in addition to his perfection, his leg’s got legs on it, allowing him to find his target from even 52 yards back. The Corsairs have truly taken Troll-ing to a brand new level with their star kicker.

Honorable Mention

While he might not have found the endzone like he usually does while returning, that didn’t stop Gabriel Manning from putting up return numbers befitting one of the highest paid receivers in the league, as he fielded a staggering 8 kicks (and 3 punts!) for 220 yards!