SFL Communications

January 7, 2020

The Simulation Football League has finalized the details of the Rookie Showcase, the first chance rookies will get to show off their skills ahead of pre and regular season action, the former of which begins Thursday January 9.

Both games will be shown on the SFL Network on Twitch Wednesday January 8. The first game will air at 1 pm ET with Cameron Irvine and Eddie Gauge and will feature the Terraboone Crusaders facing off against the Lafourche Lancers. The nightcap at 10 pm ET will return Irvine to the call with rookie Gerald Giudicessi providing analysis and will feature the No. 1 and No. 2 overall draft picks playing for the Houma Revolution, up against the Detroit Steel. The winning uniforms were voted on by the community prior to the Pro Bowl.

Terrabonne Crusaders – uniform gallery: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipMq5ZYFNtGU1mz4lNLGyTYYfDXOxLoUJoRsAiIWgCbhaOPcu1n20XsefO-dlwBmOw?key=eGhuMkJ1UDcwTnowSUIySjUweXdiSWJnZzFUd2NR

FB Jett Zero (8th – Queen City)

WR Mac Chimah (18th – Baltimore)

WR James Manzi (44th – Queen City)

TE Dax Lewis

TE E.J. Mincin

TE Jay Taylor

OT Bobo Caudill (42nd – Vancouver)

DE Brock Lee (35th – Mexico City)

DE Tony Roberto (53rd – Saint Louis)

DE Dakota Wolf (54th – London)

DT Benjamin Garcia (56th – Queen City)

DT Jaedyn Swift (58th – Tulsa)

DT Gerald Giudicessi (59th – Chicago)

OLB – Shane Easley (30th – Houston)

OLB Mark Gronek (38th – Saint Louis)

CB – Tre Cook

CB – Coolio Diggs

SS Succo Lohmano (17th – Jacksonville)

FS Jay Miraculous (49th – Atlanta)

K Rob Emms (28th – Las Vegas)

P Wally Herman

Detroit Steel – 22 stars – uniform gallery: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipPsG93inITB5YdADK6fIdluKYoQKqvjoG0A4Y2KKpQzsXa_RbiZ0-dpmaIC6NnAaA?key=dmF4NjlRQnFoUUQ5ZzJwTXVaQll0SjZvdF9hNWxR

FB Phoenix Jones (16th – Mexico City)

WR Jacob McCall (31st – Tulsa)

WR Flash Furman (39th – Carolina)

WR Bryce Battle

TE Lyriic Davinci (5th – Charleston)

TE Aaron Brown

OG Griffin King (27th – Queen City)

OT Klaud Luhj

DE Mark Melo (3rd – Arizona)

DE Matthew Braun (7th – London)

DE James Kelly (10 – Sioux Falls)

DT Lee Adama (6th – Vancouver)

DT Tucker Lewis

ILB Angel Salinas (46th – Houston)

ILB Brian Craven

OLB Steven Cleland

OLB J.R. Lawless

CB – Jacob Clear (11th – Houston)

CB Ray Zor (19th – Seattle)

FS Ron Hoff (32nd – Chicago)

K Anthony CeCe (48th – Chicago)

P Amanda Moyer

Houma Revolution – 22 stars – uniform gallery: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipPvQ-4l3Odx6rqThUrQRqb3utFtMBw8By6KkpiII5DtgWiGhQFcaq-No5II2WXOPQ?key=WnFnVDhRUjlHbTFTa1VaRUpqd0FkVkNEY01Ia3p3

QB Jonny Pichler (1st – Saint Louis)

FB Mike Improta (13th – Chicago)

WR Dave Axis (14th – Atlanta)

WR Seren Storm (41st – London)

WR Nick Castle

TE Jeremy Mosley (37th – Denver)

TE Jack Flash

OT Alistair Johnson

OT Stu MacKenzie

DE Riley Combs (2nd – Carolina)

DE Berto DeMoura (12th – Tulsa)

DE Chad Roland

DT Joseph Sebolka (26th – Charleston)

DT O’Ryin Taylor (51st – Mexico City)

DT John Stanley

OLB Bryce Lincoln (4th – New Orleans)

OLB Dexter Jackson

CB Davidson Joseph (22nd – Carolina)

CB Marvin Hymes

SS Cai Cash (57th – Houston)

K Ethan Sneed (50th – Florida)

P Marcus Agrippa (34th – Florida)

Lafourche Lancers – 22 stars – uniform gallery: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipP5V46yAHCiy9zBD_WhUhc4fk4kDMyjvUs0n1MYWLAk1L4TUZtt1vik05vSwMPXaw?key=X2x0RC1QNWg5Z3VRbllubklqRU9CM2xPMlhEekJB

FB Reed Mitchell (9th – Las Vegas)

WR Chase Earl (21st – Saint Louis)

WR Roscoe Justice (40th – Arizona)

WR Al Dillapree Sr.

TE Evan Wood (43rd – London)

TE Jack Wall

OT Rylin Caudill (25th – Vancouver)

OT Freddie Tubbs Jr.

DE Alessandro Tomaello (15th – Florida)

DE Yogi Barr (24th – Charleston)

DE SyrRon Yates IV

DT Alex Constantine (23rd – Arizona)

DT Raymond Jones III

ILB Tellymac Scarbro (55th – London)

ILB Forrest Stark

OLB Adam Wiseman

CB Nick Kindler (20th – Denver)

CB Brandon Ewing

SS Jack Russell

FS Pete Mitchell

K Shane Short (60th – Atlanta)

P Maxwell Falck

Some players were unable to make the teams due to limited roster spots at their positions, notably with a surplus at defensive end. Players who missed earned lower contracts then rookies signed at their position – first round picks were automatically placed on teams regardless of contract. Rookies not featured in the showcase, but will be featured during the preseason are:

Mitchell O’Brien, Tim Cleland, Jeff Hollywood, Demarcus Anderson, Al Lewis, Chris Joseph, Cyler Kingsley, Ovaltine Jenkins, Whistle Jones, Jaylin Wells, Jonathan Kamph, Todd Duppstadt, Chris Andrews and Gavin Rainey.

Rookie equipment will not be featured in this broadcast – this roster file is not a reflection of the official SFL league files used for pre and regular season games. Only report errors discovered during the preseason games January 9-12.