SFL Communications

September 30, 2019

The Simulation Football League presented by APM Music is proud to announce details on a monumental event – Season 14’s Rookie Draft will be broadcast live from Eleven Sports studios, Saturday December 14. The draft will be paired with a Season Preview Show, recapping team schedules and off-season moves, while preparing the rest of the league on what can be expected from the rest of the draft, to air the following week before rosters lock for the holiday season.

“This event is unprecedented,” said Commissioner Cameron Irvine. “And to be able to do this live in front of the cameras with professional production and technology will elevate our league and its players to new heights. These kinds of opportunities are only available to every day football fans who are a part of the SFL and for 21 lucky players, it’ll be a moment they never forget.”

Players can sign their first contract with the team they played for during this season, or through the Rookie Draft. Players picked up during this season who sign with their current team – if on one – can sign at the value they accumulated through the end of the regular season. Rookies who enter the draft will be able to continue adding value to their player up until one week before the draft. The following rules apply to any veteran who is looking to retire and enter the draft:

  • Player cannot retire until their current player has played their final game with their current team.
  • Player must then announce retirement to the Director of Player Personnel so Rookie role can be given.
  • New player cannot have the same name as the retired player.

Commissioner Irvine will be flying to Connecticut for the event. Any other interested parties who wish to analyze the draft and the season, willing to make the trip to the studios for the weekend, can contact the Commissioner directly via Discord. The time of the event has not been set, just the date. All accommodations must be made by the individual. More information will be made available once finalized.