SFL Communications

January 23, 2020

With increasing popularity of the Simulation Football League and its growing operations, the SFL will be launching SFLm, an eight-team minor league that will play an eight-game regular season starting in April 2020, the week of the semifinal round of the Season 14 playoffs. Deputy Commissioner Andrew Rastelli’s primary duties will shift into these operations, while his other focuses continue on Rookie check-ins, value and draft eligibility and off-season.

The Championship Game will conclude the SFLm run the weekend before the SFL Rookie Draft.

“SFLm will transition the Simulation Football League from a semi-annual product to a year-round product, providing game film and stats of the next, what will be the largest, rookie draft class in SFL history,” said Commissioner Cameron Irvine. “We want to ensure that new fans of the SFL have quicker opportunities to join locker rooms and begin discovering what it’s like to be on a team on and off the field, with a product owned and operated by our years of experience.”

The league will own and operate all eight minor league teams in the inaugural season. Players who sign with major league teams in non-contract roles for this SFL regular season are unaffected by this announcement. Details on leadership and coaching positions, the player assignment process, team names and identities, who is eligible to participate on and off the field and more will be announced in the coming weeks.

“With the league growing as fast as it is, we want to get as many new fans on the field as quickly as possible and is the next step to a much larger and better SFL experience that will engage players at a deeper level where they can #makeanimpact earlier, at positions that they want to play and to get more out of their rookie and draft experience from start to finish,” said Deputy Commissioner Andrew Rastelli.

The SFL will be expanding from 20 to 22 teams in the off-season. The application process for those two teams will begin towards the end of the regular season. If you’re interested in owning a SFL franchise and are currently on a SFL team, please let your team’s leadership know of your interest. Week 2 of the SFL’s 14th season starts Saturday morning on Eleven Sports and For the Fans.