SFL Communications

October 24, 2019

The Simulation Football League has approved the move of the Tallahassee Pride to Jacksonville, to be renamed the Kings. The team’s branding will only receive slight tweaks, including a new alternate ‘J’ and pawprint and new wordmarks. The team is still owned and operated by Frank Goodin.

“With the evolution and advancement of the SFL as growing international organization, it has become increasingly important to me to own and operate this team from my hometown,” Goodin said. “Thus, I am moving the team east of Tallahassee to the First Coast, in Duval County, also known as Jacksonville, FL. We had a great run in Tallahassee, and we appreciate all of the support from the fans in the city and abroad. We came ‘oh so close’ to delivering a championship to the city, and although we didn’t achieve that goal, we’ve achieved many others along the way. With the change of location, I feel that a slight change of identity is also important as we renew our competitive spirit in our new home. We are proud of our past accomplishments and we want to always remember and honor our past. This is a necessary ‘next step’ as we begin a new mission of creating an even greater tradition of success for this organization.”

The Kings will be about three hours and 45 minutes away from Charleston and five hours away from Atlanta, nestled in the southeastern part of the SFL footprint. The Pride have the second most wins of any franchise in league history, sporting an 80-40 all-time record with two Championship Game appearances. Tallahassee hosted the Season 10 title game, the second Championship Game to be broadcasted on the Twitch front page.

“As we begin to reach football fans at localized levels and forge partnerships with national brands who want to connect with a local audience, Goodin and the Kings organization have taken a step in the right direction to ensure an incredible future for the city of Jacksonville and their passion for building a winner,” said Commissioner Cameron Irvine. “A first-class organization, the Kings will be one of many franchises upping their game in 2020 and beyond and the SFL is proud to have such a well-run operation going down such an exciting path.”

Jacksonville’s Sector Six apparel will be updated soon. The Kings will play their first game in Jacksonville in January 2020.