Sully Richardson, Beat Writer

Pip pip, and cheerio, old chaps! Welcome to another round of Logos of the League! Previously we took a trip to Florida, where we had a sit down with the front office of the Tallahassee Pride organization. So far, we’ve gathered a lot pertinent information! I personally have a sweet tooth for more logos, colors, backstories, and whatever else you can think of, so maybe leaving the states will quench my thirst for knowledge…Let us jump on a red-eye across the pond!

We arrive in beautiful and historic London, England, where the 4-5 (at time of publishing) London Knights reign supreme. As we visit the front offices of Queensway, London’s staff appears to be planning their next move towards gaining postseason access. We were escorted to the office of Liam Crowter, owner and offensive coordinator of the Knights We sat down in his cozy confines; and begin to ask questions:

The London Knights’ current regal logo, by Matt Doyle Designs

SR: Please explain your logo; and, is there a meaning behind your logo and its colors?

LC: The logo is very much inspired by heraldry. The lion rampant is used in the Royal Banner of Scotland and the colours are inspired by the Royal Arms of England.

SR: Was Matt Doyle involved in the redesigning of your logo?

LC: Our logo was not designed by Matt Doyle. It was designed by an independent designer; so, I own the branding to the team and identity. I did have significant input though.

SR: Were there elements from the old logo that were used in the new logo?

LC: The lion itself was redesigned. This is the third logo we have had since we originally joined the league. The Lion formerly used to stand on its own. It still does in some forms; but, we have a logo inspired by the shield of the Royal Arms of England as mentioned prior.

The original logo of the London Knights

SR: What’s your favorite sports logo(s)?

The old Arsenal logo, with a lion visible on the upper-right quadrant of the shield

LC: One of the variations of the old Arsenal logo is my favourite.

SR: Is there anything you’d want your fans or future Knight prospects to know about your organization?

LC: We’re here to stay; and, we want to build upon the foundation. We have to bring greater success in the future.

SR: Thank you so much! Good luck to you and your wonderful organization!

With that, I was whisked out of Queensway as Mr. Crowter had much to do to prepare for his match-up against the one of the top-seeded teams, the Denver Nightwings, for Week 11. Thank you all for taking this wonderful journey with us! Where will our quest for knowledge about the league’s colors and logos lead us to next time? Keep an eye here, enjoy the League, the games, and excitement, and the wonderful logos! I hope you will join us next time as we seek more knowledge of Logos of the League!