SFL Communications

November 13, 2019

The Simulation Football League announced Wednesday the branding of the Arizona Scorpions, brought to you in part by Matt Doyle Designs.

“The completion of the branding represents a new beginning,” said Team Owner Eddie Gauge. “As rookies go from couch to field, I went from player to owner. It symbolizes the beginning of a new era. I’m a leader of a group of men and women all coming together for one cause … competing with a team goal in mind. I’m excited to finally release the brand, so much so that the thought of this entire experience consumes my thoughts throughout the most of my days. I’ve spent so many man hours in front of my computer with this end goal in mind, that those outside of the SFL may question my sanity. Arizona will be in contact with Sector Six immediately upon release and we’ll all be waiting for our gear to arrive like a kid at Christmas time.”

The Oklahoma City Renegades were bought by Gauge at the end of last season and moved to Arizona. It’s the first SFL team to ever call Arizona home and sport the colors of orange, red, black and white with the alternate florescent blue that will be utilized during night home games throughout the season. All scorpions fluoresce under ultraviolet light, such as an electric black light or natural moonlight. The blue-green glow comes from a substance found in the hyaline layer, a very thin but super tough coating in a part of the scorpion’s exoskeleton called the cuticle.

Arizona will be one of 20 teams competing in the SFL’s 14th season. The schedule will be released Monday November 25 for the Socrpions first season in the Grand Canyon State.

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