Ashley Jackson, Beat Writer
Banner image by J.R. Lawless

Welcome to Atlanta, home of the Georgia Bulldogs, Atlanta Falcons and now, their arguably first e-sports team, the Atlanta Swarm. The Swarm has been a part of the Simulation Football League for 8 seasons, and the have definitely made their mark in this league as they currently in the running for the Championship for the first time in a few seasons! Out of the past 6 games, they have strong armed their way into winning 4 of them, placing them at seed number 8 in the playoffs. I’m sure team owner Mark Chisholm will make sure his team is ready. He has been around since the league has started, and it’s a pleasure to see him once again earning his stripes as a veteran coach.

I had the honor of sitting down with my dear friend and defensive tackle for the Swarm, Mr. Joshua Williams, (also their Social Media Manger!) and I asked him to give me some interesting fact about the team.

“These group of guys on this team believe in the process and trust each other.” said Williams. “Last season was hard due to certain circumstances, but this season is different – and it feels different. We had the motto #PerfectProgression, meaning that we wanted everyone to try their best to get their progression in on time. Guess what!? We did! Matter of fact, [the] Director of Player Personnel stopped in and said, “Congrats on your perfect season of progression, guys.”!” Williams recalled the moment with much excitement. We’ve only had 1 team in SFL history before last season hit perfect, and we have 4 this season. Keep it up! “With trusting the process and achieving #PerfectProgression, it had lead us back into the Playoff. It’s been a long time for some of the guys on the team, including myself. #TogetherWeSwarm #AS4L

Some other things to note about the Atlanta Swarm:
– Ashley Jackson, this article’s author and quarterback for the Tulsa Desperados, may not have ever found this league if it wasn’t for Joshua Williams. Thanks for you guiding her here, sir!
– Marcus Dunhill currently holds the record for most passing yardage in a season with over 4000 (4228, to be specific) yards.
– New additions to the Swarm during the #FromCouchToField rookie signing heading into their first Wildcard matchup ever: #42 FS Mitchell O’Brien, 11 WR Severus Sateevah, #3 K Jay Miraculous, $50 LB Roscoe Justice, $56 DE Lawrence Sachem, and $55 DE Tim Cleland.
– Running back BDG Hollewood was only 66 receiving yards away from breaking a 1000 / 1000 rushing / receiving season; he also finished third for total touchdowns (22) among running backs.
– LB Aquantis Shyne has 99 tackles and his picks are 1. HIT ME!

On the offensive side of things, the Swarm are in 8th seed with their overall season record being 7 – 5. They average 29 points a game and were able to convert 3rd down 131 times; fourth down  three times! Atlanta has been able to sting teams with 25 passing touchdowns and 14 rushing touchdowns, giving the team a mind-boggling 6,270 yard total at the moment. Offensive leader and quarterback extraordinaire Marcus Dunhill is leading his team in the right direction with 375 completions out of 512 attempts
for 4,228 yards this season. He completes 73.24 percent of his passes and currently has 93.1 QBR going into the postseason. One on the most effective running backs in the league is BDG Hollewood, who has 217 carries for 1,108 yards, as well as 14 rushing and 8 reception touchdowns for Season 13. Jamal Wooding, tight end and my fellow Season12 rookie class member, has 66 receptions, 7 touchdowns and 1,106 yards, averaging 18 yards per catch. Rounding out this stellar offense is wide receiver Boo Chisholm with 60 receptions, 6 touchdowns and 1,042 yards; WR Siege Falco has 77 receptions, 2 touchdowns and 872 yards. Collectively, they average 28 yard per catch.

Joshua Williams, ready to sting veteran quarterback Deacon Nickens

Defensively, they are also ranked 8th in the league. The Swarm defense has only allowed 21 passing touchdowns and averaged 268.7 pass yards allowed. Atlanta also held opposing offenses to only 13 rushing touchdowns and an average of 88.9 rushing yards allowed per game. They also are holding teams to 26 points per game. Defensive tackle, nice guy and all around hard hitting sack machine Joshua “Swole” Williams has 13 sacks on the season, averaging at least one sack per game . He also has 37 tackles and 8 assists. Free safety Blake “Give Me One More” Chance has 74 tackles, 22 assists and 8 interceptions. Strong safety Arron Lee averages 8.1 tackles per game and has 68 tackles 29 assists and 8 interceptions as well. Linebackers Dillon Roland and Aquantis ”I Like the Way You” Shyne have 120 tackles and 57 assists between the two of them. Where Dillon has 1 sack, Shyne has 1 inerception. Cornerbacks Jack Napier and Blake Hamrac have 72 tackles, 32 assists and average 8.7 tackles per game together, with Hamrac also having 4 interceptions on the season.

The Atlanta Swarm has shown that they deserve to be placed amongst the top 10 teams of the Simulation Football League. Star players and talent, coupled with great coaching and fresh playbooks can surely lead this team to victory and a championship ring. The Hive is buzzing. Be careful if you come too close… you might very well get stung.