SFL Communications

November 14, 2019

Over the last two days, the Competition Committee was tasked with clarifying how new running back restrictions would be implemented across the league. Concerned with the implementation of the rules that passed during owner meetings, four teams raised issue on how this could effect running backs around the SFL hours into the signing process. The league accepted the formal requests, running back signing processes were put on hold and the Committee was notified of the situation from all angles promptly.

After three proposals were seconded and one was ultimately eliminated with the least amount of votes, the Committee received the majority approval for the following:

Any HB outside of the new Height/Weight Restrictions will have their height/weight adjusted on a one time exception down to the maximum or minimum height and/or weight (Whichever is closest.) and will be changed to the Archetype congruent with that height/weight. -This will make them compliant for future seasons -This will eliminate any advantage they may have possessed.

-HBs will not be allowed to re-allocate attributes or animations. Example: 6’3 Finesse HB will be dropped to 6’2 and will need to be a Power back.

“I thank the Committee for their diligence over the last two days,” said Commissioner Cameron Irvine. “These issues are very complex and deal with a lot of concerns from a lot of different interested parties. While everyone wishes that a decision can be passed down swiftly and instantaneously, such decision would likely not have been a better solution, but one with more gaps left in it. For those that are interested in applying for the Committee, it’s a great way to get involved and helpful to understand the complexities within the massive community and rulebook, and shows just how much thought goes into every single implementation across our great league.”

SFL Competition Committee Mission:
The Competition Committee will serve as a quorum of League Representatives to determine the best course of action to proceed when time is critical, but a rules decision must be made to keep the integrity of the competition of the SFL intact. These rulings come either during the season or offseason in a time when rules cannot be voted on by the Owners in the Owners’ Meetings that occur each offseason. The General Manager and Player Representatives of the Committee will also help brainstorm ideas for the off-season meetings and discuss rule proposals from owners before the Owners’ meetings are held.
Members: Members of the Competition Committee will be voted on by the Owners and General Managers of the teams of the SFL. There will be three categories of representation: Owner, General Manager, and Player. The Committee will be comprised of five Owner Representatives, one General Manager Representative, and one Player Representative. Representatives will serve six month terms. The next election will be held in late December.
Full transcript of clarification hearing: