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Another day, another wave of rookies looking to fill one of the now 340 total star player positions in the Simulation Football League. With so many spots and so many players vying for them, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. Fortunately, the Beat Team is here for both the rookies and teams looking to draft them with our Who’s Who series; highlighting 6 different rookies each article to help allow them to start their Simulation Football League legends, as well as allowing teams to see which personalities are perfect fits for their locker room. This week brings us rookies from all over the globe, from Venice, Italy to right around the corner from your very own Ray Bentley! We also managed to pry some secrets out of Riley Combs, wife of Seattle Tyrants owner Crash, who might just be crushing his spirits as a defender next season. There’s no other way to slice it though: it’s another stellar batch of rookies, and the only way to get to know them better is to read through!

Who are you and what are you interests?

Yogi Barr: I am Yogi Barr, potential Season 14 rookie. I am almost 60. I have given many body parts to this great game of football. This SFL seems like a place I can continue to be involved with football. I will play any position a team needs me to man. I will give my all, each week.

Jeremy Mosley: My name is Jeremy Mosley, I’m 25 years old. I’m originally from Mississippi, but I live in the Jacksonville, FL area now. I’m a pretty laid back, down to earth guy. I love to laugh and have fun, and I try to bring the joy that I have to whatever environment I’m in. Sports and video games are what I’m into the most, so if I’m not at work or out with the wife, I’ll most likely be watching some kind of sports or chopping it up on Xbox Live / PSN.

Alessandro Tomaello: My name is Alessandro Tomaello, I’m 23 and I’m from Italy, I live close to Venice. I’m a student at the University of Padua, but when I’m not studying I enjoy hanging with my friends, playing videogames and watching sports and esports.

Alex Constantine: My name is Alex Constantine I’m 18 from the hellhole known as Washington DC, I love playing video games, creating stories, and I have been getting into graphic design recently.

Riley Combs: I’m Riley Combs, and I live in West Virginia with my husband and two lovable rescue dogs. I’m intensely curious and interested in a lot of things, including meme culture, dead malls, music, video games, and, most recently, football.

Tre Cook: My name is Tre’ Cook and I’m a ballhawk wide receiver! I am interested in playing football and winning! I am not a quitter and I am very competitive.

How did you find out about the SFL?

JM: I came across the SFL one evening will doing a google search for APF2k8. The first thing that popped up was a link to the SFL page, so I went to it and began to see some of testimonial videos that were playing and I decided to give it a try.

AT: I don’t really remember the first time I’ve heard about the SFL, I just remember hearing about it for quite some time through other online communities before a friend introduced it to me, giving me advice and helping me figuring out how the league works. I thought it was a really interesting format and decided to try it out, and here we are!

I remember the entire process: I got home from Subway down the street on an August Sunday this year, and I wanted to watch some sports for a few minutes while eating my sandwich. I usually watch NASCAR on Sundays but they had an off week so I had to look for something else. I was aware of Eleven before the SFL so I checked it, I saw Football and thought why not, and then I got thrown for a loop with what I was seeing. I am aware of several similar “leagues”, but they were attracting maybe 50 people at most and I was very confused how this one managed to get a TV deal. The more I watched and the more I learned about the league the more fascinated I was about it, so I ended up joining the Discord that day and watched every game I could for the rest of the season!

~ Alex Constantine

RC: I’m married to Seattle Tyrants owner Crash Combs. I’d been hearing him talk about the SFL for years and finally decided to check it out for myself. I’m so glad I did.

TC: I actually found out about the SFL through another simulation league. Every since I’ve joined Its been cool.

YB: I was clicking channels, late on a Wednesday night, came across SFL on Elevensports and watched Hollewood go off for Atlanta. The next game I saw, Ray Bentley was hitting 100 plus yards, rushing and receiving, and scored 3 TDs. I wanted more, and started recording the games.

What was the first game that you watched and describe the feeling you received while watching it?

AT: The first full game I watched was New Orleans at London; London was the team that recruited me as a non-contract rookie so I was already pretty excited to watch my full game, and what a game that was! It turned out to be an incredible shootout, with Xander Gold leading one team through the air, while Reggie Streeter put the other on his back on the ground. Every play the game got more exciting, both for the high scores from the teams and watching the rushing total yards go up for Reggie. Once the game was sealed we were just there, waiting for another handoff to see the record broken, and when he got it with less than two minutes left in the fourth quarter I remember the casters yelling and the chat going crazy. It was a great moment, and I’m happy for Reggie and happy that I got to witness history from the sideline!

AC: That game I came across was Week 7, Houston vs. Carolina, and I was still practically reeling from the massive roller coaster of confusion / fascination, but I thought it was a good game. I always like the underdogs / small markets so I wanted Carolina to win that game and it was close, but it was very fun to watch and cheer on the Skyhawks

RC: The first game I watched was the Tyrants’ final game of the regular season versus the Atlanta Swarm. I’ve been friends with Swarm quarterback Marcus Dunhill for a while in addition to several Tyrants players, and found myself struggling with who to root for! I was blown away by how exciting the game was and loved the experience of chatting with other league members.

TC: The first game I watched was a QCC game and I was excited but I was saying to myself “I want to be out there,” so now I’m pursuing that goal!

YB: My first game was watching Hollewood, with spinning runs and quick hitters, out if the backfield. I was immediately a huge fan. I found myself trying to figure out a defense to stop him.

I joined the league during the quarterfinals, so the first game that I saw was the Alaska vs Seattle game. At first I wasn’t sure what to expect with a sim league, but as the game went on, I had a feeling of excitement and astonishment at just how amazing it was. I remember my jaw dropping when Seattle was able to down the ball with 2 seconds left in the 4th, and then complete the hail mary pass to Mason Kirby for the win. I was in shocked, and from then on I knew I made the right decision by joining the league.

~ Jeremy Mosley

What positions are you trying to fill and why did you select those particular positions?

AC: I played defensive line in peewee football, so I wanted to do that as a bit of nostalgia to the good old days where everything wasn’t so complicated. I did tight end in the games I did for Vancouver at the end of Season 13, but I feel like defensive line would be better for me and the team I get drafted to. More teams need a defensive lineman than a tight end it seems like.

RC: I’m hoping to join a D-line and become a sack master! I’ve only recently started getting into football and, knowing that I hoped to join the SFL, paid a lot of attention to all the different positions as I watched SFL and NFL games alike. Defense, and especially pass rush, just clicked with me immediately. There’s nothing more thrilling to me in football than a sack, so I’m itching to get on the field and stuff some QBs.

TC: I chose WR because I think it’s the most exciting position to watch in the SFL! I want to fill big shoes so I can have high expectations and if I fill those then I hope to be a superstar 🙂

YB: I am trying to find a fit on defense, but I am willing to fill any void a team needs of me. Team before myself, always.

JM: I’m open to meet the needs of the team. I would prefer a receiving position like WR / TE of any of the DB positions. Those were positions that I’ve always had an interest in.

AT: I’m a fan of defense, and I would love to set the edge and rush the passer, so I’d love to play either DE or OLB, but I’m not necessarily dead set on those positions. I would also definitely like playing as a kicker – looks like many teams might try to sign one and I would love to join the competition.

Do you plan to get involved with the SFL in more than one capacity such as broadcasting, beat team or stats?

RC: While I don’t have immediate plans to get involved with broadcast or stats, I’m hoping I can eventually leverage some of my skills as a businesswoman for the betterment of my team and the league as a whole.

TC: Probably no time soon – I just wanna play football and have a good playing career!

YB: I would like to get into scouting, and eventually a GM role or Team Owner one day. I am going to get through this rookie year, and learn all I can from the friends I have already made, and hopefully play on a team with a few of them.

JM: Once I learn the ropes and get adjusted to being a player, I would definitely be interested in participating in other capacities. I see it as a way to give back to those who pave the way for us to be able to have this league, so I’m willing to do my part.

AT: I still don’t really know! If I had to choose I’d join the stats team, but I really want to be sure to be able to commit part of my time to it before doing so. I definitely won’t join the broadcast team – trust me, you don’t want to listen to my broken English for a whole game!

AC: I always like to speak, and I’m always so enamored by the art of announcing sports, how the announcer talent can make or break an experience, so I would not be against being an announcer once I stop procrastinating on getting a microphone.

What are your expectations from the team that drafts you?

TC: I expect them to respect me and be behind the decisions I make! As I progress as a player and get better and better, I expect a higher role and higher expectations that I can accomplish.

YB: My only expectation from a drafting team is a chance to shine on a team that is committed to endeavoring to win, and have fun. I want to be part of a great locker room.

JM: I want to be a part of a team that’s like family: we’ll have our ups and downs, but at the end of the day we’re all here to enjoy one another and win.

AT: I expect to find a team that’s excited to play and meet new people, with people willing to help, talk, discuss, without forgetting our primary objective as a community: having fun!

AC: I have learned to not worry about expectations, take the punches and roll with it. If the team I’m on goes 0-12, it’ll still be a gut punch, but if I have fun with my teammates along the way, I would be happy and more motivated to get this team to a better season next time around.

RC: I’m hoping to become a part of a team that is active, engaged, and likes to have fun. I’m here to have a good time and support whatever team selects me in any way I can.

What values will you bring to your team?

YB: I will bring an attitude of a winner, doing all I can to help my team succeed. I have played sports for a lifetime: 13 years of football, 7 years of baseball, 37 years of softball, 17 years of basketball, 6 years of lacrosse. I have been on nationally ranked teams, and bottom of the heap teams, but I always brought a spirit of bettering my teams position.

JM: I hope to bring some laughter, fun, and loyalty. I’ll do my part as a player and whatever else the teams needs, whether its scouting or some other aspect.

I want to get in the locker room and knowing that all my teammates will be able to rely on me. I want to be a humble, team-first player, looking to earn respect from those around me. Sure, my dream is to make that clutch play, to get that defensive stop at the right moment, but I want to also be the guy to pick up my teammate from the ground after the whistle.

~ Alessandro Tomaello

AC: I can fit in with a group easily and I think I can settle disputes pretty well, so I feel like any team I’m drafted to I can fit in and not only avoid rocking the boat, but become something like a glue that can keep the team together.

RC: I’ll be a reliably active member of any team I’m with; I’m also super open to learning from everyone here and sharing what I learn with others. Kindness and professionalism are important to me, but I also like to laugh; I try to strike a balance between all those characteristics.

TC: I will for sure bring competitiveness to the team that takes me. Sometimes I might come off as cocky or arrogant but it’s all fun and games, I just wanna be the best! I will also bring leadership to my team and be with em through the ups and downs. #LoyalPlayer

How do you handle trash talk and adversity?

JM: Trash talk is cool. I mean, it’s all a part of the competition, and it makes the match-ups more exciting. It makes winning all the more fun when you beat the team that’s talking trash. I’m willing to do what’s necessary to work through any adversity. Sometimes we can’t control the things that happen to us, but we can come up with a solution as a team to work through it.

AT: I’m not a great trash talker. I’m usually the silent type and I’m going to respect my opponent before, during and after a game… but getting a win over a player that has done nothing but trying to get under your skin has to be one of the best feelings.

AC: I have a thick skin even though I’m not a very loud personality, but if I get challenged to a snark fight I can snark with the best of them. I have a stupid and kind of dark sense of humor so I tend to get creative with comebacks if I feel like they deserve it.

RC: Humor is the ultimate defense against trash talk! I’m not afraid to return a little friendly trash talk as long as both parties are coming from the same place. I don’t take myself too seriously and don’t expect anyone else to take me too seriously, either! I also like to think I have the maturity to handle things with discretion and kindness when the occasion calls for it.

TC: I will usually laugh and respond in a smart way (respectfully though). #IWantAllTheSmoke

YB: Trash talk is not my style, but I don’t begrudge other players their talk. I prefer to let my play speak for me.

Why should a team select you in the draft?

AT: Because they believe that I am a good fit for their team. The last thing I would want is to be picked just because I ended up on a draft board because I had a good amount of check-ins. I really want to talk to GMs and see if we “click” before even hoping to get picked.

AC: Everyone around me have said that I am a nice guy to have around, so I feel like I will be a nice addition to the locker room and a person to lift people up if they’re feeling down. On the field I think I can do well in progressing and become a valuable addition to the team’s defense.

Simply put, I’m here to #MakeAnImpact and fully support whatever team I represent. Teams can count on me to be consistent, involved, and eager to do whatever necessary to facilitate the needs of the team.

~ Riley Combs

TC: A team should select me in the draft because I’m patient, loyal, competitive, active and everything else a team values – I’ll be that!

YB: Any team that takes a chance on me, will get a comrade at arms. I will be on the front lines, and totally committed to helping the team, any way I can. I can only promise they will never be disappointed.

JM: I’ll be a valuable asset to any team that decides to draft me. I’ll fit into any locker rooms, I’m a drama free type guy, and a team player. I’m also dedicated to the mission of the team.

Where are you ranked on the Rookie Big Board and how many check-ins have you done?

AC: The big board says that I am in the top 25 of re-sign values and weeks banked at 11.

RC: I joined the Rookie Big Board in Week 7 and currently have 6 check-ins with no misses. Though I joined later than some rookies, I hope to make up for that with my earnest desire to support whatever team selects me in any way possible.

TC: On the draft board I’ve banked 3 times and missed 0 times! I have checked in every time I could 🙂

YB: I have 8 checkins out of 8, with 5 more to go. I am ranked 41, as of now, on chat rank.

JM: I’m currently 179 on the big board, and I’ve done 4 check-ins. I’ve only been in the league a few weeks, but I haven’t missed a check-in.

AT: I’m 11 / 12 on check-ins! I’m guessing that’s around Top 30 between rookies?

What are your personal goals for your SFL career? Goals for your team?

RC: Besides hoping to become the JJ Watt of the SFL on the field, I’m looking to make life-long friends and connections. With time I hope to be able to support my team in other ways off the field – maybe taking on a GM or other role helping to manage relationships and social media. I’m a business analyst and relationship manager by trade, so I come preloaded with professional liaison skills — in case any teams are in search of a rookie who brings those to the table. Wherever I land, I want to make a positive impact!

