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Ladies and gentlemen, there are less than 106 hours remaining until the first round of the Simulation Football League’s Season 14 Draft. With such an expansive rookie class, as well as a total of three full rounds to draft from, we’ll be seeing a record number of people moving “from Couch to Field” in the coming weeks. So, then, it can’t hurt to do a little bit of speculation – or in this case, two full rounds of speculating! An anonymous front office member sent me their mock-up for the first two rounds of the draft, which has 40 picks as they’ve seen fit to place them. The question for them is now: Did you make the cut for the first (two rounds) of the Mock Draft, as submitted by Anonymous? Read on to find out, and remember: this is a mock-up; the only for-sure information contained within is the draft order for the rounds.



THE FIRST PICK: St. Louis Gladiators
QB Jett Zero
The Gladiators pulled the hanky panky last season and drafted Maur Rivers first overall last year, still being able to snag Noah Johns late. However, with this season's steep cliff of talent, the Gladiators cannot afford to go with anything but a QB here. Zero edges out Manzi just barely with his Locker Room experience, but in reality, whichever QB Duane and Colin are comfortable with will go here.
#2: Carolina Skyhawks
CB Lyriic Jenkins
The Skyhawks are in need of defensive back help here. Jenkins would be a solid option for Carolina who would get max value, Perhaps Lyriic will be the piece of the puzzle that Carolina was missing for the last few seasons.
#3: Arizona Scorpions
DE Matthew Braun
Arizona has built their roster with some flexibility here, credit to Ashley Jackson and Eddie Gauge. They can go anywhere they want with the 3rd pick. I think they add to the defensive line. Braun is quiet, but would be a solid max value addition.
#4: New Orleans Pharaohs
LB Lee Adama
Adama has great potential and probably learned something about a winning locker room in Denver. New Orleans has all 4 defensive lineman stocked, a full secondary, and a full offense. Adding to the front seven is never a bad idea, and pairing Adama with Levant Irvine is a good move for the Pharaohs.
#5: Charleston Predators
QB James Manzi
The fall for Manzi is over, and I’m sure he’s fine with this. The Predators don’t have a QB on the books and are going to give the reigns to a rookie. Great move and could be a turning point for this franchise.
#6: Vancouver Legion
LB Alessandro Tomaello
Vancouver is probably going defense unless they are adding a fourth WR, so the question is where? To finish out their LB corps with Tomaello would be a big win for the Legion, who desperately need to have a winning season again.
#7: London Knights
S Bryce Lincoln
The Knights desperately need a defensive leader. Bryce Lincoln could be that guy. With high value, he’s a good fit for this Knights team and could help their secondary a lot.
#8: Queen City Corsairs
HB Evan Wood
The Corsairs have some holes. No bigger hole than the backfield currently, where there’s no halfback in sight. Being able to help Wood build his skills from scratch I’m sure is valuable to [GM] Nacho and Erik Barkley.
#9: Las Vegas Fury
K Mark Melo
We’ve seen Las Vegas’ value on Special Teams. Adding Melo at K would give them that emphasis again, and sure up the Special Teams unit for the Fury.
#10: Sioux Falls Sparrows
DE Mac Chimah
Sioux Falls has room here to add to their defensive line and could use a really good locker-room and voice for the franchise guy. Mac Chimah fits this bill in a lot of ways.
#11: Houston Hyenas
CB Roscoe Justice
With Ayden Davis leaving in Free Agency, Roscoe Justice is a solid choice here for Houston, who will pick a CB in the first round for the second time in a row.
#12: Tulsa Desperadoes
SS Reed Mitchell
Tulsa needs a Strong Safety, and bad. Mitchell wants to play SS and has good value, which will help the Tulsa cap situation.
#13: Chicago Wildcats
WR Chase Earl
I don’t think Chicago would like anyone more than for Chase Earl to fall to them here at 12. Shann Varner’s match made in heaven would be adding Earl as a WR4 for Chicago who’s offense would be dangerous with this addition.
#14: Atlanta Swarm
DE Shane Easley
Joshua Williams in Atlanta has been a force, but more push from that D-Line will help the secondary and pressure opposing QBs. Shane Easley has LB listed, but could make the move to DE to pair with Williams
#15: Florida Storm
DT Ron Hoff
Max Paul has had some of the best defensive lineman in SFL history with Alex Dominguez. Here he pairs Ron Hoff with Big Sexy to avenge losing the championship for the first time in 4 seasons. Look out for this front line in Florida.
#16: Mexico City Aztecs
DT Alex Constantine
To fill the gap (literally) left by Guapo Esteban in FA, Ramos Lynn and Matt Willson turn to the player with the highest value, Alex Constantine who will be a solid addition the Aztecs defense.
#17: Jacksonville Kings
DT Riley Combs
The first non-top value player off the board, SACKSonville finalizes their 4 man Defensive Line with Riley Combs, who has been very vocal on Discord.
#18: Baltimore Vultures
WR Davidson Joseph
Baltimore doesn’t go BPA here. Instead, they take Michael Truilo’s player, Davidson Joseph. Truilo has been a STAPLE in the league for seasons, and as he is finally making a player, he will certainly be around for progression.
#19: Seattle Tyrants
DT Angel Salinas
Why not another 4 man defensive line train? This time in Seattle, as the Tyrants are able to convince Angel Salinas to join Denzel Maverick, Jukin Roukyn, and Gib Leedoo on a treacherous front four.
#20: Denver Nightwings
TE Nicholas Kindler
Without Hiapo Kihnloa there’s an important part of the Denver offense missing. Denver will add Kindler, who they had last season on a generic deal, to keep a championship locker room and build intact.



