SFL Communications

December 2, 2019

The Simulation Football League has updated details regarding Saturday’s Pro Bowl, to be broadcast on the SFL Network on Twitch.

Teams participating

The Oakland Venom and the San Diego Thunder, both designed by Ethan Kye, won the uniform vote, with the Thunder receiving the most votes. San Diego will be the designated home team.

Draft format

Commissioner Cameron Irvine and Director of Player Personnel Andrew Rastelli will select the teams. The draft will be live on Discord, starting Tuesday December 3 at 10:30 am CT, 11:30 am ET.

Championship Playbooks

Since the league adopted its revised playbook format in Season 9, the SFL has access to Championship playbooks from Season 9 onward, to battle against one another. The Championship Playbook battles will begin with this off-season’s Pro Bowl, kicking off with the Season 9 Champion Mexico City Aztecs game plan (Rastelli) vs. the Season 12 Alaska Storm game plan (Irvine). Season 9 was the Championship where Aztec running back Ray Bentley became a legend, the first broadcast on the Twitch Front Page, rushing for a Championship record 313 yards. Season 12 featured the Storm winning its third consecutive title that featured only two incomplete passes from Ron Cockren and 6.8 yards per carry out of fullback Jason Williams.

Detailed substitution packages

All Pro Bowl participants will play throughout the game. Players get to play throughout by creating unique player positioning in every formation, as Pro Bowl coaches have done in the past. The broadcast team for the game will be announced later this week.

The San Diego Thunder will be the home team in this off-season’s Pro Bowl. The team will be drafted by Andrew Rastelli and feature the playbook from the Season 9 Champion Mexico City Aztecs.

The Oakland Venom will be the away team in this off-season’s Pro Bowl. The team will be drafted by Cameron Irvine and feature the playbook from the Season 12 Champion Alaska Storm.