TC: My goals for my team is to get to the championships.. that starts with winning games! I just wanna win.

YB: My personal goals for my SFL career are: I want to make some good, lifetime friends, progress my player to a high level player, win a couple of rings, and eventually own my team. My league goals are: to help grow this league beyond its current status. I have a vision of having a college or minor league system, to feed the SFL rookie players.

JM: I plan to get involved in other capacities as well as being a player. I’m not quite sure in which area yet, but once I get a feel for the different opportunities I will know for certain. I do have an interest in scouting though. Team goals would be to win ultimately, but also help to grow and develop the team in anyway I can.

AT: For me personally I’d definitely want to earn the respect of my peers, that’s my #1 objective. Ah yeah, and of course the final objective is getting championships to my team and making the Hall of Fame, aren’t we all here for that?

AC: For goals, I’m not looking too high; a good rookie season is my goal for this first season.

What is the most important aspect of being on a team?

TC: The brotherhood and working together! If we are able to bond like that, we should have no problem winning games!

The most important aspect of being on a team you can only understand if you have been on a great team. The camaraderie, the locker room, the coming through in the clutch, and being just as happy when a teammate does. The willingness to chew your leg off, to get a win for your team, and knowing the guys / gals, next to you will do the same.

~ Yogi “Buttah Knife” Barr

JM: To me the most important aspect is being there for one another when it matters most. Lifting each other up when we’re faced with adversity. The family dynamic.

AT: I think that a winning team starts from a good locker room and a good culture, so I believe that whatever happens, knowing that a group of people have your back is the most important thing for success.

AC: I think that aside from showing your worth, the most important part of being on a team is being on good terms with your teammates. If you don’t like your teammates or vice versa the team is invariably going to fall apart at the seams. You need good inter-team dynamics to have a team that will do anything other than implode.

RC: I believe the most important aspect of being on a team is to be flexible in service of the team’s greater good. I don’t feel the need to be the star of the show; I just want to help make my team the best it can be. I intend to bring that throughout my time in the SFL.

Have you ever played sports? If so, what sports, and what were your positions?

YB: I played football through college, I was a linebacker freshman year; the senior FB broke his jaw in the last scrimmage before the season, so I became the starting FB. Played lacrosse as defenseman. I played lots of years as shortstop in softball, all the way to 56 yrs old. Played in the world tournament twice. Still playing with the 20 year olds. I played and loved basketball, for 17 years, and won 2 state championships. 7 years of baseball as shortstop and catcher. My very first game, I was 33 years old.

JM: I haven’t played for a team, but I was involved in sports. Mostly around the neighborhood or at the basketball gym.

AT: I’ve played soccer as a kid. I used to play second striker, then later switched to left back. I later played tennis, and in the end basketball, where I currently play as the worst shooting guard you’ve ever seen.

AC: I did a few. I played defensive line in peewee football, did some tee-ball like all good American children, and did some wrestling in middle school, but I was never any good at any of them. I was never the type of person for sports in the first place, and the wear and tear of being a defensive liner in football took its toll on me early.

RC: I never played sports growing up – I was a choir nerd and spent my time on the stage rather than the field. As an adult, I’ve dabbled in obstacle course races and Brazilian jiu jitsu, and I’d love to play flag football if the opportunity ever arises.

TC: Yes, I have played basketball and football in middle school. I played Small Forward and Free Safety! I played some Free Safety in high school which helped me develop into a ball hawk but ultimately chose to be a Wide Receiver!

Any shout outs or last words?

JM: I appreciate you all taking out the time to interview me. Shout out to the commissioner for starting this league.

AT: Shout out to all the people working for the SFL! You don’t get enough love for all the hard work that you put in to guarantee a great experience to everyone, you guys rock, thank you!

AC: This community has been like nothing I have ever seen, and I hope to be here for years to come.

RC: I would miss so many people if I tried to do a shout-out, so I’d just say a huge and hearty thank you to everyone in the SFL for making me feel so welcome. I’ve had nothing but great experiences with everyone from league staff, to team front offices, to players and even my fellow rookies. I feel so lucky to be part of this community and look forward to seeing the SFL advance and grow. Thank you for the opportunity, Ashley!

Shout-out to me, Tre Cook | WR, 6’1, 200 lbs, ballhawk, and to the amazing team that drafts me and gives me a chance to shine!! Thank you for reading!

~ Tre Cook

YB: I would like to give shout outs to Cam, for having the vision to grow the Simulation Football League. To the many people who have taught me the ropes, and all the individuals, that have given so much to make this league what it is now. Thank you all.