SFL Communications

November 11, 2019

The Simulation Football League’s London Knights are pleased to announce our first dedicated team sponsor, Fatal Grips.

“We are starting to stretch our legs with regards to sponsorship opportunities for the Knights and are delighted to welcome Fatal Grips on board,” said Liam Crowter, London Knights owner. “With the SFL now being broadcast on national television, there is a huge, untapped market of opportunities for potential partners to get involved. Products of particular appeal to gamers and esports aficionados are a key part of the market that we serve.”

Fans of the Knights and supporters of the League can benefit from a 10% discount code, from which 10% of the profit will be passed back to the London Knights for ongoing team development purposes. Just enter SFLKnights as a coupon code when completing your Fatal Grips purchase.

“London joins Atlanta as leaders in the partnership and sponsorship space at the team level,” said SFL Commissioner Cameron Irvine. “These relationships can develop into bigger opportunities and I look forward to seeing more teams and companies develop relationships as we move towards our 2020 seasons.”

About Fatal Grips

Fatal Grips are the world’s fastest growing provider of advanced gaming accessories for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and PC, increasing performance, kill ratios, sensitivity, and accuracy.

About the Simulation Football League

The SFL is the first controllerless esport that gives the fans a chance to participate on and off the field. Featured on the Eleven Sports Network and For the Fans and previously by Twitch, Forbes, Bleacher Report and GameInformer, the SFL has a reach of 65 million homes, giving anyone an opportunity to go from couch to field all season long. SFL seasons run from January-April and July-October. For more information, visit www.simulationfl.net.