#21: St. Louis Gladiators
WR Brock Lee
What pairs well with a new QB? A new shiny WR to match. Brock Lee is a solid addition to St. Louis’ receiving core.
#22: Carolina Skyhawks
DE Kyle Casey
The Skyhawks can add more pass rush talent here with Kyle Casey, who was in Queen City last season.
#23: Arizona Scorpions
FS Dakota Wolf
One thing wolves love? The Desert. One thing Eddie Gauge loves? Safeties. Gauge and Ashley Jackson take Dakota Wolf here to add a Nickel DB.
#24: Charleston Predators
TE Seren Storm
Charleston adds a new weapon for their new backfield threat, Manzi. There’s a storm brewing over the sea, and the Predators are ready to unleash him against the SFL.
#25: Vancouver Legion
Todd Duppstadt
The Legion remain patient and get their guy Duppstadt who played there last season. Duppstadt bookends the line along with Kevin Brackett.
#26: London Knights
LB Succo Lohmano

The Knights add Lohmano here. They need all the value they can get and convince Lohmano who has fallen to play LB.
#27: Queen City Corsairs
DT Joseph Sebolka
Sebolka wants to play DT and slots in here well with end Jeff Duffy on a Corsairs team with room for value. They’ll take as much as they can get.
#28: Las Vegas Fury
LB James Kelly
Kelly’s first choice is LB and the Fury select him here to help their front seven. He’ll fit in well on this Fury defense with Day Drewery teaching him the ropes.
#29: Sioux Falls Sparrows
CB Cai Cash
Time to make it RAIN in Sioux Falls, and the only way to do that is with Cash. He can learn under AJ Leyve and help Sioux Falls in their pass game.
#30: Houston Hyenas
DE Yogi Barr
Barr adds to a defensive line in Houston which features Fats Johnson. Looks like someone will be bringing a pic-i-nic basket.
#31: Tulsa Desperadoes
DT Cliff Boston
Nothing like parking the car over at Harvard Yard…. Boston… get it? Cliff goes here to a Tulsa team desperate for pass rushers.
#32: Chicago Wildcats
LB Tyler Dishneau-Perez
Dishneau will fit into a STRONG LB corps for Chicago, arguably one of the best in the league with this addition.
#33: Atlanta Swarm
CB Jaylin Wells
Atlanta adds a Nickel CB here and Jaylin Wells has been active. A good piece for the Swarm.
#34: Florida Storm
DE Tim Cleland
After adding Ron Hoff in Round 1, why not double down and add Cleland here to have a menacing front 4?
#35: Mexico City Aztecs
WR Jacob McCall
McCall adds another threat for Matt Willson here. The Bronze Bomber with 4 WR’s this season? And Bentley in the backfield? Look out.
#36: Seattle Tyrants
CB Anthony CeCe
Rounding out the roster, Anthony Cece locks down the Tyrants secondary and gives Crash Combs another well-rounded team in Seattle.
#37: Denver Nightwings
DE Gerald Giudicessi

Denver adds a DE here to keep their roster balanced and help Bailey Bacca shed some blocks on the front line.
#38: St. Louis Gladiators
LB Ethan Sneed

St. Louis adds more LB Depth to pair with Maur Rivers moving back from the defensive line with their third pick in two rounds.
#39: Carolina Skyhawks
DE Marcus Agrippa

The Skyhawks put the final stamp on their defensive line with Marcus Agrippa, who gives the Skyhawks a young fresh DL who can attack the passer.
#40: Arizona Scorpions
WR Mike Improta

Arizona adds another skill player. Improta may be a bit of a reach here, but is very active in the chat and would be a good addition to a team not in cap trouble.