SFL Communications

January 17, 2020

Welcome, SFL Nation, to Season 14. Now over 1,000 strong in our discord community, our 14th season begins tonight!

Since last season, we beefed up our staff, the Carolina Skyhawks inked a radio deal with ESPN (more details to follow), the league has set forth new initiatives in broadcast and communications media and we’re back on television for 95 more thrilling contests. We’ve added new commentators, Oklahoma City moved to Arizona, the Alaska Storm moved to Florida, the Tallahassee Pride have settled in Jacksonville as the new Kings of the city.

We had a three-round draft, with the first round on live television for the first time. I got to shake rookies hand’s when I called their name – for the first time. It is a moment I will remember for a long time and hope the smiles continue in those moments in the future. Teams have added a collective 101 new rookies and the league grew by 88 contract roster spots from last season.

Last season ended just 10 weeks ago.

Our team works incredibly hard to bring moments like tonight and every day in the SFL to you, as best as we can. As we enter into a new calendar year, 2020, on the path to our 15th Anniversary Season in the summer. As a reminder, your biggest way to show your support to the league, all season long, is to view it, interact with it and share your passions about your player, your team and the league with the rest of the community.

You get the most out of the SFL when you’re making friends, when you’re celebrating with your teammates, when you learn more about the great people that make up this beautiful melting pot of sports fandom society. No matter who you are, you’re a fan of something and in the SFL, you’re more than that to so many more people.

You’re a star, a commentator, a contributor, a team player, a friend, a teammate … a person worth knowing. A person with a story worth telling. We’ll be happy to tell it here.

Support your podcasters Ashley Jackson and Kramer Jackman – their content is phenomenal and the interviews they put together with people in the community is content worth sticking in your ears. Support the league while the game’s are on, even if it’s not your team. We have the hardest working team and I’m so blessed to call them a part of my staff. Broadcasters, coaches, owners, communication directors – they spend hours putting together a product you can believe in, you an immerse yourself in – it is one special journey and vision that I am so thrilled has blossomed into what it has become today.

It’s time to #kickit. It’s time to #makeanimpact. Good luck, Godspeed and in wins and losses may you always find the joy in one another. In a world full of darkness, be the light.

Now, let’s go have some fun.


Cameron Irvine

SFL Commissioner